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Garcia, Gina Ann – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
Beyond having over a quarter of their undergraduate students be Hispanic, what makes Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) uniquely Latinx? And how can university leaders, faculty, and staff transform these institutions into spaces that promote racial equity, social justice, and collective liberation? In "Transforming Hispanic-Serving…
Descriptors: Hispanic American Students, College Students, Colleges, Universities
Kimball, Bruce A. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
As endowments and fundraising campaigns have skyrocketed in recent decades, critics have attacked higher education for steeply increasing its production cost and price and the snowballing debt of students. In "Wealth, Cost, and Price in American Higher Education," Bruce A. Kimball and Sarah M. Iler reveal how these trends began 150 years…
Descriptors: Paying for College, Student Costs, Higher Education, Debt (Financial)
Alexander, Bryan – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
Scientists agree that we are on the precipice of a global climate crisis. How will it transform colleges and universities? In 2019, intense fires in the San Francisco Bay Area closed universities and drove afflicted people to shelter at other campuses. At the same time, extraordinary fires ravaged eastern Australia. Several universities responded…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Climate, Natural Disasters, Research
Bastedo, Michael N., Ed.; Altbach, Philip G., Ed.; Gumport, Patricia J., Ed. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
Whether it is advances in information technology, organized social movements, or racial inequality and social class stratification, higher education serves as a lens for examining significant issues within American society. First published in 1998, "American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century" offers a comprehensive…
Descriptors: Higher Education, COVID-19, Pandemics, Race
González Stokas, Ariana – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
As institutions increasingly reckon with histories entangled with slavery and Indigenous dispossession, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts occupy a central role in the strategy and resources of higher education. Yet reparation is rarely offered as a viable strategy for institutional transformation. In Reparative Universities, Ariana…
Descriptors: Racism, Social Justice, Colonialism, Higher Education
Bleemer, Zachary; Kumar, Mukul; Mehta, Aashish; Muellerleile, Chris; Newfield, Christopher – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
High school and college students are inundated by indicators and rankings supposedly designed to help them decide where to go to college and what to study once they arrive. In "Metrics That Matter," coauthors Zachary Bleemer, Mukul Kumar, Aashish Mehta, Chris Muellerleile, and Christopher Newfield take a critical look at these metrics…
Descriptors: College Students, Student Attitudes, College Choice, Universities
Zvirzdin, Jamie – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023
In "Subatomic Writing," Johns Hopkins University instructor Jamie Zvirzdin goes bravely into uncharted territory by offering a totally new kind of guide for writing about science--from the subatomic level up! "Subatomic Writing" teaches readers that the building blocks of language are like particles in physics. These particles,…
Descriptors: Content Area Writing, Science Education, Language Usage, Acoustics
Fuller, Bruce – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Critics claim that America's public schools remain feckless and hamstrung institutions, unable to improve even when nudged by accountability-minded politicians, market competition, or global pandemic. But if schools are so hopeless, then why did student learning climb in Los Angeles across the initial decades of the twenty-first century? In…
Descriptors: Public Schools, Urban Schools, Educational History, Activism
Conrad, Clifton; Lundberg, Todd – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Most American colleges and universities assimilate students into highly competitive undergraduate experiences. By placing achievement for personal and material gain as the bedrock of a college education, these institutions fail to educate students to become collaborative learners: people who are committed and prepared to join with others in…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Minority Serving Institutions, Cooperative Learning, Problem Solving
Grabill, Jeffrey T.; Gretter, Sarah; Skogsberg, Erik – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
It's time to design the next iteration of higher education. There is no question that higher education faces significant challenges. Most of today's universities aren't prepared to tackle issues like demographic change, the continued defunding of public education, cost pressures, and the opportunities and challenges of educational technologies.…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Change, Change Strategies, Design
King, W. Joseph; Mitchell, Brian C. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Leadership matters more than ever in this turbulent moment in American higher education. During these unprecedented times, glaring internal inefficiencies, communication breakdowns, and an overriding sense of cultural inertia on many campuses are too often set against a backdrop of changing consumer preferences, high sticker prices, declining…
Descriptors: Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Leadership Styles, Higher Education
Wechsler, Harold S.; Diner, Steven J. – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Affirmative action in college admission is one of the most contested initiatives in contemporary federal policy, from its beginnings in the 1960s through the 2014 lawsuit alleging that Harvard discriminates against Asian American applicants. Supporters point out that using race and ethnicity as a criterion for admission helps remediate some of the…
Descriptors: Educational History, Access to Education, Higher Education, Affirmative Action
Kuzminov, Yaroslav; Yudkevich, Maria – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
By the mid-eighteenth century, when the first university appeared in Russia, many European nations could boast of long and glorious university traditions. But Russia, with its poorly developed system of elementary and secondary education, lagged behind other European countries and seemed destined for a long spell of second-tier performance. Yet by…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Educational History, Governance
Bérubé, Michael; Ruth, Jennifer – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
The protests of summer 2020, which were ignited by the murder of George Floyd, led to long-overdue reassessments of the legacy of racism and white supremacy in both American academe and cultural life more generally. But while universities have been willing to rename some buildings and schools or grapple with their role in the slave trade, no one…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Racism, Higher Education
Diver, Colin – Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022
Since "U.S. News & World Report" first published a college ranking in 1983, the rankings industry has become a self-appointed judge, declaring winners and losers among America's colleges and universities. In this revealing account, Colin Diver shows how popular rankings have induced college applicants to focus solely on pedigree and…
Descriptors: Academic Rank (Professional), Higher Education, Colleges, Universities
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