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European Union, 2021
The Commission increased aid for education in emergencies and protracted crises to 10% of its total humanitarian aid in 2019. We assessed how the Commission managed this new level of support. We found that projects were relevant and achieved their expected results, but reached fewer girls than boys. Most projects in our sample were too short…
Descriptors: International Organizations, Cost Effectiveness, Financial Support, Educational Finance
Todd, Andrew; Xhomaqi, Brikena; Baez, Juanma; Vitiz, Marina – European Union, 2021
The study identifies the perceptions, knowledge and expectations of school pupils between 14 and 18 years of age concerning the European Union, as well as their openness to European diversity, in France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Sweden and the European Schools in Brussels. Desk research and a survey across approximately 30 schools, 6 EU…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Middle School Students, High School Students, Student Attitudes
European Union, 2021
The Education and Training (ET) 2020 Working Groups (WGs), involving over 400 experts from Member States' administrations and other stakeholders, are one of the main instruments in the toolbox of the Strategic Framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). Through mutual learning and the identification of good practices,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Practices, COVID-19, Pandemics
Cavallini, Simona; Bisogni, Fabio; Soldi, Rossella – European Union, 2021
This study identifies, analyses and categorises educational and training (ET) initiatives implemented by local and regional authorities (LRAs) across the European Union (EU). LRAs' responsibility in education and training varies importantly among Member States, but the evidence gathered through this study tells a story of active contribution of…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Local Government, Government Role, Geographic Regions
European Union, 2021
The education sector plays a vital role in an economic, social and environmental context since it has the capacity to transform society and prepare it to adapt to needs and challenges from different perspectives. It is a complex activity that accompanies the various stages of personal development and therefore it is an articulated sector that…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Social Environment, Role of Education, Social Change
Simões, Celeste; Caravita, Simona C. S.; Cefai, Carmel – European Union, 2021
A general consensus exists among Member States that gaining academic knowledge on its own is not enough for young people to play a role as active citizens and face the socioeconomic realities in their lives, in order to avoid inequity, poverty, discrimination, marginalisation and exclusion. In the 21st century, education needs to go beyond narrow…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Mental Health, Well Being, Educational Change
European Students' Union, 2022
During the COVID-19 pandemic, students in higher education experienced mental health issues whereby National Unions Students & local unions, Higher Education Institutions, and governments played a role in addressing them. Mental health and wellbeing among students have been analysed by external actors as the topic has been talked about already…
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Mental Health, College Students, Student Attitudes
European Union, 2015
Adult learning policies, like any other policies, need to be effective: they need to reach their objectives and attain the desired impacts, which should be carefully defined. Understanding the performance of policies allows policy makers to change and improve them. A growing body of research and statistics provides important insights into how…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Adult Learning, Educational Policy, Policy Analysis
Hammerbauer, Martin; Pavletic, Pegi; Vespa, Matteo – European Students' Union, 2021
This report looks to address the topic of Brain Drain in an international context, focusing on the impact on Higher Education within the European Higher Education Area. We have assessed the underlying mechanisms contributing to Brain Drain and the potential measures for convergence to Brain Circulation, considering economic, social, and…
Descriptors: Brain Drain, Higher Education, Economic Factors, Social Influences
Doolan, Karin; Barada, Valerija; Buric, Irena; Krolo, Krešimir; Tonkovic, Željka – European Students' Union, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic which has swept across Europe has made changes to many facets of life from working conditions to freedom of movement. Education has been one of the sectors disrupted by the crisis with educational provision both in Europe and globally having gone on-line. In higher education, on the one hand, this new moment has highlighted…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Student Experience, Foreign Countries
European Students' Union, 2020
This Policy Paper aims at analysing the most important aspects of Public Responsibility, Financing and Governance of Higher Educations while seeking to formulate a students perspective on the state of play within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). In doing so it touches upon the very foundation of how and in which socio-political…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Governance, Educational Finance, College Administration
Darmanin, Martina – European Students' Union, 2020
These recommendations have been put together for the guidance and reference of European Students' Union (ESU's) membership of national student unions and student representatives mandated by point 2.3.b. of ESU's Plan of Work 2019-2020: "ESU should develop recommendations on what students can do to promote democratic citizenship education and…
Descriptors: Democracy, Citizenship Education, Student Unions, Foreign Countries
Golovic, Rajko; Berger, Sebastian – European Students' Union, 2020
The role of higher education towards social, economic and cultural development of our societies is certainly unquestionable from various aspects. In that sense, synergy and mutual dependence of higher education and society & vice-versa is a constant of modern times. However, one must acknowledge that all these aspects very often are highly…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Tuition, Paying for College, Barriers
Federighi, Paolo – European Union, 2013
Adult and continuing education has the dual function of contributing to employability and economic growth, on the one hand, and responding to broader societal challenges, in particular promoting social cohesion, on the other. Companies and families support important investments that have, to date, ensured important growth in both skills and the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Continuing Education, Adult Education, Public Policy
Dollhausen, Karin; Lattke, Susanne; Scheliga, Felicia; Wolters, Andrä; Spexard, Anna; Geffers, Johannes; Banscherus, Ulf – European Union, 2013
Widening adult participation in higher education as part of the development of lifelong learning strategies has been promoted by the European Union since the 1990s. Only recently, the 2011 Council resolution on a renewed European agenda for adult learning underlined the need to encourage higher education institutions to embrace adult learners. The…
Descriptors: Adult Learning, Higher Education, Case Studies, Student Participation
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