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Walberg, Herbert J.; Hulsebosch, Patricia – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Discusses the need for evaluating the efficiency of early childhood education programs. Presents a model of educational productivity that specifies nine chief factors which require optimization to increase affective, behavioral, and cognitive learning. (Author/RWB)
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Affective Behavior, Cognitive Development, Early Childhood Education
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Pellegrini, A. D.; Perlmutter, Jane C. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Describes factor analysis of preschool children's play behavior, as measured by the Smilansky-Parten play matrix. Varimax rotation solution suggests three factors: Dramatic-Constructive Play, Solitary Behavior, and Functional-Constructive Play. Study suggests that these factors represent constructs of preschoolers' play. (Author/RWB)
Descriptors: Behavior Development, Behavioral Science Research, Cognitive Development, Education
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Hilgers, Thomas L. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Suggests that first-time young collaborators are likely to struggle for control of their writing group and for control of the common text. They are ultimately likely to accept the leadership of the group member who makes best use of other member's skills. Focuses on problem-solving skills. (Author/RWB)
Descriptors: Collaborative Writing, Cooperation, Elementary Education, Elementary School Students
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Yamamoto, Kaoru; Byrnes, Deborah A. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
To establish a better linkage between the results of earlier studies on upper elementary through junior high students' rating of the stressfulness of experiences and those of primary children, study examines responses to the same life events from 270 first graders, 109 third graders, and 170 sixth graders. (Author/RWB)
Descriptors: Elementary Education, Elementary School Students, Experience, Grade 1
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Silvern, Steven B. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Points out that electronic editing (or "page processing"), which is the process of using microcomputers in publishing manuscripts, reduces the need for communication between the editor and the printer. The result is savings in both time and money. (BB)
Descriptors: Editing, Electronic Publishing, Printing, Production Techniques
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Spiegel, Bernard B.; And Others – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Compares the effects of intonation training and phonological training on the intelligibility of the speech of two severely unintelligible preschool children. The results indicated that an increase in intelligibility is facilitated through training in the production of intonation patterns. (Author/BB)
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Intonation, Oral Language, Phonology
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Stallings, Jane; And Others – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1986
Examines the engaged rates of children in kindergarten to fourth grade for differences and makes some assessment of attention span as it relates to engaged rate and achievement. (HOD)
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Age Differences, Attention Span, Comparative Analysis
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Davidson, Rosalind G.; And Others – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1986
Assesses the performance of bilingual children on two language tasks in both the children's languages in order to determine whether the profile of skills in the first language was replicated in the second language. (HOD)
Descriptors: Bilingualism, Communicative Competence (Languages), Comparative Analysis, Definitions
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Giles, Harriet Watkins; And Others – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Focuses on the interaction patterns of child life interns, nurses, parents, and other attending adults with hospitalized children. Hospital study uses quantitative/qualitative analyses. Suggests that more attention be given to sensitizing child life interns to the importance of involving parents in socially stimulating play with their children.…
Descriptors: Adults, Group Dynamics, Hospitalized Children, Institutional Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Chafel, Judith A. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Assumes a process-in-action approach to studying young children's concept of self. Conceptualizes self-concept as spontaneously emerging from social interaction. Pedagogical implications are provided to suggest that teachers can take a number of positive steps toward respecting and enhancing children's attempts to achieve self-other knowledge.…
Descriptors: Classroom Observation Techniques, Cognitive Development, Comparative Analysis, Interpersonal Competence
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Donohue, W. Anthony; And Others – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Studied computer use in licensed preschool and day care programs in Dane County, Wisconsin. Results indicated substantial levels of frustration. Effective computer use presented administrators and teachers with challenges related to personnel, curriculum, and practical concerns. (BB)
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Computer Uses in Education, Curriculum Problems, Day Care
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Rogers, Dwight L.; And Others – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Examines the verbal interactions of one teacher with young children (three to five years old) in a preschool classroom through an analysis of her questions and dialogue. Results indicated this teacher asked questions encouraging open, extended conversations, and maintained natural and child-centered conversations with children. (Author/BB)
Descriptors: Class Activities, Cognitive Development, Dialogs (Language), Language Acquisition
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ellett, Chad D.; Wang, Margaret C. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1987
Reports the results of developing and pilot testing assessment procedures for evaluating the level of program implementation of administrative and leadership roles in an innovative early childhood education program. Subjects were school principals, educational program specialists, and classroom teachers in five urban schools. (Author/BB)
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Early Childhood Education, Educational Assessment, Leadership Qualities
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Wagner, Betty S.; Frost, Joe L. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1986
Tests the validity and reliability of a scale (Mental Development Scales: Birth to Three Years) designed to assess developmental levels of children from birth to three years. (HOD)
Descriptors: Behavior Development, Behavior Rating Scales, Developmental Stages, Exploratory Behavior
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Fraser, Barry J. – Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 1986
Considers curriculum evaluation studies in which perceived classroom environment characteristics were included among criteria of curricular effectiveness. Also reports several investigations in differences between students and teachers in their perceptions of actual and preferred classroom environments and draws together a diverse set of studies…
Descriptors: Class Size, Classroom Environment, Classroom Research, Curriculum Evaluation