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Leonetti, Robert; Muller, Douglas G. – Elementary School Journal, 1976
Discusses the relationship of the school to Spanish-surnamed students. Reviews literature on self-concept, academic achievement, skin color, language, socioeconomic status, and cultural traits of Spanish-speaking Americans. (JMB)
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Cultural Traits, Economic Factors, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Parker, Francis W. – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Descriptors: College Faculty, Discipline, Educational History, Educational Theories
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Washburne, Carleton W. – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Describes the process of individualizing instruction in a public school in Winnetka, Illinois. Reprint from September 1920 "Elementary School Journal." (JMB)
Descriptors: Elementary Education, Individualized Instruction, Program Development, Public Schools
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Jackson, Philip W. – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Commentary accompanying two articles by Bobbitt reprinted in the same issue. (JMB)
Descriptors: Educational History, Educational Philosophy, Rhetorical Criticism
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shachter, Jacqueline – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Describes a tour of several Spanish American countries to study the children's literature and culture. Discussion focuses on the children's literature found in theatrical performances, government-sponsored magazines, schools, and libraries. Also discussed are the writers and illustrators who create for children. (JMB)
Descriptors: Childrens Literature, Creative Writing, Government Publications, Hispanic American Literature
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lergessner, James G. – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Suggests that a child's educational environment should enable him to grow and develop unimpeded by authoritarian controls and cultural conventions. The type of setting recommended for this purpose is a series of mini-schools located throughout the community and drawing on the community as an educational resource. (JMB)
Descriptors: Child Development, Community Resources, Early Childhood Education, Educational Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Groff, Patrick – Elementary School Journal, 1975
This review of research on handwriting and the legibility of print suggests that: (1) teachers' handwriting is less legible today than in the past, (2) manuscript should replace cursive writing in the classroom, and (3) letter size and case, leading, line length, and spacing between letters are the critical factors for legibility. (JMB)
Descriptors: Cursive Writing, Elementary Education, Handwriting, Manuscript Writing (Handlettering)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Evans, F. Laird; Gilmartin, Audrey L. – Elementary School Journal, 1976
Describes a program in which art work by local artists is exhibited regularly in schools to provide children with an unstructured aesthetic experience. (CW)
Descriptors: Aesthetic Education, Art Appreciation, Elementary Secondary Education, Emotional Disturbances
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Downton, David L. – Elementary School Journal, 1976
Primary school children and preschoolers in England were taught to understand and practice dental hygiene through varied programs of study involving several curriculum areas. (CW)
Descriptors: Dental Health, Early Childhood Education, Experimental Programs, Health Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Harris, Charles M.; Smith, Sue W. – Elementary School Journal, 1976
Implications for teacher hiring practices are drawn from a study comparing male and female elementary school teachers on two dimensions: tendency to establish control in a classroom and need for personal power. (CW)
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Elementary Education, Employment Practices, Females
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Novosti Press Agency – Elementary School Journal, 1975
The curriculum plan and educational theory behind two new art schools highlight a growing movement to provide educational environments for the cultivation of the aesthetic sense in children of cities and villages of the USSR. (CS)
Descriptors: Aesthetic Education, Art Education, Educational Philosophy, Elementary School Students
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Webster, Loraine – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Briefly describes a one-day visit to child care facilities in Denmark--a playground, a day care center, a kindergarten, and an after-school club. (ED)
Descriptors: Day Care, Early Childhood Education, Foreign Countries, Kindergarten
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hoskisson, Kenneth – Elementary School Journal, 1975
Based upon the theory of successive approximation (children learn language in a series of stages that come closer and closer to replicating adult language), the method of assisted reading instruction for children, ages four and above is explained in detail. Studies supporting this method are discussed. (ED)
Descriptors: Beginning Reading, Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten Children, Language Acquisition
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Dennis, Lawrence J. – Elementary School Journal, 1975
The school experiences in a typical English school are described from the perspective of a 6-year-old American. Some of the differences in classroom practices between England and the United Stated are discussed. (CS)
Descriptors: Classroom Environment, Early Childhood Education, Open Education, Program Descriptions
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Marshall, Gail – Elementary School Journal, 1975
An exploration of children's responses to some of the Caldecott prize-winning books, using a Piagetian-type interview. An attempt is made to find out why some children are "turned off" by books that, from all ostensible evidence, are of high quality. (CS)
Descriptors: Abstract Reasoning, Books, Childrens Literature, Cognitive Processes
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