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Scholz, Carolyn L. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
This paper will explore the balance between children's rights and parental responsibility from a family systems perspective. Children do not grow up in a vacuum; they are part of a biological, psychological and social system. The interaction of the child and parent within this system must include the development of responsibilities by the parent…
Descriptors: Parent Child Relationship, Childrens Rights, Child Role, Parents
Repovich, Wendy E. S. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Physical Education programs have monitored physical fitness and sport skills since the 1950's when the President's Council on Physical Fitness was formed. Unfortunately we have seen two divergent paths, the first is a dramatic decline in physical activity time often accompanied by a decline in fitness, and an equally dramatic increase in…
Descriptors: Physical Education, Obesity, Body Composition, Health Education
Gray, Anthony – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
In recent years, the issue of the extent to which an individual has or should have the right to religious freedom, and to manifest that freedom by wearing particular items of clothing, has become very contentious. Some nations have seen fit to ban the wearing of particular items of clothing thought to have religious significance, at least in some…
Descriptors: Conferences (Gatherings), Freedom, Courts, Islam
Hazlett, Lisa A. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Compulsory education in America arguably originated with Massachusetts's legislative acts of 1642, 1647, and 1648; the 1642 act compelled education of children. Best known is the colorfully named Old Deluder Satan Law of 1647, famously declaring towns with populations of 50 must hire a reading and writing teacher, and those holding 100 requiring a…
Descriptors: Compulsory Education, Educational History, Writing Teachers, Elementary Education
Okpechi, Simeon O.; Belmasrour, Rachid – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
In the past twenty years, the number of qualified women accountants in the U.S. has outstripped that of men according to American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; yet these women occupy few strategic positions in accounting firms. Retention has been a major issue. This study explores how the perception of their status, investments and…
Descriptors: Females, Accounting, Professional Personnel, Gender Issues
Sampson, Pauline M. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
In this longitudinal study of one region in the state of Texas, there was an examination of district leadership and the sustaining of high student achievement for their districts. The results of this study suggest that sustained improvement of student achievement is very difficult. The districts that had sustained improvement had stable district…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, School Districts, Educational Improvement, Longitudinal Studies
Hopper, Peggy F. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
After hearing reminisces from her parents about childhood adventures that took place in the 1930's Mississippi Delta, the author, Peggy F. Hopper, decided to document these stores in two children's books, "Peggy Sue and the Pepper Patch" and "The Adventures of Theodore Roosevelt Hollumway Jones and John Hart: Chasing Bandits."…
Descriptors: Childrens Literature, Nonfiction, Story Telling, Time Perspective
Karakas, Scott L. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
In his landmark 1959 Rede lecture and subsequent publication, physicist Charles Percy Snow expressed concerns over what he saw as a growing rift between scientific and literary scholarly communities (Snow 1959). In the 50 years since that time, scholars and other commentators have expended a great deal of intellectual capital in the analysis of…
Descriptors: Cultural Differences, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Sciences
Waldron-Moore, Pamela; Jacobs, Leslie R. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
Of all the social constructs impacting the contemporary world, gender is perhaps the most pervasive and the most insidious. Its inequities creep into our everyday lives with impunity. Across the globe, gender construction has evoked challenge, undergone reform and, in some instances, transformed thinking in societies. Yet, for all the gains made…
Descriptors: Females, Employment Opportunities, Sex Fairness, Higher Education
Clark, Catherine D.; Hill, Janeen M. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
Most women entering tenure-track positions in the sciences do so in their late twenties or early thirties after completing a graduate degree and post-doctoral training. Tenure-track positions usually span a six or seven year probationary period during which time institutions expect unlimited commitment from the tenure-track candidates to their…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Females, Tenure, Women Scientists
Boyd, Tammy; Cintron, Rosa; Alexander-Snow, Mia – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
Much has been written about the trials and tribulations of junior tenure-track faculty; much has also been written about the difficulties faced by women and minority faculty. However, there is very little research about the experiences of minority women faculty who are also tenure-earning, but untenured; what little research does exist tends to…
Descriptors: Tenure, Women Faculty, Females, Personal Narratives
Washington, Christa Ellen – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
The purpose of this study was to examine perceived career barriers of women in entry-level and mid-level positions who were formally and informally mentored. Research studies have found that mentoring can yield positive outcomes; however, there is limited research on how mentoring style impacts career advancement. The primary research questions…
Descriptors: Mentors, Females, Barriers, Supervisory Methods
Bingham, Teri; Nix, Susan J. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
This study examines the perceptions of female faculty members in higher education to ascertain their views regarding gender bias in the workplace. A questionnaire was used to collect data from the participants regarding their beliefs of the value and productivity of their work, possible disparity in treatment based on gender, constraints put on…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Women Faculty, Females, Gender Bias
Mentkowski, Marcia; Rogers, Glen – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
We argue that (1) faculty and other academic professionals who educate undergraduate women in capabilities such as effective communication, teamwork, and leadership that are integrated with the disciplines (e.g., biology, history, fine arts) and professions (e.g., education, nursing, management) indirectly assist their students to confront gender…
Descriptors: Self Evaluation (Individuals), Females, Program Effectiveness, Sex Fairness
Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
This paper presentation will focus on the application of self leadership and strategic management concepts to help make sense of the current global financial crisis and its critical connection with our future business professionals' perceptions of ethical behavior. The author will explore ideas that lead to the strengthening of business students'…
Descriptors: Strategic Planning, Student Attitudes, Ethics, Business Skills
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