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Smith, Cheryl C. – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
How are the internet and its online spaces for open exchange changing reading and writing practices, and how can we capitalize on these changes in composition instruction? This article traces the author's experiment with blogging in her first-year writing class and considers how and why blogs help students negotiate the unfamiliar demands of…
Descriptors: Web Sites, Freshman Composition, Writing (Composition), Electronic Publishing
di Gennaro, Kristen – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
Higher education settings in the United States typically include several types of writing assessments. Since tests determining students' placement into writing courses are often high-stakes, it is imperative for those who make placement decisions to be knowledgeable of the different types of learners entering higher education in order to make…
Descriptors: Student Placement, Testing, College Students, Writing Tests
Treglia, Maria Ornella – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
How students respond to teacher-written commentary has been an under-researched topic, and the existing literature in L2 studies is contradictory. The present study analyzes the critical and positive commentary, mitigated and unmitigated, written by two community-college, first-year composition teachers on two drafts of two writing assignments…
Descriptors: Feedback (Response), Writing Assignments, Freshman Composition, Teacher Role
Pine, Nancy – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
This article explores the particular challenges and possibilities of service learning pedagogy for basic writers. Because a number of scholars of service learning and basic writing (Adler-Kassner, Arca, and Kraemer) are concerned primarily with developing underprepared students' academic literacies, I investigated how the students in a service…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Service Learning, Writing Instruction, College Science
Launspach, Sonja – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
Through the use of a case study, this article explores the role of talk in underprepared students' acquisition of academic discourse. Conversation analysis as a linguistic framework is used to examine the interactions of students participating in a small writing group. Tracing the progress of one student's paper, I explore how students'…
Descriptors: Academic Discourse, Discourse Communities, Writing (Composition), Learning Processes
Ray, Brian – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
This article discusses exchanges between a number of scholars during the 1990s centering on Min-Zhan Lu's controversial essay "Conflict and Struggle: The Enemies or Preconditions of Basic Writing?" In some ways, "Conflict and Struggle" blazed a trail for later work in "hybrid" or "mixed" forms of academic writing while at the same time igniting…
Descriptors: Standard Spoken Usage, Basic Writing, Writing (Composition), Writing Research
Roozen, Kevin – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
In an effort to live up to Elaine Richardson's dictum that educators and researchers must address "the total linguistic, cultural, and historical background of the learner" (19), basic writing scholarship has addressed a wealth of competencies that basic writers bring with them to the university. The literate lives they lead beyond the…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Undergraduate Students, Writing (Composition), Case Studies
Bernstein, Susan Naomi – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
This essay focuses on how young women students in a first-year, first-quarter basic reading and writing course wrote about their connections to the process of identity development as portrayed in the graphic novel "Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return" by Marjane Satrapi. While the circumstances of becoming a student in a required…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Females, Novels, Self Concept
Salas, Spencer – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
This ethnographic narrative employs a neo-Vygotskian perspective (Holland et al.) to examine how, in the setting of a remedial ESL program at a public two-year college in North Georgia, the subject position of an ESL basic writing instructor was mediated by her understandings of and engagement with the multiple and interactive contexts of her…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Writing (Composition), Freshman Composition, Remedial Programs
Goen-Salter, Sugie – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2008
For more than two decades the California State University (CSU) has been trying unsuccessfully to "reduce the need for remediation" on its campuses, primarily through initiatives aimed at high schools. This article examines a basic writing reform project, San Francisco State's Integrated Reading/Writing Program, in the context of the…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Educational Change, Writing Teachers, Faculty Development
Ashley, Hannah – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2007
Reported discourse--as theorized by Bakhtin, bringing the voices of others into our own writing through quotation, citation and paraphrase, as well as more subtle means--is at the heart of all academic writing, including basic writing. This article, both in its texture and its analysis, demonstrates that reported discourse must be regarded, and…
Descriptors: Academic Discourse, Writing (Composition), Musical Composition, Mental Disorders
Center, Carole – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2007
Using Susanmarie Harrington's investigation of the presence and absence of basic writing students in articles in the "Journal of Basic Writing" as a starting point, this article investigates the visibility or invisibility of race in student-present articles from 1995 to 2005. The investigation reveals that the discursive practice of colorblindness…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Stereotypes, Authors, Racial Factors
Leary, Chris – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2007
This article describes two very different projects undertaken in the same basic writing course: collaborative ethnography and ACT test prep. At first glance, it appears that the work on collaborative ethnography accomplished our goal of creating better, more self-conscious writers while the work on test prep achieved our goal of creating better…
Descriptors: Basic Writing, Standardized Tests, Ethnography, Context Effect
Fearn, Leif; Farnan, Nancy – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2007
While evidence shows that grammar study focused on identification, description, and definition (IDD) fails to enhance writing performance, the grammar most students study remains focused on the IDD tradition. We taught a functional grammar that featured what words do in sentences, rather than what words are called and how they are defined, to two…
Descriptors: Sentences, Grammar, Identification, Writing Instruction
Rustick, Margaret Tomlinson – Journal of Basic Writing (CUNY), 2007
Several states have now implemented policies restricting basic writers' access to four-year universities, and the students most likely to be affected are African American, Latino, and nonnative English speakers. The pressure to speed students' mastery of standard written English, along with the trend toward more explicit instruction in second…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Teaching Methods, Grammar, Educational Games
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