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Hall, Kelly – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
University-based research centers can bring prestige and revenue to the institutions of higher education with which they are affiliated. Collaborating with corporations, units of government, and foundations, centers provide services to organizational leaders, policy makers, and communities. University research centers continue to increase in…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Heuristics, Corporations, Research Administration
Waite, Joann – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
Within the sponsored research support offices in departments at research institutions, non-profits, and undergraduate institutions, research administrators are often perceived as servant leaders by their own membership organizations and those who work with them. This perception is influenced by survey results focusing on character. Parolini (2004)…
Descriptors: Research Administration, Administrator Role, Leadership Styles, Empathy
Goodman, Ira S. – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
With some NIH pay lines running at or below the 10th percentile, and funding becoming scarce for large science grants, new approaches are necessary to secure large interdisciplinary grant awards. The UCSD Moores Cancer Center has developed a team approach, starting with the identification of a competitive opportunity and progressing to the…
Descriptors: Expertise, Research Administration, Research Proposals, Grants
Shambrook, Jennifer; Roberts, Thomas J.; Triscari, Robert – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
The 2010 Research Administrators Stress Perception Survey (2010 RASPerS) collected data from 1,131 research administrators on salary, years experience, educational level, Certified Research Administrator (CRA) status, and gender. Using these data, comparisons were made to show how salary levels are associated with each of these variables. Using…
Descriptors: Credentials, Research Administration, Work Experience, Salaries
Gomo, Exnevia; Kalilani, Linda; Mwapasa, Victor; Trigu, Chifundo; Phiri, Kamija; Schmidt, Joann; van Hensbroek, Michael Boele – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
In lesser-developed African countries, the lack of institutionalised support for research, combined with limited career opportunities and poor remuneration, have contributed to weak research infrastructure and capacity, and a continuing brain drain to developed countries. Malawi's Research Support Centre (RSC) model is novel in that it provides a…
Descriptors: Developing Nations, Foreign Countries, Developed Nations, Employment Opportunities
Hartmann, Anita – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
In the current economic climate, many colleges and universities face similar challenges: the need to increase external sponsorship for research activities and the need to benefit from additional indirect cost recovery. Preparing funding proposals for submission to sponsors is a faculty behavior that can be modified by applying behavioral theory to…
Descriptors: Program Proposals, Research Administration, College Faculty, Liberal Arts
Philbin, Simon P. – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
Multidisciplinary research institutes provide universities with an important vehicle to conduct research across traditional disciplines, and this can be an attractive capability for external funding bodies. However, there can be particular challenges, including managing different reporting lines, the need for effective research coordination, and…
Descriptors: Management Systems, Investigations, Foreign Countries, Research Administration
Payumo, Jane; Grimes, Howard – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are being introduced or strengthened in developing countries as a result of international agreements such as the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This study conducted a web-based survey to gain perspective on the impact of IPRs to…
Descriptors: Copyrights, Research Administration, Foreign Countries, Research Directors
Porter, Katie; Lampson, Sarah – Journal of Research Administration, 2011
To improve efficiency, consistency and transparency in clinical trial contract negotiations with industry sponsors, a Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) committee facilitated the development of standard principles for member hospitals to follow during contract negotiation. Hospitals were encouraged to provide a link to the CAHO…
Descriptors: Hospitals, Foreign Countries, Position Papers, Administrative Principles
Halilem, Norrin – Journal of Research Administration, 2010
In the Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government relations, the academic researcher plays a predominant role as he participates in research, which provides opportunities for innovation; in teaching, which develops highly qualified personnel; and in entrepreneurialism, which represents the transformation of knowledge in a more usable form, and…
Descriptors: Researchers, School Business Relationship, Government School Relationship, Entrepreneurship
Wright, David E.; Schneider, Paige P. – Journal of Research Administration, 2010
Research institutions receiving U. S. Public Health Service (PHS) funding must assure the Office of Research Integrity (ORI/OPHS/DHHS) that policies and procedures are in place conforming to 42 CFR 93 to investigate allegations of Misconduct in Research, defined as fabrication or falsification of research data, or plagiarism. An institutional…
Descriptors: Research Administration, Integrity, Administrators, College Administration
Cole, Sharon Stewart – Journal of Research Administration, 2010
The purpose of this paper is to inform administrators and organizational leaders that a change in the support offered to faculty and the environment of research administration is desirable. This recommendation is supported by the results of a Delphi study that was undertaken to gather expert opinions and recommendations from research faculty…
Descriptors: Research Administration, Delphi Technique, Focus Groups, College Faculty
Olivarius, Niels de Fine; Kousgaard, Marius Brostrom; Reventlow, Susanne; Quelle, Dan Grevelund; Tulinius, Charlotte – Journal of Research Administration, 2010
Professional, knowledge-based institutions have a particular form of organization and culture that makes special demands on the strategic planning supervised by research administrators and managers. A model for dynamic strategic planning based on a pragmatic utilization of the multitude of strategy models was used in a small university-affiliated…
Descriptors: Institutional Mission, Knowledge Management, Strategic Planning, Motivation
Siemens, Lynne – Journal of Research Administration, 2010
Faced with increasingly complex and technologically sophisticated research questions, academics are working with others through collaboration and research teams. To be effective, these research teams need to maximize the factors that contribute to success while minimizing the potentially negative impact of associated challenges. One particular…
Descriptors: Grants, Research Proposals, Team Training, Interdisciplinary Approach
Mazonde, Isaac N. – Journal of Research Administration, 2010
In his speech, "Human Illness and the Experience of Vulnerability," Archbishop Tutu used his experience, eloquence and humour to emphasize the vulnerability of human beings during illness. The Archbishop emphasized the need for healthcare professionals to realize that patients are not simply numbers or cases, but fellow human beings who are in…
Descriptors: Patients, Diseases, Self Concept, Poverty
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