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Chaudhuri, Parama – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The COVID-19 pandemic began in the late months of 2019 and by Spring of 2020, in an effort to limit transmission of the virus, schools across the globe had closed and transitioned to emergency online teaching which may have disrupted their current learning procedures (Jelinska & Paradowski, 2021). In the United States, over 13,000 school…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, COVID-19, Pandemics, Teacher Attitudes
Quinones, Sunamy – ProQuest LLC, 2023
This study was an investigation of the moderating relationship between emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, and the level of remote work among teachers from K-12, including higher education teachers. A total of 292 participants (N = 292) were recruited through social media platforms and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Participants completed a…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Distance Education, Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction
Everett, Jeff – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to determine if and to what extent an ELL student's SBELP-RC could predict his or her ACPELA-RC, ACPELA-WP, and ACP-A1. Study participants were ELL students in Grades 9 to 12, attending a Northern Virginia high school. A further purpose of this study was to investigate if and to what extent…
Descriptors: Prediction, State Standards, Scores, Instructional Design
Randall, Danielle – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore how resilience factors from teacher training influenced blended learning incorporation in the 9-12 classroom. Kumar's resilience theory was the foundation for the overall research question: How do 9-12 teachers perceive training that influences resilience in the incorporation of blended…
Descriptors: Secondary School Teachers, Secondary Schools, Teacher Education, Blended Learning
Yuan, Shuaihang – ProQuest LLC, 2023
Recently, with the advancement in 2D imaging techniques and 3D visual sensors such as LiDAR, RGB-D cameras, etc. The use of 2D and 3D data is ubiquitous in various fields like autonomous driving, AR, and VR. Therefore, we are faced with an ever-increasing demand for approaches toward the automatic processing and analysis of data from multiple…
Descriptors: Computer Simulation, Geometry, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis
Thomas, Andrea Marie – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The effects of student truancy behavior are felt not only by the truant student, but also by their family and by the community in which they live. Current research on the factors that lead to truancy behavior has shown student's that are truant have several identified risk factors present during their K-12 education. The purpose of this…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Truancy, Attendance, Student Behavior
Ricena, Madison – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The purpose of this qualitative descriptive study was to explore how elementary teachers, who use flipped teaching, describe low-achieving math students' engagement in central North Carolina. Two data sources, with 12 individual interviews and three member- checking focus groups, were conducted. The collaborative learning skills taxonomy of…
Descriptors: Elementary School Teachers, Flipped Classroom, Low Achievement, Mathematics Achievement
Nnodum, Theresa Anuriuwa – ProQuest LLC, 2023
This hermeneutic phenomenological study's purpose was to explore the meaningfulness and essence of Diaspora Igbo Nigerian college students' lived experiences in being faced with limited access to the learning of Igbo as a foreign language, and the factors that they believe have motivate them for choosing to learn only Igbo in college. Research…
Descriptors: Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, College Students, Educational Experience
Roney, Elizabeth S. – ProQuest LLC, 2023
A study was conducted to determine if previously incarcerated employee age, postsecondary education (PSE) attainment, prior incarceration status, and assessed self-efficacy predict job satisfaction. It also considered if organizational commitment had a moderating effect on the predictors ability to forecast the criterion. Two underlying theories…
Descriptors: Institutionalized Persons, Correctional Institutions, Educational Attainment, Postsecondary Education
Nyamwange, Jackson – ProQuest LLC, 2023
Many school districts, particularly in inner-city communities, face numerous barriers to students' academic success. Unfortunately, the school paradigm is not constructed to address the glaring social/emotional conditions affecting millions of children (Anderson-Butcher et al., 2017). As a result, educators and social reformers have urged school…
Descriptors: Parent Attitudes, Teacher Attitudes, Community Schools, School Districts
Steele, Briana – ProQuest LLC, 2023
Due to the growing trend of healthy eating, concerns of disordered eating patterns have increased. In particular, orthorexia has gained interest due to taking the healthy eating trend too far. As college student populations tend to have a high prevalence of disordered eating, it becomes logical to examine factors contributing to development and…
Descriptors: Eating Disorders, Incidence, Symptoms (Individual Disorders), College Students
Carpenter, April Rush – ProQuest LLC, 2023
In the K-12 classrooms, science teachers are increasingly using digital interactive textbooks to improve instruction. However, limited research exists on the Title I science educators' experiences with digital interactive texts in Title I middle schools. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the perceptions of these Title I science…
Descriptors: Science Teachers, Middle School Teachers, Teacher Attitudes, Electronic Books
Hoyt, Heather – ProQuest LLC, 2023
Researchers have identified the importance of academic mediation and modification within a student's thought process as it encourages academic achievement in early education, college, and advanced degrees. However, there is a gap in the research regarding the academic mediation and modification in individuals who have progressed from GED to PhD.…
Descriptors: Doctoral Students, Alumni, Student Experience, High School Equivalency Programs
Melka, Mark – ProQuest LLC, 2023
There is currently a lack of in-depth research with teachers' practices and perceptions with computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in the elementary classroom. Much of the past research focuses on student achievement but fails to consider how the teacher perceives the use of CAI and how they use CAI in the classroom. This research study explores the…
Descriptors: Elementary School Teachers, Teacher Attitudes, Educational Practices, Computer Assisted Instruction
Hall, Anemarie – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The objective of this research study was to explore the connection between teacher practice and their perceptions of self-efficacy in teaching. Two research questions were developed: Does employing Hattie's meta-analysis of the effect size of clarity, meaningful feedback, and discussion result in increased feelings of self-efficacy in teachers?…
Descriptors: Meta Analysis, Effect Size, Feedback (Response), Self Efficacy
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