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National Association of Scholars, 2021
The National Association of Scholars believes that higher education should gather scholars and students to cultivate excellence and pursue the truth, transmit the heritage of Western civilization to a new generation, prepare cultured and virtuous citizens, and train students for vocational success. American colleges and universities should embody…
Descriptors: Educational Legislation, Federal Legislation, Higher Education, Educational Finance
Helms, Jennifer; Nations, James; Randall, David – National Association of Scholars, 2021
America's most popular science curriculum, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), fails students. This report details how the popular curriculum omits basic tenets of science, including the scientific method, and provides recommendations to correct deficiencies in the NGSS.
Descriptors: Standards, Science Curriculum, Scientific Literacy, Scientific Research
La Noue, George R. – National Association of Scholars, 2021
Policies regarding immigration are complex. One of the unfortunate consequences of the near uniformity of opinion in higher education about legal and illegal immigration issues are that they are almost never debated on campuses. This report describes some of the various dimensions of immigration policy and suggests topics for debate, so that…
Descriptors: Immigration, Higher Education, Undocumented Immigrants, Decision Making
Arnold, Neetu – National Association of Scholars, 2021
In the last 40 years, college costs have more than doubled. Students pay exorbitant amounts of money to attend college, even going into crushing debt. Meanwhile, universities increase their administrative overhead and other non-instructional costs. "Priced Out: What College Costs America," takes a personalized look into 50 universities…
Descriptors: Universities, Educational Finance, College Administration, Student Costs
Randall, David; Frohnen, Bruce P.; Gutzman, Kevin R. C.; Ross, Jason; Shlaes, Amity; Pettinger, William – National Association of Scholars, 2021
The study in this report focuses on four historical periods and five textbooks. The four historical periods are: (1) The European Settlement of North America (1492-1660); (2) Colonial America (1660-1763); (3) The Nation's Founding (1763-1789); and (4) The New Deal (1933-1940). Three of the 5 textbooks are intended for regular high school American…
Descriptors: United States History, Textbooks, History Instruction, High Schools
Young, S. Stanley; Kindzierski, Warren; Randall, David – National Association of Scholars, 2021
"Shifting Sands: Unsound Science and Unsafe Regulation" examines how irreproducible science affects select areas of government policy and regulation governed by different federal agencies. This first report on "PM[subscript 2.5] Regulation" focuses on irreproducible research in the field of environmental epidemiology, which…
Descriptors: Public Policy, Federal Regulation, Public Agencies, Epidemiology
National Association of Scholars, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has inflicted enormous financial damage on colleges and universities and the cost is still growing. American higher education will undergo an unprecedented financial crisis in the coming months. "Critical Care" is a plan to guide the federal response to these unprecedented disruptions facing higher education in…
Descriptors: Disease Control, Colleges, Higher Education, Educational Finance
Peterson, Rachelle – National Association of Scholars, 2020
In exchange for generous Chinese government funding, the College Board has given China strategic access to American K-12 education. Since at least 2003, the College Board has sponsored Confucius Institutes at K-12 schools, served as a recruiter for Chinese government programs, and helped the Chinese Communist Party design and gain control over…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Elementary Secondary Education, International Programs, Deception
Manning, Teresa R. – National Association of Scholars, 2020
Controversy surrounding sex discrimination and sexual misconduct in higher education has existed now for over 50 years. Title IX is the federal law banning sex discrimination in schools receiving federal funds. This Report examines the evolving understanding of sex discrimination in higher education over the years, as well as the mechanisms that…
Descriptors: Educational Legislation, Federal Legislation, Gender Discrimination, Sex Fairness
Randall, David – National Association of Scholars, 2020
Since 2014 the College Board has continued to revise and develop the Advanced Placement European, United States, and World History examinations. It keeps getting in trouble. Many critics have excoriated the College Board for teaching history grossly politicized to the left--history without the history of freedom, history that teaches hatred of…
Descriptors: Advanced Placement Programs, History Instruction, World History, Social Bias
Kurtz, Stanley – National Association of Scholars, 2020
"The Lost History of Western Civilization" is a wide-ranging consideration of the academy's role in producing America's contemporary political and cultural divisions. The report traces the ways in which the 1988 controversy over the teaching of Western Civilization at Stanford set the pattern for today's "Cold Civil War." The…
Descriptors: Western Civilization, United States History, Political Attitudes, Cultural Differences
Randall, David – National Association of Scholars, 2019
The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has analyzed college common readings since 2010. The limitations of college common reading selections derive from their institutional frameworks. Non-academic mission statements steer selection committees away from intellectually challenging books toward those promoting progressive beliefs or activism;…
Descriptors: College Students, Recreational Reading, Books, Reading Programs
Randall, David – National Association of Scholars, 2019
In the last twenty years a body of "social justice educators" has come to power in American higher education. These professors and administrators are transforming higher education into advocacy for progressive politics. They also work to reserve higher education jobs for social justice advocates, and to train more social justice…
Descriptors: Social Justice, Higher Education, College Faculty, Administrators
Pierre, Dion J.; Wood, Peter W. – National Association of Scholars, 2019
Neo-segregation is the voluntary racial segregation of students, aided by college institutions, into racially exclusive housing and common spaces, orientation and commencement ceremonies, student associations, scholarships, and classes. This study of racial segregation at Yale University is part of a larger project examining neo-segregation in…
Descriptors: Universities, Higher Education, School Segregation, Equal Education
Randall, David; Welser, Christopher – National Association of Scholars, 2018
A reproducibility crisis afflicts a wide range of scientific and social-scientific disciplines, from epidemiology to social psychology. Improper research techniques, lack of accountability, disciplinary and political groupthink, and a scientific culture biased toward producing positive results together have produced a critical state of affairs.…
Descriptors: Scientific Methodology, Replication (Evaluation), Scientific Research, Guidelines
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