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Gold, Xandie – NCSSSMST Journal, 2008
High school is, in many ways, an experience many would rather not relive, even in memory. As the author reflects on her experiences at the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center (KAMSC), she is struck by how positive her memories are. For her and many of her classmates, their educational experiences up to that point had not been especially…
Descriptors: High Schools, Special Schools, Educational Experience, Teacher Influence
Sigler, Jeff – NCSSSMST Journal, 2008
The author has never been good at math. When he was in 9th grade, he found gripping joy in Shakespeare, the wives of Henry VIII, the psychosis of Poe, the heroes of various revolutions, the perpetual pillaging of Alsace and Lorraine. However, his interests changed when he enrolled in the Central Virginia Governor's School (CVGS) for Science and…
Descriptors: Research Papers (Students), Writing Research, Research Methodology, Technology Education
Davis, Glen A. – NCSSSMST Journal, 2008
In this article, the author, a pediatrician, reflects upon his formal education and describes how being educated at the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center (KAMSC) during his high school years provided him with the best educational experience. Unlike the typical high school, KAMSC provided an environment that was the perfect fit for him…
Descriptors: High Schools, Pediatrics, Educational Experience, Medical Schools
Markey, Mia K. – NCSSSMST Journal, 2008
As the author prepares to head back to Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) for homecoming, she finds the analogy of Hogwarts for IMSA to be apropos. Going to IMSA opened doors for her that she hadn't even known were closed. Yet it's not easy to pin down what made her IMSA experience magical. Certainly there are some elements that are…
Descriptors: Educational Experience, High Schools, Special Schools, Teacher Influence
VanArendonk, Kathryn – NCSSSMST Journal, 2008
This essay is an open letter to despairing magnet school students. In this essay, the author describes how she attended the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center (KAMSC) and realized that she was just not into math and science. For her, KAMSC was not part of a continuation along a straight line, but instead marked a sharp right turn away…
Descriptors: Magnet Schools, Educational Experience, High School Students, Student Interests
Hackney, Zachary Carl – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
Previous work on fish, frogs, and salamanders, showed the ability for estrogen (EE2) and anthropogenic endocrine disruptors to skew sex ratios and cause hermaphrodism. This study addressed the effects of estrogens on growth and development rates of African clawed frog tadpoles ("Xenopus laevis") during their gender determination stages. The…
Descriptors: Animals, Sex, Development, Biochemistry
Garofalo, Joe; Cory, Beth – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
Mathematical knowledge can be categorized in different ways. One commonly used way is to distinguish between procedural mathematical knowledge and conceptual mathematical knowledge. Procedural knowledge of mathematics refers to formal language, symbols, algorithms, and rules. Conceptual knowledge is essential for meaningful understanding of…
Descriptors: Mathematics Education, Symbols (Mathematics), Mathematical Applications, Mathematics Instruction
Barnett, Meg – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
This article discusses the author's experiences as a planner for the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science & Technology (NCSSSMST) Fall 2007 Event titled "Tomorrow Never Dies." The author discusses how the NCSSSMST student conference helps students find common ground.
Descriptors: College Bound Students, Conferences (Gatherings), Science Education, Mathematics Education
Garofalo, Joe; Juersivich, Nicole – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
There is much research that documents what many teachers know, that students struggle with many concepts in probability and statistics. This article presents two sample activities the authors use to help preservice teachers develop ideas about how they can use technology to promote their students' ability to understand mathematics and connect…
Descriptors: Preservice Teachers, Statistical Inference, Sampling, Probability
Lindeman, Cheryl A. – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
As a veteran teacher at a NCSSSMST (National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology) high school, the author takes pride in allowing her students to stretch their minds. But as a teacher of gifted juniors and seniors, it has always been a challenge to keep her students up to date with key events in…
Descriptors: High Schools, Teaching Methods, Experienced Teachers, Science Education
Wei, Cindy – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
The author remembers back to freshmen year when NCSSSMST was considered a jumbled acronym and a pain to utter. But now, two years down the line, and their conference debut in only a few months, she remembers the NCSSSMST motto, "foster, support, and advance the creative efforts of those specialized schools whose primary purpose is to attract…
Descriptors: Student Interests, Public Policy, Leadership, High Schools
Brokaw, Everett – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
This issue's humanities reflection presents a student's argument for attention to the humanities in a math, science, and technology program. Everett Brokaw, a senior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, recognizes that his specialized school experience has been enriched by personal journeys through literature and through encounters…
Descriptors: Service Learning, Educational Experience, Humanities, Reflection
Lindeman, Cheryl A. – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
If teachers were to reflect about their most difficult teachable moments in their careers, the author is sure the Virginia Tech tragedy would be extremely taxing on their minds. For those teachers teaching high school seniors, who were in the process of sending deposits to Virginia Tech, it was particularly agonizing. In this article, the author…
Descriptors: Tragedy, High School Seniors, Secondary School Teachers, College Applicants
Du, Yangbo – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
Current U.S. energy policy supports increasing the use of bio-ethanol as a gasoline substitute, which Brazil first produced on a large scale in response to the 1970s energy crises. Brazil's National Alcohol Program stood out among its contemporaries regarding its success at displacing a third of Brazil's gasoline requirements, primarily due to…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Fuels, Energy, Public Policy
Marino, Judi – NCSSSMST Journal, 2007
According to the Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education, more than a half million international students are currently studying in the United States. Over half of the international students are from Asia, both the subcontinent (India is the leading sending nation of students) and the Far East (China, Korea, and Japan…
Descriptors: Foreign Students, Campuses, International Education, International Educational Exchange
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