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Abrahamson, Craig E. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
This paper focuses on the premise that within the instruction process of higher education, the classroom context needs to create an atmosphere of motivational learning that is founded in part on a relationship between the students and professor that is formatted on the concept of mutual sharing of personal experiences, values, beliefs, and…
Descriptors: Student Attitudes, Course Content, Learning Motivation, Student Motivation
Schneider, Beth Z.; Carden, William; Francisco, Alyson; Jones, Thomas O., Jr. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Previous research has examined the phenomenon of women "opting out" of the corporate environment. Much of this research has examined both "pull" factors--those of home and family life, and "push" factors--those within the organization which create a competitive environment where women feel they cannot achieve the same measure of success as their…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Career Development, College Faculty, Research Opportunities
McCullough, Laura – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Despite gains overall, women are still under-represented in leadership positions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Data in the US suggest around one-quarter of deans and department heads are women; in science this drops to nearly 1 in 20. Part of this problem of under-representation stems from the population pool:…
Descriptors: Role Models, Females, Engineering Education, Mathematics Education
Parker, Tatiana C. Tatum; Rosenthal, Rebecca – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
In order to understand and resolve the disproportionate number of women in the sciences it is necessary to look at historical educational trends. Through the ages there is evidence of a "pendulum effect" where there have been major shifts focusing science education either on male or females. To be able to realistically establish sustainable equity…
Descriptors: Majors (Students), Teaching Styles, Women Scientists, Elementary Secondary Education
Chin, Jean Lau – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Women have increasingly moved toward greater gender equality at home and in the workplace. Yet, women are still underrepresented in leadership roles and still considered an anomaly compared to men when in high positions of leadership especially within institutions of higher education. In examining differences between how men and women lead, it is…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Females, Sex Role, Leadership Styles
Miller, Suzanne – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Orally and later in written form, stories have been used to identify and reinforce the values of a culture. The parables of the Bible and the vocalization of articulate animals in Aesop fables continue to be used to teach morals to children. While the majority of existing research investigates the effective use of animals as a tool in character…
Descriptors: Childrens Literature, Story Telling, Fantasy, Animals
Keen, Valencia Browning; Potts, Claudia Sealey – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Remedying childhood obesity cannot take place without first identifying relevant issues commonly influencing gatekeepers of food for children as well as the role modeling for encouraging or discouraging daily activities. Children cannot drive to the store, form grocery lists or complete menu management tasks without adult assistance. Excessive…
Descriptors: Disease Control, Obesity, Body Composition, Females
Leavell, Judy A. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Allusions to culture and religion frequently appear in Hispanic American children's literature. These allusions resonate with those who share the culture and help those students connect with the book. These same allusions inform those who are not of the culture and broaden their understanding. This paper will provide examples of such allusions…
Descriptors: Social Justice, Childrens Literature, Hispanic American Culture, Religion
Emanuel, Richard – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
An examination of oral communication education in the United States (U.S.) and United Kingdom (U.K.) identified four critical concerns: (1) Today's college students are not getting adequate oral communication education; (2) Oral communication education is being relegated to a "module" in another discipline-specific course; (3) When an…
Descriptors: Speech Communication, Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, Curriculum Evaluation
Olesen, Mogens Noergaard – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
In this paper we will look at the pedagogical and didactic concept of Bildung and how Bildung has been used as an important ingredient of European university teaching during the last 200 years. We will also shortly look at the modern university teaching where Bildung in some important respects has been abandoned and even abolished. This, however,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, College Instruction, Economics Education, Mathematics Instruction
Gorsuch, Greta – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
China has become an exporter of material goods to the world, particularly to the United States. It is time for the exploration of a mutually beneficial relationship in a strikingly different realm, that of human capital in higher education and its contributions to the quality of university teaching. To faculty members and students at U.S.…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Foreign Students, Graduate Students
Dansby, Jacqueline O.; Dansby-Giles, Gloria – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Educational reform in the United States has focused on several factors such as academic achievement, performance on standardized test scores, dropout rates, the mandate of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 (Dee and Jacob, 2010) and other changes. A new call for a broader and bolder strategy for educational reform that focused on…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Graduation Rate, Disadvantaged, Dropout Rate
Cochran, Judith A. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
University graduates in the Middle East and the United States of America are disillusioned with their higher education degrees. Youth expect to be well employed upon graduation and to improve their social status. Employment has been guaranteed from the earliest university certificates granted in Middle Eastern yeshivas, Houses of Learning, and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Social Status, Foreign Countries, Employment Opportunities
Schmidt, William; Burroughs, Nathan; Cogan, Lee; Houang, Richard – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Educators need a way of determining how much additional knowledge has been gained by students in a given educational program in comparison with other programs. From the U.S. Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TEDS), they now have such information. The TEDS yields empirical data on the educational experiences and content knowledge gains of a…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Educational Quality, Educational Experience, Cognitive Ability
Long, Kim Cliett – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
The purpose of this paper is to explore and analyze the leadership traits of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, an African-American woman of history, using the servant leadership theory developed by Robert K. Greenberg and the ten characteristics of servant leadership as conceived by Larry C. Spears. This exploration seeks to identify the significant…
Descriptors: African American Leadership, Females, Leadership Qualities, Leadership Styles
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