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Butcher, Jonathan; Burke, Lindsey M. – Heritage Foundation, 2021
In December 2020, the Illinois State Board of Education adopted new "Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards" that are focused on identity politics, teaching students to find bias around them, and instructing students on how to resist the "systems of oppression" in which they allegedly live. Critical Theorists…
Descriptors: Critical Theory, Educational Policy, Race, Bias
Butcher, Jonathan; Burke, Lindsey M. – Heritage Foundation, 2021
In fall 2020, parents found new ways to help their children learn amid uncertain school-district plans for school re-openings. The defining feature of the new education landscape emerging from the pandemic is that many families are no longer waiting for school-district solutions, and are giving themselves permission to choose how and where their…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, School Choice, School Closing
Hess, Frederick M.; Burke, Lindsey M. – Heritage Foundation, 2021
In academia today, a heightened focus on issues of diversity and race has been accompanied by claims that education research, teacher preparation, and colleges of education have shortchanged these issues. It is conceivable that teacher training programs and education research can do a better job addressing race, since they educate more than…
Descriptors: Race, Ethnic Diversity, Teacher Education Programs, Social Justice
Butcher, Jonathan – Heritage Foundation, 2021
Schools are a reflection of culture and national character and should transmit these ideas through the teaching of history and government. Generally considered "civic" instruction, this subject is sorely neglected--an opinion shared by both sides of the partisan divide. A new initiative called Educating for American Democracy (EAD) wants…
Descriptors: Civics, Citizenship Education, Democracy, Teaching Methods
Burke, Lindsey M.; Schwalbach, Jude – Heritage Foundation, 2021
In the early 20th century, the federal government engaged in housing "redlining"--a practice that conditioned access to federally backed home loans on the perceived economic health of a neighborhood and used demographic factors such as race in those decisions. Understanding the history of government-sanctioned redlining policies in the…
Descriptors: Housing, Social Discrimination, Educational Opportunities, Public Schools
Gillen, Andrew – Heritage Foundation, 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has and will continue to change many aspects of life. Higher education is no exception, which raises the question of how the conservative approach to higher education should change in response to the pandemic. A conservative response to the coronavirus should include liability protection from virus-related lawsuits,…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Political Attitudes, Educational Policy, Educational Change
Gonzalez, Mike; Butcher, Jonathan – Heritage Foundation, 2021
The new Biden Administration promptly reversed the Trump Administration's ban on training the federal workforce in the ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT has its intellectual origin in Critical Theory, a philosophy based on applying Marxism to every area of life--counter to America's promise of freedom and equality under the law. CRT…
Descriptors: State Policy, Values Education, Public Schools, Critical Theory
Morel, Lucas E. – Heritage Foundation, 2020
The "New York Times" Magazine published its "1619 Project" in August 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the landing of the first Africans in the English colony of Virginia. The project is a collection of essays and artwork that argue that the legacy of American slavery can be seen today in areas as disparate as…
Descriptors: Slavery, African Americans, United States History, African American History
Schwalbach, Jude – Heritage Foundation, 2020
COVID-19 has provided the impetus for Congress to implement reforms, many of which are long overdue. Policymakers should take the necessary steps to restore educational autonomy to states and reduce federal regulations and compliance. This "Backgrounder" outlines six reforms that federal policymakers can undertake to free school leaders…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, School Closing, Educational Finance
Ladner, Matthew; Burke, Lindsey; Gardiner, Nile – Heritage Foundation, 2020
Freed of the shackles of the EU, Brexit offers a valuable window of opportunity for the United Kingdom, America's closest friend and ally, to reassess and rethink existing policy in a whole range of areas, from defense and foreign policy to immigration and cybersecurity. Brexit offers tremendous opportunities for innovation not only in the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Politics of Education, Educational Policy, Educational Innovation
Butcher, Jonathan; Schwalbach, Jude – Heritage Foundation, 2020
Research has demonstrated that federal Head Start centers, which provide preschool care to children from low-income families, have little or no long-term academic value for children. This "Backgrounder" adds to the evidence that Head Start has failed to achieve its objectives and should be sunset, not expanded, by demonstrating a…
Descriptors: Early Intervention, Preschool Education, Low Income Groups, Program Effectiveness
Burke, Lindsey M.; Butcher, Jonathan – Heritage Foundation, 2020
Forty years after its opening, Americans must reconsider the efficacy of a federal, Cabinet-level Department of Education. Rescinding agency status, eliminating duplicative, ineffective, and inappropriate programs, and re-organizing remaining programs under a restored Office of Education within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services…
Descriptors: Federal Government, Public Agencies, Education, Politics of Education
Schwalbach, Jude – Heritage Foundation, 2020
Military families make tremendous sacrifices--which too often include having to send their children to inadequate schools due to a lack of education options. Most military children have to attend the public school that is physically closest to their parents' assigned base, whether the school is good and safe or not. The federal government has a…
Descriptors: Military Personnel, Money Management, Investment, Educational Finance
Butcher, Jonathan – Heritage Foundation, 2020
Nearly every economic indicator, from the stock market to unemployment and beyond, suggests that a global financial crisis is imminent. While an economic downturn may affect every parent, family, and taxpayer, education special-interest groups are demanding that Washington bail them out now, regardless of future tax or spending implications. These…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Elementary Secondary Education, Financial Problems, Finance Reform
Finne, Liv – Heritage Foundation, 2020
When Governor Jay Inslee (D) closed the public and private schools of Washington State's 1.1 million students on March 13, 2020, state education leaders made several key decisions that influenced the state's attempt to deliver education services during the COVID-19 crisis. These decisions reflected the political priorities of the large, unwieldy,…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, School Closing, State Government
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