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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cox, Jerry L. – Modern Language Journal, 1982
Describes a method for teaching German adjective endings using a simple syntagmatic approach that predicts the endings on the basis of relevant linguistic features supplied by the context. (EKN)
Descriptors: Adjectives, Determiners (Languages), German, Morphology (Languages)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Bernhardt, Elizabeth B. – Modern Language Journal, 1983
Presents data on the impact of oral and silent reading on reading comprehension. Hypothesizes that reading comprehension is enhanced significantly by silent, rather than oral reading, and that re-reading is an effective mode for increasing comprehension in either mode. (EKN)
Descriptors: College Students, Comparative Analysis, German, Language Research
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hahn, Sidney L. – Modern Language Journal, 1983
Describes an experimental pilot project designed to encourage positive attitudes in young children toward children of different cultures through participation in planned activities. (EKN)
Descriptors: Cultural Awareness, Elementary Education, Global Approach, Multicultural Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Chastain, Kenneth – Modern Language Journal, 1980
Describes an experiment designed to determine which language errors interfere to the greatest degree with comprehension by native speakers of the language. For this purpose, an instructor prepared a list of most serious Spanish language errors which was submitted to native speakers for evaluation in terms of comprehension and acceptability. (MES)
Descriptors: Communicative Competence (Languages), Error Analysis (Language), Language Proficiency, Native Speakers
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Schulz, Renate A. – Modern Language Journal, 1981
Discusses literature readability in foreign language classrooms. Gives results of study stressing use of predictive statistical device to determine difficulty students will encounter when reading specific literary texts. Suggests linguistic complexity of a text affects accessibility, comprehensibility, and enjoyability, and this should be looked…
Descriptors: Cloze Procedure, Higher Education, Media Selection, Readability
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Antonek, Janis L.; And Others – Modern Language Journal, 1997
Argues that student teacher portfolios are a viable, effective, appropriate tool for documenting teacher growth and development and for promoting reflective practice. Traces the unique paths of two pre-service foreign language teachers who constructed a professional identity from the historical and cultural conditions of their classroom…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Higher Education, Language Teachers, Portfolios (Background Materials)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Schairer, Karen Earline – Modern Language Journal, 1992
Discusses how native speakers of Spanish, accustomed to dealing with nonnative Spanish speakers, evaluated 18 taped nonnative speech samples that provided a wide sample of pronunciation. Comprehensibility, voice agreeability/ disagreeability, and nativeness of accent were rated. (32 references) (LB)
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Language Proficiency, Native Speakers, Phonology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Davis, James N.; And Others – Modern Language Journal, 1992
Student attitudes toward the study of literature in a foreign language were examined, based on a survey of introduction to literature courses in French and Spanish. Most students revealed positive attitudes. A review of previous research and the survey instrument are included. (38 references) (LB)
Descriptors: College Second Language Programs, French, Higher Education, Literature Appreciation
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Riley, Gail L. – Modern Language Journal, 1993
The ability of foreign language readers to comprehend 3 different story structures of a medieval French folk tale, "Le Bisclavret," was investigated among 120 university language students. Findings suggest that both story organization and amount of second-language study influence recall. Recommendations for classroom instruction are suggested.…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Higher Education, Literature Appreciation, Reading Comprehension
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Dowling, Carol; Mitchell, Anita – Modern Language Journal, 1993
A project conducted during the last three years examined an undergraduate foreign language reading course, Technical Japanese, to understand the students' learning process. The course combines science with Japanese and includes note-taking skills as preparation for reading. (Contains 23 references.) (LB)
Descriptors: Course Descriptions, Course Objectives, Higher Education, Interdisciplinary Approach
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Raymond, Patricia Mary – Modern Language Journal, 1993
The question of whether French-as-a-second-language reading can be facilitated by teaching some organizational patterns of discourse was investigated. It was concluded that strategic training is highly complex and difficult and that cumulative evidence is required to assess its usefulness in improving reading recall. (Contains 41 references.) (LB)
Descriptors: Expository Writing, French, Language Tests, Reading Comprehension
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wolf, Darlene F. – Modern Language Journal, 1993
Data from a study on second-language reading comprehension show that assessment task type, language of assessment, and target language experience uniformly affect learners' ability to demonstrate their reading comprehension. A literature review is included. (Contains 57 references.) (LB)
Descriptors: Evaluation Methods, Reading Comprehension, Reading Processes, Second Language Instruction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Koda, Keiko – Modern Language Journal, 1993
The application of language processing skills between 2 languages with dissimilar morphosyntactic features was investigated with 72 American university students learning Japanese. Results suggest that learners' first- and second-language knowledge both play a significant role and that the linguistic knowledge and coding capability for text…
Descriptors: Code Switching (Language), English, Japanese, Language Processing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Grosse, Christine Uber – Modern Language Journal, 1993
Results of a study of the curricular content of the foreign language (FL) methods course are presented, based on 157 FL methods course syllabi from 144 colleges and universities. Course goals, instructional materials, content, requirements, and evaluation systems were examined. Areas in need of further development are identified. (50 references)…
Descriptors: Course Content, Curriculum, Degree Requirements, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Fox, Cynthia A. – Modern Language Journal, 1993
Some 147 teaching assistants responded to the Survey of First Year Graduate Teaching Assistants in French, part of which focused on handling typical student questions on grammar. Analysis suggests that TAs do not conceptualize language according to the model of communicative competence proposed by Canale and Swain. (36 references) (LB)
Descriptors: Communicative Competence (Languages), French, Graduate Students, Grammar
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