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Fuller, Bruce – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Critics claim that America's public schools remain feckless and hamstrung institutions, unable to improve even when nudged by accountability-minded politicians, market competition, or global pandemic. But if schools are so hopeless, then why did student learning climb in Los Angeles across the initial decades of the twenty-first century? In…
Descriptors: Public Schools, Urban Schools, Educational History, Activism
Conrad, Clifton; Lundberg, Todd – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Most American colleges and universities assimilate students into highly competitive undergraduate experiences. By placing achievement for personal and material gain as the bedrock of a college education, these institutions fail to educate students to become collaborative learners: people who are committed and prepared to join with others in…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Minority Serving Institutions, Cooperative Learning, Problem Solving
Grabill, Jeffrey T.; Gretter, Sarah; Skogsberg, Erik – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
It's time to design the next iteration of higher education. There is no question that higher education faces significant challenges. Most of today's universities aren't prepared to tackle issues like demographic change, the continued defunding of public education, cost pressures, and the opportunities and challenges of educational technologies.…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Change, Change Strategies, Design
King, W. Joseph; Mitchell, Brian C. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Leadership matters more than ever in this turbulent moment in American higher education. During these unprecedented times, glaring internal inefficiencies, communication breakdowns, and an overriding sense of cultural inertia on many campuses are too often set against a backdrop of changing consumer preferences, high sticker prices, declining…
Descriptors: Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Leadership Styles, Higher Education
Grawe, Nathan D. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
Demographic changes promise to reshape the market for higher education in the next 15 years. Colleges are already grappling with the consequences of declining family size due to low birth rates brought on by the Great Recession, as well as the continuing shift toward minority student populations. Each institution faces a distinct market context…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Demography, Curriculum Development, Program Design
Bowen, José Antonio – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
Learning something new--particularly something that might change your mind-- is much more difficult than most teachers think. Because people think with their emotions and are influenced by their communities and social groups, humans tend to ignore new information unless it fits their existing worldview. Thus facts alone, even if discussed in…
Descriptors: Thinking Skills, Interpersonal Relationship, Resilience (Psychology), Reflection
Levine, Arthur; Van Pelt, Scott – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
The United States is in the midst of a profound transformation the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Industrial Revolution, when America's classical colleges adapted to meet the needs of an emerging industrial economy. Today, as the world shifts to an increasingly interconnected knowledge economy, the intersecting forces of technological…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Change, Postsecondary Education, Educational History
Churchill, Mary L.; Chard, David J. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
Founded in 1888 as Miss Wheelock's Kindergarten Training School, Wheelock College's mission was to prepare students to work in the helping professions, including teaching and social work. But in 2018, struggling with growing debt and declining admissions, the 130-year-old institution officially closed and merged with Boston University, creating…
Descriptors: Educational History, Small Colleges, School Closing, Strategic Planning
Hass, Marjorie – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
For years, Marjorie Hass, now the president of Rhodes College, was approached by women in higher education looking for advice and support as they took on leadership roles and navigated challenging career paths. Eventually, she began offering online seminars so she could meet in small groups to answer questions and encourage women to develop…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Females, Women Administrators, Leadership Responsibility
Gavin, Joanne H.; Quick, James Campbell; Gavin, David J. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
In a world where one in five women on campus experience some form of sexual assault, what would it take to create a campus culture that was free of violence against women? From a public health perspective, sexual assault is an epidemic on campuses, but why? What is it about a campus community culture that permits or encourages this, at a time when…
Descriptors: Violence, Rape, Sexual Abuse, College Environment
Cassuto, Leonard; Weisbuch, Robert – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
For too many students, today's PhD is a bridge to nowhere. Imagine an entering cohort of eight doctoral students. By current statistics, four of the eight--50%!--will not complete the degree. Of the other four, two will never secure full-time academic positions. The remaining pair will find full-time teaching jobs, likely at teaching-intensive…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Career Readiness, Education Work Relationship, Student Centered Learning
Glazier, Rebecca A. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
More students than ever before are taking online classes, yet higher education is facing an online retention crisis; students are failing and dropping out of online classes at dramatically higher rates than face-to-face classes. Grounded in academic research, original surveys, and experimental studies, "Connecting in the Online…
Descriptors: Online Courses, College Students, College Faculty, Teacher Student Relationship
Daniels, Ronald J. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
Universities play an indispensable role within modern democracies. But this role is often overlooked or too narrowly conceived, even by universities themselves. In "What Universities Owe Democracy," Ronald J. Daniels, the president of Johns Hopkins University, argues that--at a moment when liberal democracy is endangered and more…
Descriptors: Universities, Democracy, College Role, Authoritarianism
Hermanowicz, Joseph C., Ed. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
Academic freedom may be threatened like never before. Yet confusion endures about what professors have a defensible right to say or publish, particularly in extramural forums like social media. At least one source of the confusion in the United States is the way in which academic freedom is often intertwined with a constitutional freedom of…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Barriers, Educational Administration, Federal Legislation
Reichman, Henry – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021
Part of the acclaimed Higher Ed Leadership Essentials series, this book surveys academic freedom's history and its application in today's universities. Academic freedom is once again at the epicenter of the crisis in higher education. A community college instructor in Iowa is pressured to resign after his pro-antifa social media comments garner…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Higher Education, Tenure, College Faculty
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