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Independent School, 2017
The humanities are thriving at Phillips Exeter Academy (New Hampshire), and not just in the classroom. Though Exeter teachers need not publish or perish, publish many do, in the departments of History, Religion, and most of all English. An array of published poets at Phillips Exeter Academy present excerpts of their work in this article: (1)…
Descriptors: Humanities, Private Schools, Writing for Publication, Poetry
Cavellier, Matt – Independent School, 2017
For decades now, Shattuck-St. Mary's School (Minnesota) has worked tirelessly to support students as they pursue their passions. In particular, the Centers of Excellence--nine programs in which students can dive deeply into areas of personal interest--allow students to fulfill the traditionally rigorous preparatory school curriculum while…
Descriptors: Private Schools, High School Students, Majors (Students), Student Interests
Bryan, Jennifer – Independent School, 2017
Given how pervasively political, cultural, educational, and religious institutions are built on a foundation of stereotypes and binary assumptions, it is easy to understand why people find the current reassessment of all things gender disquieting and disruptive. The consequences of this upheaval can be found in all corners of pre-K-12 schooling,…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Inclusion, Gender Issues, Sex Stereotypes
Schmidt, Christopher D. – Independent School, 2017
The humanities must be foundational to all our discussions of curriculum. They are not tools for success in the global economy; they offer no return on investment; and they will not fit into a cost-benefit analysis. Rather, they are our only means of knowing what success is, or what we mean by "cost" or "benefit." We must treat…
Descriptors: Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Humanities, Role of Education
Allen, Kent – Independent School, 2017
The chances of lightning striking twice are infinitesimal, at best. What are the odds, in middle age, of being struck with a jarring bolt of figurative lightning, then a few months later being an eyewitness as the same sizzle in the sky jolts a group of students--those decision-makers of tomorrow? The author describes two experiences that proved…
Descriptors: Private Schools, Inclusion, Boarding Schools, Cultural Pluralism
Hawk, Benson S. – Independent School, 2017
This paper examines the strengths and weaknesses of different models of education. The author, a teacher of humanities at Newark Academy in New Jersey, aims to move beyond some of the rhetoric about "progress" or rhetoric that implies there is something inherently right or wrong about different systems for organizing schools and…
Descriptors: Models, Educational Practices, Educational Change, Educational History
Kalin, Mike – Independent School, 2017
While the allure of Silicon Valley undoubtedly attracts students, the declining interest in the humanities at both the secondary and postsecondary levels is primarily a self-inflicted wound. Many educators often employ teaching methods that alienate students and make them feel as though the only reason for reading literature or studying history is…
Descriptors: Humanities, Humanities Instruction, Educational Trends, Teaching Methods
Haviland, Margaret; Eppler, Kevin; O'Brien, Jennifer – Independent School, 2017
Almost countercultural today, focusing on the humanities--examining what it means to be human, understanding our cultures, and learning to embrace what Jonathan Sacks calls the "Dignity of Difference"--provides students with the tools to reclaim our public spaces, our public dialogue, and our businesses and corporations from the venal,…
Descriptors: Humanities Instruction, Cultural Awareness, Religion Studies, Religious Education
Donovan, Jill – Independent School, 2017
The natural world and the scientific and mathematical tools we use to explore, measure, and understand it should fill us with awe and wonder, and light all kinds of inspirational fires in us. On a planet so desperately in need of scientific breakthroughs, engineering innovations, and newborn technologies, we should be thrilled by the excitement in…
Descriptors: Humanities, STEM Education, Humanities Instruction, Student Attitudes
Hartzell, Richard – Independent School, 2017
The false dichotomy that suggests schools must choose between STEM (or STEAM) and the humanities would not merit the time it takes to write an article if not for a dangerous crescendo of backlash clouding the senses of boards and administrations around the independent school world. In this article, the author, an upper school principal of Taipei…
Descriptors: STEM Education, Art Education, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Approach
Fadel, Charles; Bialik, Maya – Independent School, 2017
Independent schools have long been searching for better ways to prove their value, and in a data-centric world, there is enormous pressure to measure, measure, measure, and abide by partially obsolete college entrance requirements. Yet there is a strong consensus that the majority of currently used large-scale assessments are not comprehensive…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Outcome Measures, Student Evaluation, Evaluation Criteria
Evans, Robert; Thompson, Michael G. – Independent School, 2016
Over the last 30 years, Robert Evans and Michael Thompson have been called to consult with more than 2,000 schools independent and public, in the United States and internationally. These school visits have given them a deep appreciation for the range and complexity of challenges schools face and for their capacity to master evolving problems. With…
Descriptors: Bullying, Parent Attitudes, Parent Influence, Parent School Relationship
McCaffrey, Brooke – Independent School, 2016
In this article, Riverdale Country School (New York) learning specialist, Brooke McCaffrey describes teaching methods, motivational techniques, and resources for parents of struggling readers.
Descriptors: Reading Difficulties, Parent Education, Parenting Skills, Teaching Methods
Katzman, John; Horn, Michael B. – Independent School, 2016
Technologies used in new business models have disrupted almost every sector of the economy. Many are now beginning to discuss when disruption will come to independent schools. The answer, of course, is that it has already happened; in areas such as admissions, college guidance, and learning content, there are disruptive innovations that are…
Descriptors: Private Schools, Educational Change, Change Agents, Influence of Technology
Barbieri, Richard – Independent School, 2016
Imagine you were an independent school educator in the years just before World War II. When the first "Independent School Bulletin" arrived, almost simultaneously with the attack on Pearl Harbor, what books would have been on your shelves? Are there any books your children and grandchildren might be reading now? According to best-seller…
Descriptors: Educational History, Fiction, Nonfiction, Novels
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