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Frank, David John; Meyer, John W. – Princeton University Press, 2020
The university is experiencing an unprecedented level of success today, as more universities in more countries educate more students in more fields. At the same time, the university has become central to a knowledge society based on the belief that everyone can, through higher education, access universal truths and apply them in the name of…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Global Approach, Knowledge Economy, College Role
Finn, Chester E., Jr.; Scanlan, Andrew E. – Princeton University Press, 2019
The Advanced Placement program stands as the foremost source of college-level academics for millions of high school students in the United States and beyond. More than 22,000 schools now participate in it, across nearly forty subjects, from Latin and art to calculus and computer science. Yet remarkably little has been known about how this…
Descriptors: Advanced Placement Programs, Educational History, High School Students, Elementary Secondary Education
Geiger, Roger L. – Princeton University Press, 2019
American higher education is nearly four centuries old. But in the decades after World War II, as government and social support surged and enrollments exploded, the role of colleges and universities in American society changed dramatically. Roger Geiger provides the most complete and in-depth history of this remarkable transformation, taking…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational History, College Role, Educational Change
Johnson, Dana T. – Princeton University Press, 2019
Getting into college takes plenty of hard work, but knowing what your professors expect of you once you get there can be even more challenging. "Will This Be on the Test?" is the essential survival guide for high-school students making the transition to college academics. In this entertaining and informative book, Dana Johnson shares…
Descriptors: College Bound Students, College Environment, Teacher Student Relationship, Assignments
Caplan, Bryan – Princeton University Press, 2018
Despite being immensely popular--and immensely lucrative--education is grossly overrated. In this explosive book, Bryan Caplan argues that the primary function of education is not to enhance students' skill but to certify their intelligence, work ethic, and conformity--in other words, to signal the qualities of a good employee. Learn why students…
Descriptors: Role of Education, Employment Qualifications, Outcomes of Education, Educational Finance
Stevens, Mitchell L.; Miller-Idriss, Cynthia; Shami, Seteney – Princeton University Press, 2018
U.S. research universities have long endeavored to be cosmopolitan places, yet the disciplines of economics, political science, and sociology have remained stubbornly parochial. Despite decades of government and philanthropic investment in international scholarship, the most prestigious academic departments still favor research and expertise on…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Teacher Researchers, Tenure, Competition
Whittington, Keith E. – Princeton University Press, 2018
Free speech is under attack at colleges and universities today, with critics on and off campus challenging the value of open inquiry and freewheeling intellectual debate. Too often speakers are shouted down, professors are threatened, and classes are disrupted. In "Speak Freely," Keith Whittington argues that universities must protect…
Descriptors: Freedom of Speech, Colleges, College Role, Civil Rights
Brint, Steven – Princeton University Press, 2018
Crushing student debt, rapidly eroding state funding, faculty embroiled in speech controversies, a higher-education market disrupted by online competition--today's headlines suggest that universities' power to advance knowledge and shape American society is rapidly declining. But Steven Brint, a renowned analyst of academic institutions, has…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Enrollment Trends, Educational History, Partnerships in Education
Sims, Christo – Princeton University Press, 2017
In New York City in 2009, a new kind of public school opened its doors to its inaugural class of middle schoolers. Conceived by a team of game designers and progressive educational reformers and backed by prominent philanthropic foundations, it promised to reinvent the classroom for the digital age. Ethnographer Christo Sims documented the life of…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Public Schools, Middle Schools, Technology Uses in Education
Akers, Beth; Chingos, Matthew M. – Princeton University Press, 2017
College tuition and student debt levels have been rising at an alarming pace for at least two decades. These trends, coupled with an economy weakened by a major recession, have raised serious questions about whether we are headed for a major crisis, with borrowers defaulting on their loans in unprecedented numbers and taxpayers being forced to…
Descriptors: Paying for College, Higher Education, Student Loan Programs, Debt (Financial)
Mittelman, James H. – Princeton University Press, 2017
Universities have become major actors on the global stage. Yet, as they strive to be "world-class," institutions of higher education are shifting away from their core missions of cultivating democratic citizenship, fostering critical thinking, and safeguarding academic freedom. In the contest to raise their national and global profiles,…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Universities, Educational Quality, Competition
Bowen, William G.; McPherson, Michael S. – Princeton University Press, 2016
American higher education faces some serious problems--but they are not the ones most people think. In this brief and accessible book, two leading experts show that many so-called crises--from the idea that typical students are drowning in debt to the belief that tuition increases are being driven by administrative bloat--are exaggerated or simply…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Quality, Educational Change, Misconceptions
Bowen, William G. – Princeton University Press, 2015
Two of the most visible and important trends in higher education today are its exploding costs and the rapid expansion of online learning. Could the growth in online courses slow the rising cost of college and help solve the crisis of affordability? In this short and incisive book, William G. Bowen, one of the foremost experts on the intersection…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Trends, Technology Uses in Education, Online Courses
Anderson, Elizabeth – Princeton University Press, 2013
More than forty years have passed since Congress, in response to the Civil Rights Movement, enacted sweeping antidiscrimination laws in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. As a signal achievement of that legacy, in 2008, Americans elected their first African American president. Some would…
Descriptors: Affirmative Action, Racial Integration, African Americans, United States History
Delbanco, Andrew – Princeton University Press, 2012
As the commercialization of American higher education accelerates, more and more students are coming to college with the narrow aim of obtaining a preprofessional credential. The traditional four-year college experience--an exploratory time for students to discover their passions and test ideas and values with the help of teachers and peers--is in…
Descriptors: Commercialization, Humanistic Education, United States History, Global Approach
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