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National Council on Teacher Quality, 2020
New data and analysis from the National Council on Teacher Quality finds significant progress on the science of reading instruction in teacher preparation. For the first time since NCTQ began publishing program ratings in its 2013 Teacher Prep Review, the number of programs in the nation to embrace reading science has crossed the halfway mark,…
Descriptors: Teacher Education Programs, Reading Instruction, Program Evaluation, Undergraduate Study
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2019
Prospective teacher candidates should make informed decisions about which teacher preparation programs are likely to best prepare them to succeed on their licensure tests and in the classroom. However, too few states publish data that demonstrate whether specific teacher preparation programs are adequately preparing teacher candidates for their…
Descriptors: Preservice Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education, Licensing Examinations (Professions), Elementary School Teachers
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2019
More states are recognizing the importance of leadership roles for teachers, signaling that state policy is reflecting teachers' voices. Thirty-five states now have formal teacher leadership policies, with a net of eight additional states adopting formal teacher leadership policies in the past two years. Even though the implementation of any…
Descriptors: Teacher Leadership, Teacher Role, State Policy, School Districts
Putman, Hannah; Walsh, Kate – National Council on Teacher Quality, 2019
Each year a significant number of aspiring elementary teachers, having successfully completed their formal preparation, are still unable to become licensed professionals. That's because an alarming number of candidates fail their licensing tests, far surpassing the failure rate for other professions' entry tests, bar exams, and boards. The fact…
Descriptors: Elementary School Teachers, Diversity (Faculty), Teacher Education Programs, Minority Group Students
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2019
Programs that prepare elementary teachers have a daunting responsibility -- they are readying the people who will teach children reading and numeracy, build a foundation in STEM and social studies subjects, all while providing many children's first introduction to formal schooling. By rising to this challenge, programs may also help a more diverse…
Descriptors: Elementary School Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education, Teacher Education Programs, Pedagogical Content Knowledge
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2019
This report is the first in a series by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) that examines the current status of states' teacher policies. Updated on a two-year cycle, each will cover a specific area of teacher policy. This report focuses on state teacher policies governing what states require in evaluations of both teachers and…
Descriptors: Teacher Evaluation, Administrator Evaluation, Principals, Educational Policy
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2019
A significant number of teachers move from one state to another each year. State policies can make it difficult for public school teachers to qualify to teach in another state. From a teacher's perspective, meeting another state's licensure requirements can feel bureaucratic and time-consuming. State requirements for out-of-state teachers enable…
Descriptors: Teacher Certification, State Standards, State Policy, Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Rickenbrode, Robert; Drake, Graham; Pomerance, Laura; Walsh, Kate – National Council on Teacher Quality, 2018
The "2018 Teacher Prep Review" examines the results of rating 567 traditional graduate programs, 129 alternative route programs, and 18 residencies preparing both elementary and secondary teachers. The Review includes recommendations for programs to make changes to improve the quality of teachers entering the profession and highlights…
Descriptors: Teacher Education Programs, Graduate Study, Alternative Teacher Certification, Elementary Secondary Education
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2018
Deciding under what circumstances teachers are laid off during a reduction in force or dismissed will always be a tightrope. Teachers deserve a fair process and one that respects their contributions to a school district, just as every student deserves competent teachers. This NCTQ Databurst looks at how states approach these two tough issues,…
Descriptors: Job Layoff, Teacher Dismissal, State Policy, Teacher Effectiveness
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2018
This study examines all 50 states' and the District of Columbia's requirements regarding the science of reading for elementary and special education teacher candidates.
Descriptors: Reading Instruction, Elementary School Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education
Putnam, Hannah; Ross, Elizabeth; Walsh, Kate – National Council on Teacher Quality, 2018
The past decade has been marked by rapid changes in teacher evaluations. While many districts and states announced their intention to install better systems, they faced political and structural challenges. In this study, [National Council on Teacher Quality] NCTQ examines evidence of the impact of teacher evaluation in six places (four districts…
Descriptors: Teacher Evaluation, Evaluation Methods, Program Effectiveness, School Districts
National Council on Teacher Quality, 2018
A great deal of attention has been given to the learning loss that can take place under brand new teachers, but there is a growing body of research that shows moving teachers between grade levels, or "grade switching," can actually be harmful to student achievement, too. While grade switching is a common practice for many reasons (about…
Descriptors: Instructional Program Divisions, Teacher Distribution, Program Effectiveness, At Risk Students
Lubell, Sam; Drake, Graham; Putman, Hannah; Rickenbrode, Robert – National Council on Teacher Quality, 2017
For most Americans, the high school years played a pivotal role in shaping what they know about subjects such as U.S. history, world history, literature, geometry and biology. For many, the high school years provide one of the last opportunities to gain valuable life-enhancing insights, for example, reading a classic novel such as "To Kill a…
Descriptors: Preservice Teacher Education, Preservice Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, Knowledge Base for Teaching
Pomerance, Laura; Greenberg, Julie; Walsh, Kate – National Council on Teacher Quality, 2016
Every year about 190,000 teacher candidates graduate from traditional teacher preparation programs believing they are ready to begin the relentlessly demanding career of teaching. Each of these aspiring teachers will have taken at least one education psychology course or instructional methods course (usually both) designed to teach them how…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Preservice Teacher Education, Textbooks, Textbook Evaluation
Lubell, Sam; Putman, Hannah – National Council on Teacher Quality, 2016
The National Council on Teacher Quality's (NCTQ's) 2016 "Landscape in Teacher Preparation" has examined 875 traditional undergraduate programs that prepare elementary school teachers, finding widely variable levels of quality. Some programs prepare teachers whom parents would love to see in front of their child's classroom. Too many…
Descriptors: Teacher Education Programs, Elementary School Teachers, Teacher Competencies, Program Effectiveness
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