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Fogel, Anna – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
Community colleges offer an important pathway to the middle class. However, many students fall off the path along the way; almost half of students drop out and only 38% complete a degree within eight years, according to an analysis by Preston Cooper of the American Enterprise Institute. These statistics are even worse for at-risk, minority and…
Descriptors: Educational Improvement, Higher Education, Outcomes of Education, Paying for College
Fogg, Neeta; Harrington, Paul; Khatiwada, Ishwar – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
The earnings advantages to adults with more schooling are well-documented. High school graduates typically have higher earnings than high school dropouts, and those with a bachelor's degree have higher earnings than both groups. Furthermore, as the job content of the nation's economy has shifted in a way that generally favors those with more…
Descriptors: Wages, Educational Attainment, Education Work Relationship, Dropout Prevention
Halfond, Jay A. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
America has long had abundant capacity in its colleges and universities, which have increasingly welcomed those from countries where quality higher education is a scarce resource. This coincided nicely with America's pivotal role in the growing globalization of the world's economy. An American degree has become a valuable rite of passage for an…
Descriptors: Foreign Students, College Students, Higher Education, Global Approach
Suarez, Stephanie – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
New England faces a concerning dip in its higher education enrollment, due in significant part to declines in the region's birth and high school graduation rates that are both projected to continue through 2029. Despite these trends, New England's postsecondary institutions continue to attract a large number of international students to the…
Descriptors: Foreign Students, College Students, Enrollment, Economic Impact
Morwick, Carolyn – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
This article summarizes the Governor Budget proposals in the New England region. Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut proposed restructuring, refinancing the systems' payments and slowing the rate of increase in the teachers' pension fund and the state employee pension fund, both of which are underfunded. Lamont also announced that for the first…
Descriptors: Budgets, Educational Finance, State Officials, Taxes
McGrath, Stephanie – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
This article takes a first look at the major issues and trends that are currently being seen in 2019 emerging in the region's legislatures related to higher education and workforce development. Topics include: affordability, student loan debt, and college closures/mergers/acquisitions/collaborations. Other bills touch on emerging issues:…
Descriptors: State Legislation, Higher Education, Labor Force Development, Student Costs
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The benefits of going to college and the importance of higher education institutions were once held to be a creed as American as apple pie. But recurring state budget challenges have constrained investment. Consistently rising tuitions--fueled by increasing college costs--have alarmed many. Politics and free-speech controversies have raised…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Public Opinion, College Attendance, Cost Effectiveness
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
From 2012 to 2017, nearly 15,000 New England residents participated in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA students are ineligible for federal financial aid programs, but state and institutional aid can flow to undocumented students. As of March 2017, 20 states, including Connecticut and Rhode Island, offered in-state…
Descriptors: Undocumented Immigrants, Student Financial Aid, State Aid, Tuition
Reidel, Jon – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The students who walk into the office of Jaydeen Santos at the University of Vermont (UVM) are burdened by a familiar litany of troubles. They feel isolated. Homesick. Overwhelmed by classes. Unsure where to turn. Santos, the student services advisor at UVM's Mosaic Center for Students of Color, knows just how they feel. Because 17 years ago, she…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Student Adjustment, Minority Group Students, Student Motivation
Gittell, Ross; Hieronymus, Bob – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
New England colleges and universities are often presented as a source of economic advantage in the New England states for providing a strong talent pool for regional employers. Yet, many state officials and others are questioning the efficacy of colleges and universities in serving regional labor market needs, as employers across New England are…
Descriptors: Career Counseling, Coaching (Performance), Talent Development, College Students
McCully, George – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Author George McCully, historian, former professor, and faculty dean at higher education institutions in the Northeast, begins this article by discussing an article he wrote 45 years ago for the "Journal of Higher Education" entitled "Multiversity and University." It contrasted the two models of scholarship, and maintained…
Descriptors: Intellectual Disciplines, Higher Education, Scholarship, Educational History
Gross, Karen – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Karen Gross, former president of Southern Vermont College and author of "Breakaway Learners: Strategies for Post-Secondary Success with At-Risk Students," writes of the impact the recent March for Our Lives at hundreds of locations around the globe had on her. As she stood in the middle of hundreds of thousands of protesters in…
Descriptors: Colleges, Universities, Achievement Rating, Institutional Characteristics
Corral, Jason – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
As an immigration attorney for the past 14 years in both private practice and legal services, the author feels confident in saying there is not a "single" kind of immigrant or one kind of immigration story. There are multifarious individuals and families of diverse global origin bearing a cornucopia of ideas, perspectives, hopes and…
Descriptors: Lawyers, Counseling, Undocumented Immigrants, College Students
Totterman, Henrik – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
International higher education is facing increasing competition and pressure from new market entrants, who are introducing disruptive models of delivering more affordable education on scale. Higher education is definitely more than ever at a crossroads in terms of securing its future existence, which is why it becomes essential for academic…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Benchmarking, Educational Strategies, Sustainability
Cruzvergara, Christine Y.; Testani, Joseph A. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Investing in higher education today is an important decision for any family to consider. The media is rife with stories about the value of higher education, the return on investment and the significance of certain majors in today's economy. Coincidentally, there is also extensive discussion around employer expectations of how colleges and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, College Choice, Career Readiness, College Role
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