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Mumphery, Darryn; Tegeler, Philip – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2023
Poverty & Race Research Action Council's (PRRAC's) March 2021 policy brief, "Mixed income neighborhoods and integrated schools: Linking HUD's Choice Neighborhoods Initiative with the Department of Education's Magnet Schools Assistance Program" (ED611507), highlighted an important opportunity for interagency collaboration, encouraging…
Descriptors: Magnet Schools, Public Housing, Urban Renewal, Federal Aid
Tegeler, Philip; Gevarter, Laura – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2021
The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI), launched in 2010, provides funds for public housing authorities and other local entities and aims to redevelop distressed housing projects and transform the neighborhoods surrounding them into "mixed-income, high opportunity communities." From its inception, the CNI has included a strong focus…
Descriptors: Public Housing, Income, Socioeconomic Status, Neighborhoods
Mittman, Lauren; De, Nikhil; Tegeler, Philip – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2020
A growing number of states have policies that positively address resource equity in school construction, distributing capital resources based on district wealth (although as addressed in this brief, these policies are not always implemented with actual funding), but almost no states require any consideration of diversity or segregation in their…
Descriptors: School Construction, State Policy, State Aid, Financial Support
Eaton, Susan – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2020
The enduring condition of racial and ethnic segregation in schools and housing in metropolitan Hartford, Connecticut, is rooted in historical and contemporary racial discrimination and in practices and policies that exacted disparate harm on Black and Latinx people. School segregation both reflects and reinforces segregation in housing that was…
Descriptors: Racial Segregation, Ethnic Groups, Housing, School Segregation
Bottia, Martha Cecilia – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2019
This report examines the effects of school and residential segregation on immigrant children's outcomes. The first part of the report is an in-depth consideration of the extant scholarly literature on this topic. The author discusses the current situation of immigrants in the United States, offers a definition of immigrants, and mentions several…
Descriptors: Immigrants, Social Integration, School Segregation, Housing
Tegeler, Philip; Hollinger, Abi – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2019
Following the June 2019 Democratic presidential debates, school integration has unexpectedly emerged as a serious issue in the campaign. Coincidentally, this debate comes at a time when the National Coalition on School Diversity (NCSD) and a growing school diversity movement both inside and outside government are pushing to remove these last…
Descriptors: Student Diversity, Equal Education, Political Candidates, School Desegregation
Tegeler, Philip; Hollinger, Abi; Milwit, Lily – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2019
The first set of Democratic presidential debates in June brought to the spotlight issues of school diversity and equity, as Senator Kamala Harris asserted the importance of school integration, based on her own experience growing up in Berkeley, California, and criticized Vice President Biden for his anti-busing positions (and collaborations) in…
Descriptors: Student Diversity, Equal Education, Political Candidates, School Desegregation
Ellen, Ingrid Gould; Horn, Keren – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2018
The Housing Act of 1949 espoused the goal of "a decent home and a suitable living environment" for all Americans. Nearly 70 years later, significant strides have been made in improving the quality of American homes, but there continue to be large disparities across income and race, especially with respect to neighborhood environments.…
Descriptors: Housing, Federal Programs, Public Housing, Neighborhood Schools
Tegeler, Philip; Herskind, Micah – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2018
School and neighborhood segregation are recognized as pernicious and persistent problems across the United States, originally developed through intentional government policies, and perpetuated today by both public policy and private markets that have adapted to segregated systems of housing, education, and transportation. Housing and school…
Descriptors: Neighborhoods, School Segregation, Housing, Social Influences
Reid, Jeanne L.; Kagan, Sharon Lynn – Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2015
The field of early childhood education is experiencing unprecedented public investment accompanied by increasing expectations for enhanced child outcomes. To achieve such outcomes, policymakers must consider the socioeconomic and racial/ethnic composition of children's classrooms as an important component of preschool quality. This report presents…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Preschool Education, Student Diversity, Racial Composition
Ellen, Ingrid Gould; Horn, Keren Mertens – Poverty & Race Research Action Council (NJ1), 2012
A family's housing unit provides more than simply shelter. It also provides a set of neighborhood amenities and a package of local public services, including, most critically, a local school. Yet housing and education policymakers rarely coordinate their efforts, and there has been little examination of the schools that voucher holders or other…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Civil Rights, Neighborhoods, Metropolitan Areas
Tegeler, Philip, Ed. – Poverty & Race Research Action Council (NJ1), 2011
The powerful, reciprocal connection between school and housing segregation has long been recognized. The housing-school link was a key element in both the 1968 Kerner Commission Report and in the legislative history of the Fair Housing Act. The relation of school and housing segregation was also explored in a series of school desegregation cases…
Descriptors: School Desegregation, School Segregation, Racial Segregation, Politics of Education
Tegeler, Philip; Eaton, Susan; Miller, Westra – Poverty & Race Research Action Council (NJ1), 2009
This report grows out of a conference roundtable on public housing redevelopment, magnet schools, and Justice Reinvestment held on February 29, 2008, in Tampa, Florida. The roundtable was made possible through the financial support of the Open Society Institute (OSI). It was organized and hosted by the Poverty & Race Research Action Council…
Descriptors: Literature, African American Students, Civil Rights, School Policy
Engdahl, Lora – Poverty & Race Research Action Council (NJ1), 2009
In the Baltimore region, a successful housing mobility program is providing families living in very disadvantaged inner city communities with a new home and a chance for a new life. Minority voucher holders in the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly titled Section 8) have often been limited to living in "voucher submarkets"…
Descriptors: Housing, Mobility, Grants, Disadvantaged