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Sengupta, Pratim; Dickes, Amanda; Farris, Amy Voss – MIT Press, 2021
The importance of coding in K-12 classrooms has been taken up by both scholars and educators. "Voicing Code in STEM" offers a new way to think about coding in the classroom--one that goes beyond device-level engagement to consider the interplay between computational abstractions and the fundamentally interpretive nature of human…
Descriptors: Coding, STEM Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Computation
Bonvillian, William B.; Sarma, Sanjay E. – MIT Press, 2021
The American dream promised that if you worked hard, you could move up, with well-paying working-class jobs providing a gateway to an ever-growing middle class. Today, however, we have increasing inequality, not economic convergence. Technological advances are putting quality jobs out of reach for workers who lack the proper skills and training.…
Descriptors: Labor Force Development, Working Class, Job Training, Educational Innovation
Montgomery, Lucy; Hartley, John; Neylon, Cameron; Gillies, Malcolm; Gray, Eve; Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten; Huang, Chun-Kai; Leach, Joan; Potts, Jason; Ren, Xiang; Skinner, Katherine; Sugimoto, Cassidy R.; Wilson, Katie – MIT Press, 2021
The future of the university as an open knowledge institution that institutionalizes diversity and contributes to a common resource of knowledge: a manifesto. In this book, a diverse group of authors--including open access pioneers, science communicators, scholars, researchers, and university administrators--offer a bold proposition: universities…
Descriptors: Universities, College Role, Educational Change, Access to Information
Plass, Jan L., Ed.; Mayer, Richard E., Ed.; Homer, Bruce D., Ed. – MIT Press, 2020
This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the latest research on learning and instruction with computer games. Unlike other books on the topic, which emphasize game development or best practices, Handbook of Game-Based Learning is based on empirical findings and grounded in psychological and learning sciences theory. The contributors, all…
Descriptors: Game Based Learning, Computer Games, Educational Improvement, Instructional Effectiveness
Good, Katie Day – MIT Press, 2020
Today, educators, technology leaders, and policy makers promote the importance of "global," "wired," and "multimodal" learning; efforts to teach young people to become engaged global citizens and skilled users of media often go hand in hand. But the use of technology to bring students into closer contact with the…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Global Approach, Educational History
Fisher, Dara R. – MIT Press, 2020
In this book, Dara Fisher chronicles the decade-long collaboration between MIT and Singapore's Education Ministry to establish the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Fisher shows how what began as an effort by MIT to export its vision and practices to Singapore became an exercise in adaptation by actors on the ground. As…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Institutional Cooperation, International Cooperation, Higher Education
Christie, Nils – MIT Press, 2020
A classic in the philosophy of education, considering the fundamental purpose and function of schools, translated into English for the first time. The open access edition of this book was made possible by generous funding from Arcadia--a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. This classic 1971 work on the fundamental purpose and…
Descriptors: Educational Philosophy, Sociology, School Role, Social Environment
Holbert, Nathan, Ed.; Berland, Matthew, Ed.; Kafai, Yasmin B., Ed. – MIT Press, 2020
Constructionism, first introduced by Seymour Papert in 1980, is a framework for learning to understand something by making an artifact for and with other people. A core goal of constructionists is to respect learners as creators, to enable them to engage in making meaning for themselves through construction, and to do this by democratizing access…
Descriptors: Constructivism (Learning), Educational Philosophy, Educational Research, Teaching Methods
Pahl, Kate; Rowsell, Jennifer – MIT Press, 2020
This book approaches literacy as lived and experienced in the everyday. A living literacies approach draws not only on such official, schooled activities as reading, writing, speaking, and listening but also on such routine, tacit activities as scrolling through Instagram, watching news footage, and listening to music. It goes beyond well-worn…
Descriptors: Literacy, Social Change, Activism, Case Studies
Madden, Amanda G., Ed.; Margulieux, Lauren, Ed.; Kadel, Robert S., Ed.; Goel, Ashok K., Ed. – MIT Press, 2019
Blended learning combines traditional in-person learning with technology-enabled education. Its pedagogical aim is to merge the scale, asynchrony, and flexibility of online learning with the benefits of the traditional classroom--content-rich instruction and the development of learning relationships. This book offers a guide to both theory and…
Descriptors: Blended Learning, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Conventional Instruction
Aoun, Joseph E. – MIT Press, 2018
Driverless cars are hitting the road, powered by artificial intelligence. Robots can climb stairs, open doors, win "Jeopardy," analyze stocks, work in factories, find parking spaces, advise oncologists. In the past, automation was considered a threat to low-skilled labor. Now, many high-skilled functions, including interpreting medical…
Descriptors: Robotics, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Employment Qualifications
Stewart, Abigail J.; Valian, Virginia – MIT Press, 2018
How colleges and universities can live up to their ideals of diversity, and why inclusivity and excellence go hand in hand. Most colleges and universities embrace the ideals of diversity and inclusion, but many fall short, especially in the hiring, retention, and advancement of faculty who would more fully represent our diverse world--in…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Women Faculty, Minority Group Teachers, Teacher Selection
Garcia, David R. – MIT Press, 2018
The issues and arguments surrounding school choice are sometimes hijacked to make political points about government control, democratic ideals, the public good, and privatization. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, David Garcia avoids partisan arguments to offer an accessible, objective, and comprehensive guide to school…
Descriptors: School Choice, Home Schooling, Private Schools, Magnet Schools
Margolis, Jane – MIT Press, 2017
The number of African Americans and Latino/as receiving undergraduate and advanced degrees in computer science is disproportionately low. And relatively few African American and Latino/a high school students receive the kind of institutional encouragement, educational opportunities, and preparation needed for them to choose computer science as a…
Descriptors: African American Students, Hispanic American Students, Computer Science Education, Disproportionate Representation
Vickery, Jacqueline Ryan – MIT Press, 2017
It's a familiar narrative in both real life and fiction, from news reports to television storylines: a young person is bullied online, or targeted by an online predator, or exposed to sexually explicit content. The consequences are bleak; the young person is shunned, suicidal, psychologically ruined. In this book, Jacqueline Ryan Vickery argues…
Descriptors: Internet, Barriers, Low Income Groups, High Schools
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