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Freeman, Greta; Izzard, Marilyn; Faulkner, Rebecca; Charles, Jim – Professional Educator, 2012
An abundance of research confirms preservice teachers are unprepared to work with diverse populations. This article describes an education program's efforts to support diversity initiatives and provide information and hands-on training to prepare teacher candidates for future work with the diversity they will encounter. Explanations of programs,…
Descriptors: Cultural Pluralism, Laboratory Schools, Preservice Teachers, Academic Achievement
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Cherubini, Lorenzo; Kitchen, Julian; Goldblatt, Patricia; Smith, Deirdre – Professional Educator, 2011
The Faculty of Education at Brock University and an Ontario, Canada, self-regulatory body for the teaching profession partnered to create an innovative teacher induction project conceptualized to enable new and mentor teachers to self-affirm their professional capacities as autonomous and collaborative professionals. A distinguishing feature of…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Teacher Orientation, Metacognition, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Fayne, Harriet; Matthews, Isha Trammell – Professional Educator, 2010
A midwestern urban school district received a Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE) grant from the U.S. Office of Education to deliver specialized middle-level urban teacher preparation. Five colleges and universities and the school district participated in the 5-year project. This article describes the first course in the TQE "urban strand." The…
Descriptors: Teacher Effectiveness, Partnerships in Education, School Districts, Urban Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Johnson, J. A.; DeSpain, B. C. – Professional Educator, 2004
The time, effort, and frustration spent in the publication arena is documented as one of most difficult challenges faced by practitioners moving into the higher education arena. Yet, consistently there is an outcry for expertise from field to enter college and university classrooms. The dilemma, then, rests on how to attract experts from the field…
Descriptors: Mentors, College Faculty, Higher Education, Writing (Composition)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Nietfeld, John – Professional Educator, 2002
Describes schema representation, an authentic summative assessment tool for assessing preservice teachers' mental models for teaching. Schema representations require students to integrate and synthesize what they have learned in class and create a representation of how they plan to use their new knowledge in the classroom. They elaborate on the…
Descriptors: Concept Mapping, Elementary Secondary Education, Evaluation Methods, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Henson, Robin K.; Bennett, D. Tyson; Sienty, Sara F.; Chambers, Sharon M. – Professional Educator, 2002
Examined a new model of teacher efficacy that proposed to more clearly define important variables and integrate two theoretical traditions. Task analysis and both global and context specific efficacy were measured in emergency certification teachers. Results indicated mixed support for the model with an observed need for measurement precision of…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Self Efficacy
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Jay, Joelle K. – Professional Educator, 2002
Investigated the nature of pedagogical expertise, comparing responses of novice and expert teachers as they observed, responded to, and planned a lesson. Participants thought aloud while viewing a videotaped lesson, then discussed their thinking. While they arrived at many similar ideas and conclusions in their thinking and planning, qualitative…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Planning, Preservice Teacher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cristol, Dean S.; Gimbert, Belinda G. – Professional Educator, 2002
Describes an urban school-university partnership that explored how teams of teacher educators and inservice and preservice teachers developed curriculum supporting their own and their students' work-based learning experiences, presenting: study methodology, scholarship that previously addressed school- university work in urban partnerships,…
Descriptors: College School Cooperation, Curriculum Development, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Henson, Robin K.; Guthrie, Abbie – Professional Educator, 2001
Discusses how some colleges of education (COEs) attempt to develop academic climate and facilitate graduate student research activity, addressing the role of student-organized internal research conferences in the transformation of student to social scientist and explicating the benefits of these internal conferences to students, faculty, and COEs.…
Descriptors: Conferences, Educational Psychology, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Snow-Gerono, Jennifer L.; Dana, Nancy Fichtman; Silva, Diane Yendol – Professional Educator, 2001
Investigated the experiences of first-year teachers who learned to teach in a Professional Development School and completed an inquiry-oriented, full-year internship. Interviews conducted during the internship and first teaching years indicated that these teachers surpassed the traditional survival stage of novice teachers, had strongly developed…
Descriptors: Beginning Teachers, College School Cooperation, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Flaitz, Jim; Fontenot, Robert – Professional Educator, 2001
Interviewed student teachers before and after the student teaching experience to compare their perceptions of pupil conduct problems at each point in time. Most respondents did not initially anticipate having serious difficulties, and their reported perceptions following the student teaching experience indicated that they had even less concern…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Preservice Teacher Education, Student Behavior
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McCormack, Ann Carolyn – Professional Educator, 2001
Examined the impact of a reflective, research oriented internship program on the development of preservice teachers' classroom management beliefs. Survey data indicated that program participation impacted both personal and general efficacy as well as beliefs about classroom management style. There were significant gender differences in…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Internship Programs
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Piechura-Couture, Kathy; Tichenor, Mercedes; Heins, Elizabeth; Haugaard, Joy – Professional Educator, 2001
To address concerns that cooperating teachers are increasingly reluctant to relinquish control of their classrooms and curriculum decisions to student teachers, the senior internship program at one university was redesigned. The new model optimizes teacher-student interaction by following a teaming approach during the internship. The teaming model…
Descriptors: Cooperating Teachers, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Internship Programs
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gray, Kim C.; McIntyre, D. John – Professional Educator, 2001
Investigated how a program that established cohort groups in which students moved together through their educational experiences affected student teachers. Student surveys and focus groups indicated that at first, students were concerned about their own welfare. As they progressed through the program, they better understood their place in the…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Educational Innovation, Elementary Education, Grouping (Instructional Purposes)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Henson, Robin K. – Professional Educator, 2001
Investigated preservice teachers' perceptions of teacher responsibility for their students' moral development. Examination of journal responses indicated that respondents believed that schools were moral environments, though they varied in how they defined a moral environment. Student teachers also assumed some personal responsibility for the…
Descriptors: Educational Environment, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Moral Development
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