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Mosser, Kurt – History Teacher, 2010
In this article, the author shares his experience in teaching a course called "American Political Theory" at Nanjing University in Nanjing, People's Republic of China. The course the author designed was intended to explore the philosophical background of what drove the North American colonists to declare their independence; what ideas…
Descriptors: Course Content, Foreign Countries, Civil Rights, College Faculty
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Langerbein, Helmut – History Teacher, 2009
This article presents an analysis of the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall which reveals that both grew from unique political, historical, geographical, cultural, and economic circumstances. The purpose of this article is to provide new arguments for a debate that all too often has been waged with emotions, polemics, and misinformation. The…
Descriptors: World History, United States History, Introductory Courses, Foreign Countries
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Murnane, John R. – History Teacher, 2007
Ever since War Department propaganda films set the mold, historians have pretty much followed: the road to Pearl Harbor began in 1931 with Japanese aggression in Manchuria. Any "revision" regarding the War in the Pacific has its own set of problems--engendering controversy, often running up against patriotic sentiments and the tendency…
Descriptors: United States History, Asian History, War, Foreign Countries
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Wang, Shuo – History Teacher, 2006
The most remarkable change in historical studies in China during the last two decades has been the rise of new social history. It challenges the traditional historiography in three ways: in the objects studied, in the sources used, and in methodology. Consequently the rise of new social history has profoundly impacted women's history in China. For…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Methods, Historiography, Historians
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Forsyth, Louise; Gould, David; Lawrence, David – History Teacher, 2000
Examines three key geographical regions, Central Asia, the Middle East, and China, discussing how the political changes resulting from the end of the Cold War have affected each area. Attempts to demonstrate how teachers can address these changes in their classrooms. (CMK)
Descriptors: Democracy, Economic Development, Educational Practices, Foreign Countries
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Lush, Noren W.; Tamura, Eileen H. – History Teacher, 1999
Presents a simulation of the situation in China that led to the 1949 Communist victory, focusing on the 1930s and 1940s when two political parties, the Guomindang and Chinese Communist, engaged in a battle for power. Includes directions and an appendix providing the roles, a background essay, and recommended readings. (CMK)
Descriptors: Chinese Culture, Communism, Educational Strategies, Foreign Countries
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Foltz, Richard – History Teacher, 1998
Demonstrates that the Judeans traveled along the Ancient Silk Route. Discusses the Iranian influence on the formation of Jewish religious ideas. Considers the development of Jewish trade networks, focusing on the Radanites (Jewish traders), the Jewish presence in the Far East, and the survival of Judaism in central Asia. (CMK)
Descriptors: Ancient History, Cultural Influences, Foreign Countries, Higher Education
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Wills, John E., Jr. – History Teacher, 1992
Describes the development of a college-level Chinese history course based on the biographies of notable Chinese. Suggests story telling to make history more understandable and authentic. Argues that narrative can provide an open window for the study of any society. (CFR)
Descriptors: Anthropology, Biographies, Chinese Culture, Culture
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Keightley, David N. – History Teacher, 1986
Summarizes recent intellectual and historical activity in the field of early Chinese studies. Concludes that the increasing opportunity for scholarly exchange and the recent increase of publications will further strengthen our understanding of China. (JDH)
Descriptors: Asian Studies, Chinese Culture, College Instruction, Foreign Countries
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Eastman, Lloyd E. – History Teacher, 1986
Reviews the accomplishments of the present generation of United States scholars who specialized in the history of Nationalist China. Maintains that these scholars, working in the period between 1965 and the present, have increased the objectivity of work on the Nationalists, formulated new questions for study, and added depth and detail to the…
Descriptors: Asian Studies, Chinese Culture, Foreign Countries, Higher Education
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Lubot, Eugene – History Teacher, 1972
Descriptors: Communism, Course Descriptions, History Instruction, Literature Reviews
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Yang, Anand A. – History Teacher, 1980
Describes a college level course to examine images of Asia as seen in film and fiction. The course addresses the misunderstandings created by media images. It comprises film viewing, reading, lectures, and weekly student essays. (KC)
Descriptors: Asian Studies, Course Descriptions, Educational Objectives, Fiction