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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cox, Marvin – History Teacher, 1991
Compares Robert Palmer's interpretation of the French Revolution with the Marxist and revisionist views. Stresses Palmer's theory that the French Revolution belongs to the same spiritual family as the American. Reports that Palmer saw the French Revolution as the climactic event in a series of similar upheavals that integrated liberal democracy…
Descriptors: Democracy, European History, Foreign Countries, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Milton, Sybil – History Teacher, 1991
Discusses the treatment of Gypsies and the handicapped by Nazi Germany. Emphasizes that Gypsy populations were decimated in the same percentages as the Jews. Presents information and dates to show parallel developments of racial regulations against Jews, Gypsies, and the handicapped. Urges further research and historiography on the fate of Gypsies…
Descriptors: Anti Semitism, Disability Discrimination, European History, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Schnucker, Robert V. – History Teacher, 1991
Describes the development of a history assessment test by Northeast Missouri State University (Kirksville) faculty. Discusses content, problems with design and cooperation, and theories of assessment testing. Includes sample questions demonstrating the cube plan, a technique that involves using a single question to measure three learning…
Descriptors: Achievement Tests, Educational Assessment, Evaluation Methods, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lewis, Jonathan F. – History Teacher, 1991
Describes the problem of absence of evidence in historiography. Discusses the limits this lack of evidence poses for comparative studies by sociologists. Identifies steps in which events or evidence may be missed or passed over. Includes nonoccurrence, no surviving evidence, unlocated evidence, failure to note evidence, inaccurate criticism of…
Descriptors: Bias, Chronicles, Comparative Analysis, Criticism
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Raeff, Marc – History Teacher, 1991
Discusses influences on the development of Russian nationalism. Describes the development of an intelligentsia and its relationship with both peasants and rulers. Addresses the influence of French and German political and religious thinkers. Emphasizes that the Napoleonic wars provided both a Russian patriotic bond and exposure of Russia's elite…
Descriptors: Cultural Awareness, Cultural Context, Ethnic Groups, European History
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Crum, Steven J. – History Teacher, 1991
Describes the attempts of President Franklin Roosevelt's Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes, to establish a chair for American Indian History at a university. Discusses the responses of universities contacted after World War II. Includes information on the present state of American Indian studies and reasons for the failure of Ickes' efforts.…
Descriptors: American Indian Culture, American Indian History, American Indian Studies, Cultural Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Steffens, Henry – History Teacher, 1989
Reviews the use of the collaborative learning process in a seventeenth-century intellectual history seminar. Utilizing reader response, peer critiques, small writing groups, and peer tutoring, students became active participants in the learning process and assumed more responsibility for the course material. Includes a complete syllabus and…
Descriptors: Behavioral Objectives, Class Activities, Cooperative Learning, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Newton, Jeffrey L.; Thomas, David S. – History Teacher, 1986
Reviews stages of development, testing, and implementation of CLIO, a series of computer-based tutorials used at Rhode Island College. Topics include a brief history, technical evaluation of the authoring system DECAL, student use of the system, available reports to instructors, and observations and recommendations regarding computer-based…
Descriptors: Authoring Aids (Programing), Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Managed Instruction, Computer Science
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
History Teacher, 1987
Lists nine documents available from the Educational Resources Information Center selected specifically for secondary and college level history teachers. Topics include course materials, teaching strategies, teacher guides, lesson ideas, and curriculum development in the following areas: world history, consumer economics, the U.S. monetary system,…
Descriptors: Curriculum Development, Curriculum Guides, Economics, Higher Education
Bridges, Roger D.; Daley, Harry – Illinois History Teacher, 1996
Presents an excellent lesson plan discussing the repressive racial legislation that remained enforced in Illinois even after the repeal of slavery. Background material also covers the black communities' response to these racist laws. Includes teaching suggestions, handouts, and activities. (MJP)
Descriptors: Black History, Black Stereotypes, Civil Liberties, Civil War (United States)
Cavallini, Don; Senechal, Roberta – Illinois History Teacher, 1996
Presents a complete lesson plan examining the 1908 race riot in Springfield, Illinois. Background material covers the African American community in Springfield, as well as the incident. Handouts include a map showing the black neighborhoods in Springfield and a questionnaire concerning moral decision making. (MJP)
Descriptors: Black History, Black Studies, Civil Liberties, Demonstrations (Civil)
Grossman, James; Jones, Jerryelyn Leonard – Illinois History Teacher, 1996
Discusses the economic factors and the emerging black leadership involved in African Americans' migration northward in the early 1900s. This lesson plan includes background material, learning activities, and tips for teaching. Handsomely illustrated, any part could be photocopied for a handout. (MJP)
Descriptors: Black Culture, Black History, Black Leadership, Black Studies
Ollarvia, Janice Bell; Portwood, Shirley J. – Illinois History Teacher, 1996
Encapsulates a complete lesson plan suitable for secondary, U.S. history, social studies, or African American history courses. Begins with a concise overview of the development of a residential and business community among the African Americans in post-Civil War Cairo, Illinois. Includes teaching suggestions, learning activities, and handouts.…
Descriptors: Black Culture, Black History, Black Leadership, Black Studies
Capehart, Edna; Mootry, Maria K. – Illinois History Teacher, 1996
Considers autobiographical works by African American authors, Gwendolyn Brooks and Ronald Fair. Incorporates these works into an interdisciplinary lesson plan concerning black themes, personal identity, and urban history. Includes teaching suggestions, lesson objectives, discussion questions, and other activities. (MJP)
Descriptors: Adolescent Development, Authors, Black Culture, Black Literature
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