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Balajee, Sonali S.; Todd, Joshua – Metropolitan Universities, 2018
Equity, diversity, and inclusion are frequently on the lips of higher education professionals yet we struggle to infuse these concepts throughout the academy as evidenced in challenges recruiting faculty of color, graduating students of color, and hostile environments reported by students. The authors posit that this is because, to date, most…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Educational Change, Transformative Learning, Empowerment
Ramaley, Judith A. – Metropolitan Universities, 2016
Campuses are developing new ways to respond to complex social, cultural, economic and environmental problems by adapting their educational approaches and their scholarship to address a changing world order. At the same time, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses are embracing collaborative approaches to community…
Descriptors: Problem Solving, School Community Relationship, Social Change, Social Action
Holliday, Michelle L.; DeFalco, Tony; Sherman, Jacob D. B. – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
This article profiles a partnership between the Living Cully ecodistrict and Portland State University's Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative. The case studies presented in this article explore how Living Cully leveraged PSU assets to advance their goals, highlighting successes and lessons learned. This article also addresses how the partnership…
Descriptors: School Community Relationship, College Role, Neighborhoods, Sustainability
Reitenauer, Vicki L.; Korzun, Tetiana; Lane, Kimberly; Roberts, Melinda Joy – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
Designed in response to students' requests for a capstone where they could form their own individual partnerships in the communities of their choosing, Effective Change Agent offers a structure for community-based learning that allows for high levels of student choice-making and agency. In this article, the authors describe the course; connect it…
Descriptors: Change Agents, College Students, Service Learning, College Curriculum
Kerrigan, Seanna M.; Reitenauer, Vicki L.; Arevalo-Meier, Nora – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
In the past two decades, the literature on campus-community partnerships as core components of pedagogies of engagement has grown exponentially. In this article, the director and a longtime faculty member of Portland State University's capstone program report on interviews conducted with ten faculty-community partner pairs, gleaning insights on…
Descriptors: College School Cooperation, College Faculty, Interviews, Partnerships in Education
Osborn, David; Alkezweeny, Jennifer; Kecskes, Kevin – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
In an effort to leverage students' positive community engagement experiences as they transition to and become alumni, Portland State University (PSU) embarked on a pilot "Continuing Engagement Program." This article provides a rationale for this effort, an overview of the programmatic elements, lessons learned, and future engagement…
Descriptors: Alumni, Alumni Associations, Sense of Community, School Community Relationship
Messer, W. Barry; Collier, Peter J. – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
Portland State University's Community Environmental Services (CES) has helped shape the Portland metropolitan region's sustainable materials management practices for more than twenty-five years. CES's research and program development services have benefitted community partners that in turn have provided hundreds of students with rich educational…
Descriptors: Community Study, Professional Services, Alignment (Education), School Community Programs
Fitzmaurice, Celine – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
Emerging approaches to faculty support are moving away from a "fixing" model to a "relational" model. In this article, the author describes a program of faculty support that places trust and community-building at the center of its efforts. The result is a program in which faculty members engage in a peer-to-peer approach to…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Faculty Development, Trust (Psychology), Mentors
Fullerton, Ann; Reitenauer, Vicki L. – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
In the past twenty years, much research has been conducted into the effects of community-based learning and service-learning on students, but studies into the long-term impacts that persist after graduation have been fewer in number. In this article, the authors share perspectives from Portland State University alumni on the lasting significance…
Descriptors: College Graduates, Community Education, Service Learning, Experiential Learning
Flynn, Erin – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
Portland State University's (PSU) reputation as an engaged, urban-serving university continues to distinguish it both nationally and locally. Key partnerships with local, public, and private partners provide students, faculty, and staff with remarkable opportunities to contribute to the physical, social, and economic development of the Portland…
Descriptors: Partnerships in Education, State Universities, School Community Relationship, Urban Schools
Arthur, Deborah Smith; Newton-Calvert, Zapoura – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
Given the design of Portland State University's (PSU) undergraduate curriculum culminating in a capstone experience, the dramatic growth in online courses and online enrollments required a re-thinking of the capstone model to ensure all students could participate in this effective learning model and have a powerful learning experience. In recent…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Community Education, Undergraduate Students, Best Practices
Kerrigan, Seanna M. – Metropolitan Universities, 2015
More than four thousand students engage in the community-based learning capstone program every year by enrolling in one of 240 senior-level courses that culminate their undergraduate education. In this article, the author shares the context and history of the program, its foundational principles and processes, and the nuts-and-bolts details of the…
Descriptors: Sustainability, Educational Change, Success, Barriers
Wiewel, Wim; Kecskes, Kevin; Martin, Sheila – Metropolitan Universities, 2011
Portland State University has become internationally known for its whole-university approach to community-university engagement. Many academic leaders from around the world are now drawing on models for engagement that originated at Portland State. As the university takes stock of its successes, of changing economic conditions, and of the…
Descriptors: State Universities, Urban Universities, School Community Relationship, Sustainability
Allen, Jennifer H.; Gerwing, Jeffrey J.; McBride, Leslie G. – Metropolitan Universities, 2010
Portland State University has made integration of sustainability across its academic programs an institutional priority. This article describes the strategies that have been used to engage faculty in developing sustainability curricula, including adopting sustainability as one of eight campus-wide learning outcomes, incorporating sustainability…
Descriptors: Faculty Development, Curriculum Development, Sustainability, Integrated Curriculum
Kecskes, Kevin; Kerrigan, Seanna; Patton, Judy – Metropolitan Universities, 2006
This essay explores the themes of curriculum and pedagogy, as outlined by the editors of this special edition, in the context of Portland State University's institutional transformation. We elucidate select mechanisms that support curricular-community interactions, known at PSU as "community-based learning." In doing so we discuss how…
Descriptors: Interdisciplinary Approach, Epistemology, Alignment (Education), Curriculum Development
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