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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Allen, Rhianon; Shatz, Marilyn – Journal of Child Language, 1983
Children aged 1;4-1;6 were asked common "what"-questions in four contexts. Gesture had a significant effect on the nonverbal components of their responses, while linguistic sophistication and type of question affected only vocal responses. It is suggested that gestural information is processed relatively independently of speech at this age. (MSE)
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Infants, Language Acquisition, Listening Comprehension
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shatz, Marilyn; And Others – Journal of Child Language, 1996
Investigates the color term knowledge of two-year olds and the influence of schooling on their color term acquisition. Findings reveal considerable knowledge in these children. Conclusions are that contemporary children's early and frequent experience with color terms may account for this cohort's improved performance over previous generations of…
Descriptors: Analysis of Variance, Child Language, Color, Group Dynamics
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tardif, Twila; Shatz, Marilyn; Naigles, Letitia – Journal of Child Language, 1997
Looks at naturalistic samples of adult-to-child speech to determine whether variations in the input are consistent with reported variations in the proportions of nouns and verbs in children's early vocabularies. Naturalistic speech samples from English-, Italian-, and Mandarin-speaking children and their caregivers were examined. (Author/JL)
Descriptors: Caregiver Speech, Child Language, Contrastive Linguistics, English
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shatz, Marilyn; Ebeling, Karen – Journal of Child Language, 1991
Examines four kinds of language learning-related behaviors (LLRBs) in the home conversations of 6 English children studied for 6 months from age 2.6 years. The role of LLRBs in frequency and range and in the frequency of grammatical productions during spontaneous revisions is addressed. (44 references) (GLR)
Descriptors: Behavior Patterns, Child Language, Grammar, Language Acquisition
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Diesendruck, Gil; Shatz, Marilyn – Journal of Child Language, 1997
Investigated whether and when children establish various semantic relations between old and new words. Fifty 2-year olds were taught labels for objects previously referred to by an overextended term. Findings are discussed in light of theories of lexical development, particularly with regard to conceptualizations of constraints on the acquisition…
Descriptors: Language Acquisition, Linguistic Input, Linguistic Theory, Perceptual Development
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Goetz, Peggy J.; Shatz, Marilyn – Journal of Child Language, 1999
Examined the production of verbal justifications quantitatively and qualitatively in eight pairs of children whose natural discourse was videotaped, transcribed, and coded. Children produced most justifications both in the context of elaborating on a previously asserted claim and in conflicts. The statement justified and the justifications…
Descriptors: Child Language, Middle School Students, Middle Schools, Peer Relationship
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shatz, Marilyn; O'Reilly, Anne Watson – Journal of Child Language, 1990
Examined miscommunication episodes occurring between 2.5-year-olds and their parents during videotaped free play sessions. Although children generally responded appropriately in form to parental clarification requests, they responded more often to and resolved successfully more of those following their own requests than those following their…
Descriptors: Caregiver Speech, Child Language, Communication Problems, Discourse Analysis
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shatz, Marilyn; And Others – Journal of Child Language, 1989
A longitudinal study examined two-year-olds' acquisition of the English auxiliary system after a six-week exposure to additional auxiliary input in varying sentence contexts. Results indicated that subjects did not significantly differ from a baseline group that did not receive additional input. (Author/CB)
Descriptors: Child Language, English, Language Enrichment, Language Patterns
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Martinez, Ivelisse M.; Shatz, Marilyn – Journal of Child Language, 1996
Tested preschool monolingual speakers of Spanish and English in their native countries on classification of familiar objects through a task assessing strategies in a free sort, a sort with instructions to use natural gender, and one for the Spanish speakers with instructions to use grammatical gender. Results suggest that instructional context and…
Descriptors: Classification, Context Effect, Contrastive Linguistics, English
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shatz, Marilyn – Journal of Child Language, 1978
This work investigated the young child's ability to respond appropriately to the intended, as opposed to the literal, meaning of one class of such utterances, requests for action. An action-based response heuristic is proposed to explain the apparent ability of two-year-olds to deal with indirect speech acts. (Author/SW)
Descriptors: Child Language, Communication (Thought Transfer), Comprehension, Intellectual Development