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Calam, John – History of Education Quarterly, 1975
The author reviews the role of the teacher in the history of education by examining recent philosophical, sociological, and autobiographical publications about teachers. (DE)
Descriptors: Educational History, Educational Practices, Educational Research, Educational Sociology
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Hogan, David – History of Education Quarterly, 1978
Contends that the increasing level of educational attendance among Chicago's immigrant groups (1880-1930) was the result of accommodation to the wage labor system. All immigrant groups developed a positive attitude toward education to ensure the economic welfare of their children. Considers implications of research in terms of adequately…
Descriptors: Attendance Patterns, Behavior Patterns, Economic Status, Educational Attitudes
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Brower, Daniel P. – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
The reshaping of man to the Soviet ideal through education is the context within which the author considers three recent books on Soviet education--Shiela Fitzpatrick's "The Commissariat of Enlightenment"; J. J. Tomiak's "The Soviet Union"; and Jean Pennar's "Modernization and Diversity in Soviet Education." (JH)
Descriptors: Communism, Comparative Education, Educational History, Educational Philosophy
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Veysey, Laurence – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
German-American intellectual relations from the nineteenth century to the present are discussed in this literature review of books dealing with German refugees to the United States, the German academic system, and the German intelligentsia. (JH)
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Biographies, Cross Cultural Studies, Cultural Exchange
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Tignor, Robert L. – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
This review of books on education in East Africa highlights the rapid change from nonformal to formal educational institutions and points up some of the consequent anomalies. (JH)
Descriptors: Comparative Education, Developing Nations, Educational History, Educational Objectives
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Allmendinger, David F., Jr. – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
Nicholas Murray Butler, G. Stanley Hall, Charles W. Eliot, the respective subjects of three biographies reviewed here, were university presidents whose personal dominance has too often impeded the biographer in his task of objective historical inquiry. (JH)
Descriptors: Biographies, College Administration, Educational History, Higher Education
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Looks, Bernard J. – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
This review of "Victor Cousin as a Comparative Educator" by Walter Vance Brewer disputes the author's classification of Cousin but suggests it to be the result of an over zealous attempt to find a firm foundation for the science of comparative education. (JH)
Descriptors: Biographies, Comparative Education, Educational History, European History
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Cannon, Garland – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
In reviewing "Missionaries and Education in Bengal 1793-1837" by M. A. Laird, which relates the efforts of Christian missionaries to educational policy, the author applauds Laird's descriptive achievement but is disappointed by his isolation of education from its context in Indian history. (JH)
Descriptors: Asian History, Comparative Education, Educational History, Literature Reviews
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Gersman, Elinor Mondale – History of Education Quarterly, 1973
It is suggested that texts be published which suggest questions, problems and approaches to study, because education is in such a state of upheaval, re-evaluation, and discovery. (Author/JB)
Descriptors: Educational History, Foundations of Education, History, Interdisciplinary Approach
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Sommerville, C. John – History of Education Quarterly, 1981
Discusses literary developments in seventeenth century England which caused certain authors, for ideological reasons, to focus a new attention on children. During this period, the emphasis was on presenting children in a more realistic fashion. Literary selections are included. (DB)
Descriptors: Childhood Interests, Children, Childrens Literature, Educational History
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Eisenmann, Linda – History of Education Quarterly, 1999
Extends F. Michael Perko's literature review "Religious Higher Education in America: An Historiographic Survey" by discussing recent developments in the history of religion and U.S. higher education. Explores issues in secularization, the influence of Richard Hofstadter, the work of Julie Reuben, Douglas Sloan, George Marsden, and…
Descriptors: Catholics, Educational History, Higher Education, Historians
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Hutcheson, Philo A. – History of Education Quarterly, 1999
Examines how Laurence Veysey, Stephen Brint, and Jerome Karabel have portrayed the community college and explores the differences between historical and historical-sociological methods. Focuses on recent historical scholarship to develop an historical framework for understanding community colleges. (CMK)
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Educational History, Historians, Historical Interpretation
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Nidiffer, Jana – History of Education Quarterly, 1999
Considers historical treatments of the poor and higher education by discussing one book from each of the following categories: (1) traditional/omission; (2) increased inclusion; (3) center of analysis; (4) issue specific; and (5) broader social analysis. Comments on the contributions and limitations of each work. (CMK)
Descriptors: Books, Economically Disadvantaged, Educational History, Females
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Moroney, Siobhan – History of Education Quarterly, 1999
Focuses on Allen O. Hansen's "Liberalism and American Education in the Eighteenth Century" and Frederick Rudolph's "Essays on Education in the Early Republic." Explores the influence of Hansen and Rudolph on other works of educational thought. Contends that a more accurate picture of the early republic is needed. (CMK)
Descriptors: Books, Educational History, Educational Philosophy, Higher Education
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Perlstein, Daniel – History of Education Quarterly, 2004
This article traces back to the time when virtually no educational research or policymaking takes integration seriously, when the courts regularly declare segregated districts unitary, when the rhetoric of race-blind social justice has been abandoned by the left and appropriated by the opponents of equality. This leads students' and other…
Descriptors: Politics of Education, Educational History, School Desegregation, Equal Education