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Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The benefits of going to college and the importance of higher education institutions were once held to be a creed as American as apple pie. But recurring state budget challenges have constrained investment. Consistently rising tuitions--fueled by increasing college costs--have alarmed many. Politics and free-speech controversies have raised…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Public Opinion, College Attendance, Cost Effectiveness
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
From 2012 to 2017, nearly 15,000 New England residents participated in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA students are ineligible for federal financial aid programs, but state and institutional aid can flow to undocumented students. As of March 2017, 20 states, including Connecticut and Rhode Island, offered in-state…
Descriptors: Undocumented Immigrants, Student Financial Aid, State Aid, Tuition
Strong, Alexandra Coso; Lynch, Caitrin – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Each year, colleges around the nation select a common reading book for their incoming students or, in the case of Olin College of Engineering, for the entire college community. In 2017, the institution selected "Hidden Figures" as a reading meant to provide a common intellectual experience, illustrate the vigor and breadth of the…
Descriptors: College Students, Summer Programs, Reading Materials, African Americans
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The "New England Journal of Higher Education" ("NEJHE") Executive Editor John O. Harney had the chance to catch up with Lasell College President Michael Alexander about the small Newton, Massachusetts, college's plans to challenge the higher education business model. The interview is presented in this article.
Descriptors: College Presidents, Higher Education, Value Judgment, College Students
Steiner, Patricia – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
As a teacher and designer of leadership classes, the author is often asked to speak at organizations around the world about topics dealing with business, leadership and learning that relate to honesty, ethics, diversity issues, and self-awareness. The authors approach to problems of misconduct of all kinds begins with the root cause: a lack of…
Descriptors: Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Qualities, Interpersonal Competence, Leadership Styles
Nelson, Stephen J. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
John Hennessey lived a remarkable, full life as a professor, as a leader in his field of management and business, and moral, ethical leadership, and as dean at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business and provost at the University of Vermont. He was extraordinary on many fronts, a great man who lived in tumultuous times marked by world war as a…
Descriptors: Career Development, Recognition (Achievement), Professional Identity, Business Administration Education
Henning, Gavin – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
In many ways, higher education has not changed in the nearly 1,000 years since the first university was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1088. Many courses still have professors or "masters" lecturing in front of students, with exams being reproduction of facts learned in lectures. But in other ways, higher education changes daily. A brief…
Descriptors: Educational Environment, Higher Education, Educational Change, Educational Development
Gross, Karen – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Few question the difficulties of being a college or university president in today's era. The work of college and university presidencies is getting harder not easier with the passage of time. In this article, the author discusses how leadership in higher education is due for a change. She offers and discusses a solution of co-presidency.
Descriptors: College Presidents, Leadership Responsibility, Administrator Role, Higher Education
Lachance, Laurie – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
New England has a rich history of innovation and economic prosperity due, in part, to the fact that the region is home to some of the nation's most prestigious higher education institutions as well as a wide array of other postsecondary offerings. Nearly 60% of the students that Thomas College, Maine, serves are "first-generation"…
Descriptors: Higher Education, First Generation College Students, Role of Education, Employment Qualifications
Robinson, Matt – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
As English Language Arts and Math continue to be touted as top priorities, and as the assessment of related skills takes up more and more time in many schools, teachers are left with less time to share ideas with each other or with their students. In the realm of higher education, where more is being left to adjuncts and part-time staff,…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Brain, Transformative Learning, Faculty Development
Regan, Daniel – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The author questions the high cost of innovation in higher education. He states that much of the literature and other communications convey the sense that improvements in university functioning are more a capital-intensive, than a thought- or labor-intensive enterprise, especially for small public institutions, which educate a substantial…
Descriptors: Educational Innovation, Higher Education, Reading Programs, College Freshmen
New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
New England Board of Higher Education's Commission on Higher Education & Employability has thought hard over the past year about the increasing role of artificial intelligence and robotics in the future of life and work. Many others are also waking up to this landscape, which not so long ago seemed like science fiction. Machines have changed…
Descriptors: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Decision Making, Moral Values
McCully, George – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Author George McCully, historian, former professor, and faculty dean at higher education institutions in the Northeast, begins this article by discussing an article he wrote 45 years ago for the "Journal of Higher Education" entitled "Multiversity and University." It contrasted the two models of scholarship, and maintained…
Descriptors: Intellectual Disciplines, Higher Education, Scholarship, Educational History
Gross, Karen – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Karen Gross, former president of Southern Vermont College and author of "Breakaway Learners: Strategies for Post-Secondary Success with At-Risk Students," writes of the impact the recent March for Our Lives at hundreds of locations around the globe had on her. As she stood in the middle of hundreds of thousands of protesters in…
Descriptors: Colleges, Universities, Achievement Rating, Institutional Characteristics
Corral, Jason – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
As an immigration attorney for the past 14 years in both private practice and legal services, the author feels confident in saying there is not a "single" kind of immigrant or one kind of immigration story. There are multifarious individuals and families of diverse global origin bearing a cornucopia of ideas, perspectives, hopes and…
Descriptors: Lawyers, Counseling, Undocumented Immigrants, College Students
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