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Kolena, Branislav; Petrovicová, Ida; Trnovec, Tomáš; Pilka, Tomáš; Bicanová, Gabriela – Journal of Drug Education, 2016
We describe opinions on medical use of "Cannabis sativa L." under conditions of Slovakia (n = 717). Personal experience with marijuana was detected in 77.42% (n = 553) in age categories younger than 20 years (n = 96) and in 77.06% (n = 457) of adults. Almost 86% of respondents (n = 618) agreed with legal use of marijuana for medical…
Descriptors: Marijuana, Drug Therapy, Age Differences, Substance Abuse
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Fernandez-Calderon, Fermin; Lozano, Oscar M.; Vidal, Claudio; Ortega, Josefa Gutierrez; Vergara, Esperanza; Gonzalez-Saiz, Francisco; Bilbao, Izaskun; Caluente, Marta; Cano, Tomas; Cid, Francisco; Dominguez, Celia; Izquierdo, Emcarni; Perez, Maria I. – Journal of Drug Education, 2011
Drug use in mainstream rave parties has been widely documented in a large number of studies. However, not much is known about drug use in underground raves. The purpose of this study is to find out the polysubstance use patterns at underground raves. Two hundred and fifty-two young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who went to underground raves…
Descriptors: Marijuana, Drug Abuse, At Risk Persons, Late Adolescents
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Díaz-Meneses, Gonzalo; Beerli-Palacio, Asunción; Martín-Santana, Josefa Delia – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 2018
This research focuses on the analysis of cannabis consumption amongst young people, explaining this phenomenon by way of analysing the differences between cannabis smokers and non-smokers in order to shed light on whether cannabis is linked to specific leisure activities, and, moreover, whether it is connected to the intensity and variety of…
Descriptors: Marijuana, Drug Use, Leisure Time, Comparative Analysis
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Saridi, Maria; Nanou, Anastasia; Toska, Aikaterini; Kourakos, Michael; Skliros, Efstathios; Stamatiou, Konstantinos – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 2018
The study was conducted in the University of Peloponnese, in Greece and the sample consisted of 203 students, with the greater percentage of them being females 82.3% (n=167). The mean age was 24.9 years (±7.6). The majority of the respondents (79.8%) mentioned that during a single, typical day, the alcohol consumption could reach to 1-2 drinks per…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, College Students, Alcohol Abuse, Incidence
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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West, Bernadette; Abatemarco, Diane; Ohman-Strickland, Pamela A.; Zec, Vezna; Russo, Andrea; Milic, Ranko – Journal of Drug Education, 2008
As part of an international public health partnership formed in 2001 we assessed the impact of Project Northland in Croatia --an adolescent alcohol school-based prevention intervention implemented in Split--on students. The curriculum was implemented in 13 randomly selected schools with another 13 schools serving as controls. The evaluation…
Descriptors: Intervention, Focus Groups, Public Health, Drinking
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Collison, Daniel; Banbury, Samantha; Lusher, Joanne – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 2016
It has been found that self-esteem is related to alcohol consumption, with the majority of research finding that low self-esteem is associated with high levels of alcohol use and high self-esteem is associated with low levels of alcohol use. The present study examined this relationship among 100 university students aged 18-25 years. Further,…
Descriptors: Age Differences, Gender Differences, Self Esteem, Student Attitudes
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Kelley-Baker, Tara; Mumford, Elizabeth A.; Vishnuvajjala, Radha; Voas, Robert B.; Romano, Eduardo; Johnson, Mark – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 2008
We examine the epidemiology of victimization among females crossing the U.S. border to drink in Tijuana, Mexico, with the purpose of creating a framework for an intervention to improve safety among female youth in drinking settings. Drinking history, history of victimization, evening drinking experience, and environmental factors are assessed.…
Descriptors: Aggression, Females, Young Adults, Epidemiology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Crundall, Ian A. – Journal of Drug Education, 1992
Australian secondary school students from three grades rated danger of using alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, marijuana, and other illicit drugs. Results showed more refined discrimination among older students, with type of drug and frequency of use being important considerations. Familiarity was major consideration for younger students. Cognitive…
Descriptors: Age Differences, Drinking, Drug Use, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Oei, Tian P. S.; Baldwin, Andrea R. – Journal of Drug Education, 1992
Proposes developmental approach to smoking education and prevention for children and adolescents. Reviews literature concerning most appropriate agent, content, and presentation of antismoking education for different ages, concluding that best agents for young children are parents and best agents for pre/early adolescents are peers. For…
Descriptors: Adolescent Development, Adolescents, Age Differences, Child Development
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Weiss, Shoshana; Moore, Michael – Journal of Drug Education, 1992
Surveyed 553 Jewish, Moslem, and Christian teachers concerning their perceptions of alcoholism. Found differences in perception of alcoholism among teachers of different religions, educational levels, gender, and drinking practices. Found no differences among teachers of different ages or among those working in different types of schools.…
Descriptors: Age Differences, Alcoholism, Drinking, Educational Attainment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rickett, Mary; Sheppard, Margaret A. – Journal of Drug Education, 1988
Teaching students decision-making skills is integral to many drug education programs. Conducted series of studies examining elementary and secondary school students' attitudes toward making decisions. Found different age groups perceived making decisions differently. Suggests practitioners need to take maturational levels into consideration when…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Age Differences, Cognitive Development, Decision Making
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Adlaf, Edward M.; Smart, Reginald G. – Journal of Drug Education, 1988
Estimated use and characteristics of users of smokeless tobacco among probability sample of 4,267 Ontario (Canada) teenagers. Results indicated that smokeless tobacco use was not common, varying from one to three percent depending on age and gender, but was more likely to occur among smokers (10% to 32%). Group most prone to use was young smoking…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Age Differences, Foreign Countries, Public Health
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Arubayi, Eric A. – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 1988
Investigated effects of age and school location on the perceptions of alcohol use by students among randomly selected secondary school principals (N=98) in Bendel State, Nigeria. Results showed that age and location of school had no effects on the principals' perceptions of alcohol use or misuse. (Author)
Descriptors: Age Differences, Alcohol Abuse, Attitudes, Drinking
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Pela, Ona A. – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 1988
Investigated perceptions of teachers in Bendel State, Nigeria, concerning problem of drug abuse. Administered questionnaires to 180 elementary school teachers. Teachers negatively perceived drug abuse. Male teachers and younger teachers had more positive attitudes toward drug abuse than did female teachers and older teachers, respectively. There…
Descriptors: Age Differences, College Students, Drug Abuse, Elementary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Weiss, Shoshana; Moore, Michael – Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 1988
Surveyed drinking habits among 520 Israeli high school sophomores and seniors from seven schools. Revealed link between use of alcohol, hashish, and cigarettes and link between alcohol use of student, family, and friends. Found gender differences, grade level differences, and differences between religious and secular schools. Evaluated…
Descriptors: Age Differences, Drinking, Family Role, Foreign Countries
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