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Harland, Jennie; Fletcher, Lydia; Morton, Chris; Lord, Pippa; Styles, Ben – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
White Rose Maths (WRM) commissioned the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) to conduct research to explore evidence that suggested a wider COVID-19 attainment gap in schools in Yorkshire and the Humber region in Autumn 2020, to understand the challenges that schools face, and how recovery in the region can best be supported. This…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, COVID-19, Pandemics, Achievement Gap
Julius, Jenna; Ghosh, Anusha – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
This research examines the impact of recent and anticipated changes in free school meal eligibility on state-funded mainstream schools in England. In particular, our research focuses on the extent to which both the pandemic and transitional arrangements introduced to smooth the roll out of Universal Credit are affecting free school meal…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Educational Change, Lunch Programs
Twist, Liz; Jones, Emily; Treleaven, Oscar – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
The pandemic has led to considerable disruption to the learning of all pupils in England. This report analyses the general trends in the data across several studies investigating the impact of COVID-19 on educational attainment in England, from March 2020 onwards, and identifies where particular attention is needed. It is broken down into four…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Foreign Countries, Age Differences
Sharp, Caroline; Skipp, Amy – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound effects on education in both mainstream and special schools. Education in England was considerably disrupted during the 2020/1 and 2021/22 school years. There were two periods of partial school closure when most pupils stayed at home (March-May 2020 and January-March 2021). Schools were asked to prioritise…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Regular and Special Education Relationship, Educational Environment
Julius, Jenna; Hillary, Jude; Faulkner-Ellis, Henry – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
Educational success is often measured using short-term metrics such as exam results and league tables. While these offer snapshots in time, they also provide an incomplete and misleading picture. Success is about more than short-term achievements -- it's also about individuals' long-term goals, career success, personal fulfilment and contribution…
Descriptors: Goal Orientation, Success, Job Satisfaction, Young Adults
Julius, Jenna; Hillary, Jude; Faulkner-Ellis, Henry – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
This technical report provides an overview of the datasets and methodology used in the main report, "Investigating the Potential Use of Long-Term School and College Destination Measures. Final Report" (see ED619071). The purpose of the main report is to investigate the potential for using Department for Education's (DfE's) Longitudinal…
Descriptors: Labor Market, Outcomes of Education, Young Adults, Foreign Countries
Taylor, Amanda; Nelson, Julie; O'Donnell, Sharon; Davies, Elizabeth; Hillary, Jude – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
Calls are intensifying for workforce reskilling and a re-engineering of education and training to meet the demands of the future. Current policy in England focuses on technical, digital and green economy skills, underpinned by strong literacy and numeracy and a knowledge-rich school curriculum. National Foundation for Educational Research's…
Descriptors: Job Skills, Labor Market, Foreign Countries, Futures (of Society)
Worth, Jack; Tang, Sarah; Galvis, Maria A. – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
England has been facing a significant teacher supply challenge, marked particularly by undersupply of the maths, physics and chemistry teachers required to deliver a high-quality science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education across the country. There has been chronic under-recruitment and higher-than-average leaving rates for maths…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Teacher Shortage, Compensation (Remuneration), Teacher Salaries
Straw, Suzanne; Julius, Jenna; Faulkner-Ellis, Henry; Classick, Rachel; Keightley, Gillian – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
Apprenticeships are a key training route to help young people enter the labour market and for upskilling existing workers. Apprenticeships also have the potential to act as a vehicle for social mobility for young people (SMC, 2020). Significant reforms have been introduced to the apprenticeship system over the last decade which have led to a…
Descriptors: Youth, Apprenticeships, Barriers, Youth Opportunities
Worth, Jack; McLean, Dawson; Sharp, Caroline – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2022
Racial diversity within the school workforce is valuable in 'fostering social cohesion and most importantly, in supporting pupils to grow and develop in an environment of visible, diverse role models' (DfE, 2018c, p.2). A diverse workforce is likely to promote greater cultural understanding and inclusion when educating pupils from diverse ethnic…
Descriptors: Minority Group Teachers, Diversity (Faculty), Disproportionate Representation, Preservice Teacher Education
Kuhn, Lisa; Bradshaw, Sally; Donkin, Angela; Fletcher, Lydia; Liht, Jose; Wheater, Rebecca – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2021
Recent national and international evidence suggests that the wellbeing of young people in the UK has decreased. In 2018, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) asked participating pupils a number of questions about their wellbeing, and some of the measures can be tracked over time. Based on PISA 2015 and 2018, this report…
Descriptors: Well Being, Correlation, Teacher Student Relationship, Parent Child Relationship
Classick, Rachel; Gambhir, Geeta; Liht, Jose; Sharp, Caroline; Wheater, Rebecca – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2021
Differences in achievement between disadvantaged pupils and their more advantaged peers are a focus for policy in all parts of the UK. A gap in educational outcomes between pupils from less-affluent backgrounds compared to their peers is evident by the time they start school and only widens as they move through the school years. In 2018, nearly 80…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Achievement Tests, International Assessment, Secondary School Students
Skipp, Amy; Tyers, Claire; Hopwood, Vicky; Rutt, Simon; Sharp, Caroline; Webster, Rob – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2021
In the United Kingdom, the Coronavirus Act relaxed the duty on Local Authorities to provide all of the support set out in pupils' educational, health and care plans (EHCPs). They were expected to use 'reasonable endeavours' to deliver as much of this as possible. This relaxation was lifted in September 2020, meaning that from that point the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Special Schools, Colleges, Federal Legislation
Chu, Jessica; Galvis, Maria A.; Kotonya, Juliet – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2021
NFER conducted an independent evaluation of the Inspect and Improve (I&I) pilot project in Eastern Uganda. I&I is a school inspections and improvement programme implemented by Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS) in partnership with Uganda's Directorate of Education Standards (DES), under the Ministry of Education and Sports…
Descriptors: Program Evaluation, Educational Improvement, Inspection, Equal Education
Worth, Jack – National Foundation for Educational Research, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 caused unprecedented challenges for society, the economy and also for education systems. Two major impacts on the initial teacher training (ITT) system were the reduction in school-based teacher training places and the increase in ITT applications. In order to allow ITT providers additional flexibility to…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preservice Teacher Education, Student Placement, COVID-19
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