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Davis, Lourie – Multicultural Education, 2019
This article describes a diverse style of teaching that can be adopted by school administrators and teachers who are interested in creating a school culture where success is nurtured using a community approach. This community approach of teaching is built on a pedagogy Lourie Davis developed and named Village Style Learning (VSL). This style of…
Descriptors: School Culture, Experiential Learning, Sense of Community, Critical Theory
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Miretzky, Debra – Multicultural Education, 2017
The French film "Entre Les Murs" ("The Class") is a somewhat unusual film in its portrayal of a Parisian working class school and its protagonist, Mr. Marin, who attempts to teach an unruly class of young and very diverse teenagers. This article explores the ways the author used the film "The Class" as a culminating…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Classroom Techniques, Films, Multimedia Materials
Heinze, Peter; DeCandia, Gabriela – Multicultural Education, 2011
In an earlier article appearing in "Multicultural Education" (Volume 16, Number 1, Fall 2008) a number of pedagogical techniques were presented for teaching White students about White privilege and racism (Heinze, 2008). That article emphasized that racism exists along a continuum and that the instructor needs to examine and disclose his or her…
Descriptors: Multicultural Education, White Students, Social Bias, Racial Bias
Pimentel, Charise – Multicultural Education, 2010
In an attempt to enact equitable practices in U.S. public schools, many critical multicultural and anti-racist theorists, researchers, and practitioners strongly suggest that teacher educators move beyond diversity approaches to multicultural education in their teacher preparation programs to address the more uncomfortable issues of power and…
Descriptors: Teacher Education, Race, Teacher Education Programs, Freedom
Fontaine, Haroldo A. – Multicultural Education, 2010
In this article, the author considers three of today's pre-service teachers who have each watched the World Trade Center towers collapse on broadcast television, viewed the film "Hidalgo," and participated in subsequent interviews regarding the movie. Specifically, the author wants to examine the extent to which the pre-service teachers in this…
Descriptors: Films, Teaching Methods, Preservice Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education
Parameswaran, Gowri – Multicultural Education, 2010
Popular films say a lot about the culture where they are seen and enjoyed even though they may not reflect "reality" in the way that academics may want to portray a country. Popular films get at the deepest longings and fears of their viewership and their biggest hopes for the future. Teaching India through popular films is particularly…
Descriptors: High School Students, Foreign Countries, Films, Teaching Methods
Boyd, Nichelle C. – Multicultural Education, 2008
Addressing sensitive issues of race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and gender can be daunting for any instructor, and add to this teaching at an institution in the Deep South with a long history of racial tension beginning with the integration of the University and the not so popular emblems it has been known for. The author was apprehensive…
Descriptors: Racial Bias, Racial Factors, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status
Huber-Warring, Tonya – Multicultural Education, 2007
South Africa, a country with the highest incidence of rape and child rape in the world, has the fifth highest prevalence of HIV in the world, with 1.1 million AIDS orphans. The UNAIDS Global Report reveals 370,000 AIDS-related deaths in South Africa in 2003. Given the numbers of people infected and dying, South Africa is regarded as having the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Incidence, Rape, Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Jacobs, Walter R. – Multicultural Education, 2002
Multiculturalism that both transforms and informs is important. Recommends applying postmodern theory to transformative understanding of multiculturalism. Juxtaposes transformative multiculturalism with aspects of postmodern theorization of American society, illustrating this theoretical construct with research on college classrooms as…
Descriptors: Consciousness Raising, Cultural Pluralism, Diversity (Student), Films
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gorski, Paul C.; Alimo, Craig; Brimhall-Vargas, Mark; Clark, Christone; Harewood, Gia; Horton, Julie; O'Neill, Nancy; Subbaraman, Sivagami – Multicultural Education, 2002
Reviews documentary and ethnographic films that examine gender-related issues, summarizing each film and analyzing its relevance to multicultural and social justice education. The films are: "The Fairer Sex?"; "Macho, 2000"; "The Pill"; "Step by Step: Building a Feminist Movement"; "I am a Man";…
Descriptors: Blacks, Body Image, Consciousness Raising, Females
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gorski, Paul C.; Alimo, Craig; Clark, Christine; Hackman, Heather W.; O'Neill, Nancy; Subbaraman, Sivagami – Multicultural Education, 2002
Reviews six films about issues related to multicultural and social justice education in the United States: "It's Elementary: Talking about Gay Issues in School"; "Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance"; "In Whole Honor?"; "Children Talk about AIDS"; "Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary";…
Descriptors: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Consciousness Raising, Cultural Differences, Democratic Values
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Walton, John – Multicultural Education, 1993
Two films, the fictional "Thunderheart" and the documentary "Incident at Oglala," demonstrate that Hollywood can sometimes portray the ethnic conflicts of Native Americans accurately. Both explain the ambivalent relationship with the dominant society that Native Americans have chosen through their refusal to be patronized. (SLD)
Descriptors: American Indians, Characterization, Cultural Awareness, Cultural Differences
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Beck, Bernard – Multicultural Education, 1997
Reviews three contemporary movies, "Sleepers,""Girls Town," and "Slingblade" in which the common thread is abuse of helpless children by patriarchal authorities, adult white men who assert power over young people. In all three movies, the anger of the young people and their friends suggests respect for the…
Descriptors: Anger, Blacks, Child Abuse, Cultural Awareness
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Schechet, Nita; Kohn, Ayelet – Multicultural Education, 2001
Examines evolving approaches to otherness in modern culture, analyzing the intertextual relation between Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and Bukaee's film, "Avanti Popolo." Considers a possible pedagogy of alterity, examining the texts in their otherness according to Benhabib's 1992 conception of generalized and…
Descriptors: Consciousness Raising, Cultural Pluralism, Drama, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Walker, Clarence E. – Multicultural Education, 1993
Discusses the failure of filmmaker Spike Lee to grapple with the real politics of Malcolm X before and after he left the Nation of Islam. Acknowledging the complexity of the man and his context would avoid creating a mythical figure similar to Oliver Stone's movie "JFK." (SLD)
Descriptors: Activism, Biographies, Black Culture, Black History
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