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Schmidt, Steven W.; Biniecki, Susan M. Yelich – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2016
Administrators of adult education programs work in dynamic and ever-changing environments. They are continually challenged with a myriad of issues related to program budgeting, marketing, strategic planning, funding, human resources, and other topics. With decades of real world experience in the field, Steven Schmidt and Susan Yelich Biniecki have…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Educational Administration, Administrators, Program Administration
Hart, Lynn C., Ed.; Oesterle, Susan, Ed.; Auslander, Susan Swars, Ed.; Kajander, Ann, Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2016
This book is an edited volume addressing specific issues of significance for individuals involved with the undergraduate mathematics content preparation of prospective elementary teachers (PSTs). Teaching mathematics content courses to this group of students presents unique challenges. While some PSTs enter their teacher preparation with weak…
Descriptors: Mathematics Education, Elementary School Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education, Teacher Competencies
Cypres, Autumn, Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2016
The purpose of this book is to examine the tensions, gaps, and intersections between the practices of leadership in educational systems, school leadership preparation programs, and the often different worlds of academia and k12 schools. Voices from both academia and k12 schools are used to illustrate the tensions that cluster around capacity,…
Descriptors: Leadership Training, Educational Administration, Educational Practices, Politics of Education
Blumenfeld-Jones, Donald S., ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2016
This book is for anyone interested in how to build a teacher education program utilizing the arts as one central modality for teaching and learning or for those interested in building some of their program along these lines. Throughout the book you will find reference to the intersection of ethics, aesthetics, and teaching. We provide an…
Descriptors: Teacher Education, Creativity, Aesthetics, Ethics
Wang, Victor C. X.; Bain, Bernice; Hope, John; Hansman, Catherine A. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2016
This book is intended for students, leaders and managers who wish to explore the personal relevance and conceptual bases of educational leadership and organizational management and to develop their expertise in this field. It is a book written for both scholars and practitioners. The general public will also appreciate the accessible language in…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Organizational Theories, Institutional Administration, Theory Practice Relationship
DiPaola, Michael, Ed.; Forsyth, Patrick B., Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2015
"Leadership and School Quality" is the twelfth book in a series on research and theory dedicated to advancing understanding of schools through empirical study and theoretical analysis. The chapters include analyses that investigate relationships between school organizations and leadership behaviors that have an impact on teacher and…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Teacher Effectiveness, School Effectiveness, Book Reviews
Dade, Aurali, Ed.; Olafson, Lori, Ed.; DiBella, Suzan M., Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2015
The senior research compliance administrator has emerged as a critically important position as universities and other research organizations face an increasingly intricate regulatory environment. These administrators are tasked with a special challenge: ensuring that their institutions conduct safe, ethical, and compliant research while also…
Descriptors: Program Implementation, Administrators, Compliance (Legal), Research
Maloney, Alan P., Ed.; Confrey, Jere, Ed.; Nguyen, Kenny H., Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2014
The driving forces behind mathematics learning trajectories is the need to understand how children actually learn and make sense of mathematics--how they progress from prior knowledge, through intermediate understandings, to the mathematics target understandings--and how to use these insights to improve instruction and student learning. In this…
Descriptors: Mathematics Education, Prior Learning, Mathematical Concepts, Concept Formation
Jacobs, George; Farrell, Thomas S. C. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
The best way for students to learn to read and to come to love reading is--surprise, surprise--by reading in quantity. Unfortunately, many of today's students read far too little. This lack of time spent reading is particularly unfortunate, as reading constitutes a bedrock skill, essential in all subject areas. Thus, we teachers need to devote…
Descriptors: Reading Programs, Reading Materials, Class Activities, Cooperative Learning
McCloskey, Erin – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
In the United States, approximately 2.5 million students are diagnosed as having a learning disability and the majority of those children are placed in special education because of an inability to read as expected. As a result of this diagnosis, these children may be placed in special education classrooms--classrooms that are separate from the…
Descriptors: Learning Disabilities, Special Needs Students, Special Education, Adolescents
Poetter, Thomas S. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
Teaching Again exposes the very human core of the teaching experience. This book is not just about teaching English/language arts; it is about the heart and soul of the vocation that is teaching. It is also not just about Tom Poetter, the English teacher; it is about every individual who has ever tried to educate, whether that act has taken place…
Descriptors: Teaching Experience, English Instruction, English Teachers, Grade 9
Palmer, Robert T., Ed.; Hilton, Adriel A., Ed.; Fountaine, Tiffany Patrice, Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
This book provides context about the experiences of Black graduate and professional students attending HBCUs. Indeed, such research is important, particularly since HBCUs play a significant role in the number of Blacks who receive doctorates and professional degrees (i.e. M.D., D.D.S., J.D. etc.), especially in science and engineering. In fact,…
Descriptors: Professional Education, African American Students, Black Colleges, Social Capital
Carlson, Jerry, Ed.; Levin, Joel R., Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
The twin objectives of the series Psychological Perspectives on Contemporary Educational Issues are: (1) to identify issues in education that are relevant to professional educators and researchers; and (2) to address those issues from research and theory in educational psychology, psychology, and related disciplines. The present volume, consisting…
Descriptors: Educational Strategies, Reading Research, Reading Fluency, Early Reading
Anderson, J. M. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
This book is a straightforward and entertaining primer on college teaching. It discusses the nitty-gritty aspects of teaching while providing readers with a synoptic but concise explanation of the principles of the art. It also offers a viable alternative to the books on teaching currently available or in print. That alternative is the classic…
Descriptors: College Instruction, Educational Principles, Graduate Study, Graduate Students
Torrens, Kathleen M., Ed.; Amador, Jose A., Ed. – IAP - Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2012
This book focuses on online pedagogy and the challenges and opportunities incumbent in the transformation of a face-to-face college course. It is intended as a resource and support for new online teachers--a source of ideas and strategies from a variety of disciplinary perspectives as well as pedagogical perspectives--and for those experienced in…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Interdisciplinary Approach, Faculty Development, Virtual Classrooms
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