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OECD Publishing, 2022
Women are strongly over-represented among primary and secondary teachers. This can be explained at least partly by gender stereotypes, but also by the attractiveness of the profession to working mothers and by differences in the relative wage levels in teaching for men and women. Recognising teachers' contribution to society could help to attract…
Descriptors: Teacher Characteristics, Women Faculty, Disproportionate Representation, Elementary School Teachers
Ikeda, Miyako – OECD Publishing, 2022
Many education systems aim to provide learning opportunities to all students regardless of their backgrounds in order for them to realise their potential. Education systems are expected to break down barriers to social mobility. However, too often, children are not given enough opportunities to succeed, to pursue their interests, or to develop…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Foreign Countries, Reading Achievement, Social Differences
OECD Publishing, 2022
Ageing populations and rising skill demands have heightened expectations that higher education systems will widen their offer of continuing education and training (CET) for adults aiming to renew or augment their skills at an advanced level. CET is becoming increasingly important for maintaining a highly skilled workforce also in Germany, and…
Descriptors: Continuing Education, Public Education, Higher Education, Foreign Countries
OECD Publishing, 2022
Early childhood education and care (ECEC) staff are central to promoting young children's development, learning and well-being. ECEC staff work in teams and the staff roles included these teams vary both across countries and within countries, for instance related to the size and location of ECEC centres. Initial education and ongoing professional…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Child Care, Teamwork, Staff Development
OECD Publishing, 2021
School heads in public institutions are required to work on average 7-8 hours a day, as is the case for most office-based jobs. The hours worked and the list of tasks and responsibilities vary widely across countries. On average across OECD countries, they earn more than teachers and other full-time tertiary-educated workers. However, more than…
Descriptors: Principals, Administrator Role, Administrator Responsibility, Stress Variables
OECD Publishing, 2021
Germany has a strong skill development system. The country's 15-year-old students performed above the OECD average in the last (2018) edition of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), continuing a trend of significant improvement since PISA's first edition in 2000. Its adult population also has above-average literacy and…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Continuing Education, Skill Development, Vocational Education
OECD Publishing, 2021
Lifelong learning is key if individuals are to succeed in labour markets and societies shaped by megatrends such as increases in life expectancy, rapid technological changes, globalisation, migration, environmental changes and digitalisation, as well as sudden shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic. In a fast-changing and uncertain world, lifelong…
Descriptors: Lifelong Learning, Skill Development, Social Emotional Learning, COVID-19
OECD Publishing, 2021
Students in Scotland (United Kingdom) engage in learning through Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which aims to provide them with a holistic, coherent, and future-oriented approach to learning between the ages of 3 and 18. CfE offers an inspiring and widely supported philosophy of education. Schools design their own curriculum based on a common…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Practices, Curriculum Design, Curriculum Implementation
OECD Publishing, 2021
The "Education in Brazil: An International Perspective" report was developed drawing on internationally comparative data on education in Brazil, in particular the extensive range of data collected by the OECD through its surveys. The experiences of other countries and how they have tackled challenges similar to those now faced by Brazil,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Practices, Comparative Education, Early Childhood Education
OECD Publishing, 2021
How might digital technology and notably smart technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), learning analytics, robotics, and others transform education? This book explores such question. It focuses on how smart technologies currently change education in the classroom and the management of educational organisations and systems. The book…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Artificial Intelligence, Learning Analytics
Covacevich, Catalina; Mann, Anthony; Besa, Filippo; Diaz, Jonathan; Santos, Cristina – OECD Publishing, 2021
This paper explores how teenage thinking about jobs and careers relates to adulthood labour market outcomes. The OECD working paper "Career Ready? How schools can better prepare young people for working life in the era of COVID-19" (ED613604) identifies career certainty, alignment and ambition as relevant indicators related to career…
Descriptors: Career Readiness, Longitudinal Studies, Achievement Tests, Foreign Countries
OECD Publishing, 2021
Everyone feels lonely some of the time. However, chronic loneliness can impair learning, affect physical and mental health, and is even linked to early death. Loneliness is thus not only a personal matter; it is a public health concern. Schools provide spaces and opportunities for friendships. By bringing together students from different…
Descriptors: Psychological Patterns, Mental Health, School Role, Friendship
OECD Publishing, 2021
Children's learning, development and well-being are directly influenced by their daily interactions with other children, adults, their families and the environment. This interactive process is known as "process quality", and leads to a key question -- which policies set the best conditions for children to experience high-quality…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Educational Policy, Educational Quality, Curriculum Development
Avvisati, Francesco; Givord, Pauline – OECD Publishing, 2021
This paper compares the learning gain over one year of schooling among 15-year-old students in Austria and Scotland (United Kingdom). Common metrics for reading, mathematics and science learning, as established by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), are used. In order to overcome the limitations of a cross-sectional,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, Academic Achievement, Achievement Gains
Gouëdard, Pierre – OECD Publishing, 2021
Why do certain students thrive when facing adversity while others languish? In the mindset theory, growth mindset is opposed to fixed mindset, and could explain why some people fulfil their potential and others do not. With the COVID pandemic dragging on, having a growth mindset may be even more critical. For students who are able to set their own…
Descriptors: Disadvantaged, Advantaged, Achievement Gap, Achievement Gains
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