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Literacy Work, 1974
A UNESCO survey on the use of the broadcasting media in combating adult illiteracy indicates a steady increase in their use. (AG)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Programs, Educational Programs, Educational Radio
Literacy Work, 1974
The merging of the concept of education into a worldwide pattern of lifelong learning is reviewed and implications explored in the areas of needs, costs, organizational aspects, directions for research, and elements for strategies. Summarized reports are presented of the experiences of Peru, Cuba, and Algeria with continuing education programs.…
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Development, Educational Innovation, Foreign Countries
Literacy Work, 1974
The article, concerned with problems suggested by one point of a formula for effective communication (that the signs employed must refer to common experience), explores the ways in which culture blocks communication. Middle class institutions are urged to find ways to remove the barriers to communication with the poor. (AJ)
Descriptors: Advantaged, Communication Problems, Communication Skills, Cultural Awareness
Karunaratne, Garvin – Literacy Work, 1976
Following notes on the extent of illiteracy in the Third World, a model is outlined for a functional literacy program with focus on the roles of the village worker and of the participants. (WL)
Descriptors: Definitions, Educational Programs, Functional Literacy, Literacy Education
Bonanni, Camillo – Literacy Work, 1977
Describes the use of a polyfunctional system, partially based on modular learning, in developing educational methods aimed to improve the living conditions of people in depressed areas of the world. Notes that the system should consist of series of preconstituted constant learning elements, echoing typical situations and open to adaptations…
Descriptors: Basic Skills, Curriculum Development, Daily Living Skills, Developing Nations
Pidgeon, Douglas – Literacy Work, 1976
Describes "initial teaching alphabet" (i.t.a.), a self-instructional reading program designed to teach basic literacy skills in English to adults in a systematic and logical way by teaching the language sounds and their related i.t.a. characters through the use of recordings and workbook exercises. (WL)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Literacy, Adult Reading Programs, Autoinstructional Aids
Literacy Work, 1975
Providing an overview of women's role in national and economic development, particularly in Africa and Asia, the article touches upon women's participation in employment, vocational training and education, agriculture, and other aspects of progress in developing nations. (MW)
Descriptors: Career Development, Developing Nations, Economic Development, Employed Women
Harman, David – Literacy Work, 1978
Illiteracy, racism, and poverty are clearly interrelated, with perhaps even some elements of cause and effect. But education is not the only factor, according to the author. He notes that it is necessary to approach each cultural group through its own sociocultural and educative mechanisms. (MF)
Descriptors: Cultural Influences, Educational Policy, Illiteracy, Minority Groups
Literacy Work, 1978
Experiments with educational satellites and problems of cost and organization connected with their use are reviewed. Ground-based radio and television instruction, properly programed, may be effectively used by poor countries; but mass educational satellite broadcasting does not appear to be economically feasible. (MF)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Communications Satellites, Cost Effectiveness, Developing Nations
Ryan, John W. – Literacy Work, 1975
A University of Massachusetts program, "A Model to Recruit Illiterate Adults to Adult Basic Education Programmes," is described, with the potential and requirements of radio and television publicity examined. Fundamental problems involved with the stigma of illiteracy are discussed as they are experienced in the United States and in developing…
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Adult Programs
Literacy Work, 1973
Article outlines the background, resources, and application of an adult literacy pilot project in India. (GB)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Farmer Education, Adult Literacy, Adult Programs
Fakouri, Ebrahim – Literacy Work, 1973
Literacy programs help citizens to be better informed and should also help people be better prepared to cope with the impact of developmental transition and the accompanying change. (Author/GB)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Educational Programs, Educational Psychology, Literacy
Orefice, Paolo – Literacy Work, 1973
Article deals with the question of making adult education relevant in a vocational sense without slighting any of the basic skills. (GB)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Adult Programs
Ahmed, Mushtaq – Literacy Work, 1973
Article is a study on the return of adults to illiteracy after dropping out of adult education programs. It seeks to determine the causes and extent of this problem. (GB)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Literacy
Robinson, Richard D. – Literacy Work, 1973
Gives the outline of a directed reading lesson and techniques for teaching reading. (GB)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Directed Reading Activity, Literacy Education, Reading
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