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Stanwick, Peter A. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2016
This paper discusses the evolution of capitalism in British and American literature. The impact of capitalism on the lives of individuals has been well represented in both American and British literature throughout the centuries. The paper will discuss how seminal British authors such as Thomas More, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and George…
Descriptors: Social Systems, Political Attitudes, Literature, United States Literature
Holmes, Kristie – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2012
While infanticide or sex selective abortion in rural areas of the world may seem to have little to do with a famous musician who is a domestic abuser from the first world who avoids criminal punishment while being applauded and glamourized, the message going out to girls is consistent: they are not valued in the same way that boys are. In order to…
Descriptors: Females, Social Attitudes, Media Literacy, Rural Areas
Emanuel, Richard – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
An examination of oral communication education in the United States (U.S.) and United Kingdom (U.K.) identified four critical concerns: (1) Today's college students are not getting adequate oral communication education; (2) Oral communication education is being relegated to a "module" in another discipline-specific course; (3) When an…
Descriptors: Speech Communication, Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, Curriculum Evaluation
Gorsuch, Greta – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
China has become an exporter of material goods to the world, particularly to the United States. It is time for the exploration of a mutually beneficial relationship in a strikingly different realm, that of human capital in higher education and its contributions to the quality of university teaching. To faculty members and students at U.S.…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Foreign Students, Graduate Students
Dansby, Jacqueline O.; Dansby-Giles, Gloria – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Educational reform in the United States has focused on several factors such as academic achievement, performance on standardized test scores, dropout rates, the mandate of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 (Dee and Jacob, 2010) and other changes. A new call for a broader and bolder strategy for educational reform that focused on…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Graduation Rate, Disadvantaged, Dropout Rate
Cochran, Judith A. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
University graduates in the Middle East and the United States of America are disillusioned with their higher education degrees. Youth expect to be well employed upon graduation and to improve their social status. Employment has been guaranteed from the earliest university certificates granted in Middle Eastern yeshivas, Houses of Learning, and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Social Status, Foreign Countries, Employment Opportunities
Schmidt, William; Burroughs, Nathan; Cogan, Lee; Houang, Richard – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
Educators need a way of determining how much additional knowledge has been gained by students in a given educational program in comparison with other programs. From the U.S. Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TEDS), they now have such information. The TEDS yields empirical data on the educational experiences and content knowledge gains of a…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Educational Quality, Educational Experience, Cognitive Ability
Scholz, Carolyn L. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
This paper will explore the balance between children's rights and parental responsibility from a family systems perspective. Children do not grow up in a vacuum; they are part of a biological, psychological and social system. The interaction of the child and parent within this system must include the development of responsibilities by the parent…
Descriptors: Parent Child Relationship, Childrens Rights, Child Role, Parents
Okpechi, Simeon O.; Belmasrour, Rachid – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2011
In the past twenty years, the number of qualified women accountants in the U.S. has outstripped that of men according to American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; yet these women occupy few strategic positions in accounting firms. Retention has been a major issue. This study explores how the perception of their status, investments and…
Descriptors: Females, Accounting, Professional Personnel, Gender Issues
Williams-Boyd, Pat – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
One of every two children in the world lives in poverty, with no access to safe water, health services or adequate shelter to the extent that 25,000 children die every day. Thirty-seven million Americans, thirteen million of whom are children, live below the poverty level. Of the developed world, despite our wealth and sophistication, the United…
Descriptors: Children, Poverty, Economically Disadvantaged, School Role
Fox-Cardamone, Lee – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
The literature on higher education in the United States has maintained a place for the specific topic of discrimination against women in the American academy. Institutional restrictions, invisible ceilings, hidden hierarchies--all of these have entered into the discussion surrounding both the failure of women to progress through the academic ranks…
Descriptors: Academic Rank (Professional), Universities, Females, Case Method (Teaching Technique)
Steele, Paul D. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
To use Lisbeth Schorr's term, children who are at risk for "rotten outcomes" are not randomly scattered throughout the society but are, rather, concentrated in impoverished neighborhoods. In recent decades, government policy and public opinion in the U.S. has reflected the belief that children who experience rotten outcomes are, at least…
Descriptors: Neighborhoods, Poverty Areas, Children, Ecology
Alexander, Rudolph, Jr. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
Poverty among individuals is an enduring condition in almost all societies. The responses by governments to poverty, however, have varied. In the United States, President Lyndon Johnson sought to address poverty through the creation of the Great Society programs in the 1960s. In effect, he declared a War on Poverty. Later, especially during the…
Descriptors: African American Children, Poverty, Child Neglect, Drug Abuse
Webb, Joyce G. – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
On April 20, 2010, United States President Barack Obama issued a proclamation declaring National Equal Pay Day. In the proclamation it was recognized that despite years of progress in the workforce, women are still not paid as much as men. The proclamation states: Throughout our Nation's history, extraordinary women have broken barriers to achieve…
Descriptors: Daughters, Salary Wage Differentials, Females, Gender Differences
Roach, Virginia; El-Khawas, Elaine – Forum on Public Policy Online, 2010
In 1991 Topside University established the University Committee on the Status of Women Faculty and Librarians (UCSWFL) to identify obstacles to the professional and personal development of women faculty and librarians and to provide advice and guidance concerning initiatives to support them throughout the University. The University has focused on…
Descriptors: Women Faculty, Disproportionate Representation, Academic Libraries, Librarians
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