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Valentin, Karen, Ed.; Pradhan, Uma, Ed. – Oxford University Press, 2023
What is education, and who counts as an 'educated person' amidst competing religious, political, and pedagogical ideologies, which have shaped contemporary educational practices and institutions in Nepal? How have social and political changes, an increasing commodification of education, a continued reliance on foreign aid, and expanded…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Social Influences, Political Influences, Global Approach
Goforth, Anisa N.; Pham, Andy V. – Oxford University Press, 2023
As trends continue in U.S. schools toward a more racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse K-12 student population, school-based professionals have an important role in supporting students' mental health and learning. Practitioners, including school psychologists, school counselors, and social workers, are expected to have the knowledge,…
Descriptors: Culturally Relevant Education, Educational Practices, Mental Health, Academic Achievement
Breaden, Jeremy; Goodman, Roger – Oxford University Press, 2023
Globally, private universities enrol one in three of all higher education students. In Japan, which has the second largest higher education system in the world in terms of overall expenditure, almost 80% of all university students attend private institutions. According to some estimates up to 40% of these institutions are family businesses in the…
Descriptors: Private Colleges, Foreign Countries, Educational Change, Educational History
Mattei, Paola, Ed.; Dumay, Xavier, Ed.; Mangez, Eric, Ed.; Behrend, Jacqueline, Ed. – Oxford University Press, 2023
Globalization has become one of the most recurrent concepts in social and political sciences. More often than not, however, the concept is handled without much of a properly articulated theory capable of explaining its historical origin and expansion. For education researchers attempting to elucidate how global changes and processes affect their…
Descriptors: Global Approach, Guides, Social Theories, Social Change
Tidman, Gemma – Oxford University Press, 2023
The "emergence of literature in eighteenth-century France" changes our understanding of when, how and why modern ideas of literature emerged in France. Using a unique blend of literary and digital methods, it argues that it was in the mid eighteenth century, rather than the nineteenth (as many have claimed), that the word littrature…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational History, Colleges, French
Miksza, Peter; Shaw, Julia T.; Richerme, Lauren Kapalka; Hash, Phillip M.; Hodges, Donald A. – Oxford University Press, 2023
Designed to be used as a primary text in introductory research methods courses, "Music Education Research: An Introduction" aims to orient even the most novice researchers toward basic concepts and methodologies. Offering sustained attention to historical, philosophical, qualitative, quantitative, and action research approaches, the book…
Descriptors: Music Education, Research Methodology, Research Reports, Educational Research
Kapur, Devesh, Ed.; Kong, Lily, Ed.; Lo, Florence, Ed.; Malone, David M., Ed. – Oxford University Press, 2023
Since the turn of the millennium it has become clear that the Asia-Pacific Region is, economically, the fastest growing continent in the world, and is likely to remain so for some time despite the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Asia-Pacific's share of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) doubled from 15 per cent to 30 per cent between 1970…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Foreign Countries, COVID-19, Pandemics
Brant, Jonathan, Ed.; Lamb, Michael, Ed.; Brooks, Edward, Ed. – Oxford University Press, 2022
Across the globe, educators are grappling with how best to prepare a new generation to engage the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. Along with knowledge and skills, many are now emphasizing the importance of character. Yet, while there has been a robust movement to educate character among children and adolescents, much less…
Descriptors: Moral Values, Moral Development, College Students, Universities
Joseph, Richard J. – Oxford University Press, 2022
The gap between the abundance of American higher education talent and the immense foreign demand for it is the great chasm in global education. It is a gulf of lost opportunities. It is also a space of great economic potential. This book describes the great chasm, examines factors underlying it, and suggests ways to bridge the gap to realize this…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Talent, Talent Development, Talent Identification
Zinsser, Katherine M. – Oxford University Press, 2022
For over 15 years, researchers have described a crisis in early learning classrooms in the United States. Hundreds of children are expelled from child-care programs and preschools every day, a rate nearly three times that of kindergarten-12th grade students. While policymakers have taken steps to mitigate this crisis, disparities in who is…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Expulsion, Educational Change, Discipline Policy
Martin, Christopher – Oxford University Press, 2022
Many assume that a person's right to education terminates with high school, and that higher education is a luxury addition. The conversation about education changes in palpable ways once we focus on higher education rather than the education we ordinarily think that citizens are due when they are children and teenagers. We see more talk about…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Access to Education, Citizenship, Educational Objectives
Horwitz, Ilana M. – Oxford University Press, 2022
It's widely acknowledged that American parents from different class backgrounds take different approaches to raising their children. Upper and middle-class parents invest considerable time facilitating their children's activities, while working class and poor families take a more hands-off approach. These different strategies influence how…
Descriptors: Religion, Religious Factors, Grades (Scholastic), Academic Achievement
Vivian, Bradford – Oxford University Press, 2022
If we listen to the politicians and pundits, college campuses have become fiercely ideological spaces where students unthinkingly endorse a liberal orthodoxy and forcibly silence anyone who dares to disagree. These commentators lament the demise of free speech and academic freedom. But what is "really" happening on college campuses?…
Descriptors: Misinformation, Freedom of Speech, Higher Education, Political Attitudes
Kirp, David; Wechsler, Marjorie; Gardner, Madelyn; Ali, Titilayo Tinubu – Oxford University Press, 2022
"Disrupting Disruption" shows how three racially and ethnically diverse school districts--Union NJ, Union City OK, and Roanoke City VA--have defied the demographic odds, boosting overall graduation rates while shrinking or eliminating the opportunity gap. These districts resemble many others in their student population. What makes them…
Descriptors: School Restructuring, Ethnicity, Race, Student Diversity
Kirp, David; Macpherson, Kevin – Oxford University Press, 2022
In statehouses, school boards, and communities across the US, battles are raging over the direction of education policy--from the standards that are shaping what students learn to how test results are being used to judge a teacher's performance. These battles are being waged against a backdrop of shifting demographics, rapidly developing…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Educational Policy, Educational Practices
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