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Gerber, Hannah R.; Gaitan, Luis – Educational Technology, 2017
This article explores the design processes in creating a pro-social mobile game, "Litter Leader." Following the Egyptian Revolution, "Litter Leader," a game designed for Android devices, was created to foster community change among Egyptian youth. By tracing the meaning-making that occurred with 20 Egyptian youth who playtested…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Activism, Social Development, Games
Bodily, Robert; Graham, Charles R.; Bush, Michael D. – Educational Technology, 2017
This article describes the crossroads between learning analytics and learner engagement. The authors do this by describing specific challenges of using analytics to support student engagement from three distinct perspectives: pedagogical considerations, technological issues, and interface design concerns. While engaging online learners presents a…
Descriptors: Learner Engagement, Online Courses, Educational Opportunities, Barriers
Macfadyen, Leah P. – Educational Technology, 2017
Learning technologies are now commonplace in education, and generate large volumes of educational data. Scholars have argued that analytics can and should be employed to optimize learning and learning environments. This article explores what is really meant by "analytics", describes the current best-known examples of institutional…
Descriptors: Educational Research, Barriers, Higher Education, Pragmatics
Gudivada, Venkat N. – Educational Technology, 2017
Various types of structured data collected by learning management systems such as Moodle have been used to improve student learning outcomes. Learning analytics refers to an assortment of data analysis methods used for this task. These methods typically do not consider unstructured data such as blogs, discussions, e-mail, and course messages.…
Descriptors: Data Collection, Data Analysis, Educational Research, Technology Uses in Education
Strate, Lance – Educational Technology, 2016
Our use of the electronic media to conduct serious discourse raises the question of whether "we are amusing ourselves to death," as Neil Postman argued. The approach known as "media ecology," the study of media as environments, which emphasizes the need to understand context and find balance, provides a basis for the analysis…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Higher Education, Online Courses, Mass Media Effects
Trentin, Guglielmo – Educational Technology, 2016
The possibility of being always connected to the Internet and/or the mobile network (hence the term "always-on") is increasingly blurring the borderline between physical and digital spaces, introducing a new concept of space, known as "hybrid." Innovative forms of teaching have been developing in hybrid spaces for some time…
Descriptors: Blended Learning, Teaching Models, Interaction, Educational Technology
DeVane, Ben; Steward, Cody; Tran, Kelly M. – Educational Technology, 2016
This article reports on a project that used a game-creation tool to introduce middle-school students ages 10 to 13 to problem-solving strategies similar to those in computer science through the lens of studio-based design arts. Drawing on historic paradigms in design pedagogy and contemporary educational approaches in the digital arts to teach…
Descriptors: Middle School Students, Design, Problem Solving, Computer Science
Conefrey, Theresa – Educational Technology, 2016
The 21st century classroom is large, diverse, underfunded, and populated by students weaned on digital devices espousing a consumer mentality looking for a good return on investment (ROI) on their education. These students, the so-called "millennials," and the coming Generation Z, who have grown up in the digital age, are more pragmatic…
Descriptors: Technology Uses in Education, Higher Education, Educational Technology, Teaching Methods
Shaughnessy, Michael F.; Fulgham, Susan M. – Educational Technology, 2016
Sigmund Tobias came to the United States in 1948, after his family had fled to China from the Holocaust in Europe. His Memoir ("Strange Haven: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Shanghai") describes that part of his life. He settled in New York, where he completed his B.A. and M.S. in School Psychology from the City College of New York, and a…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Interviews, Leaders, Computer Games
Jaeger, Garrett J. – Educational Technology, 2016
Educators are obliged to balance new resources with a healthy skepticism of change. This review of technological advances in creativity research highlights methods that scaffold both research and the students who stand to benefit from resultant findings. Educational technology need not lower its role to that of enabler. With proper guidance,…
Descriptors: Creativity, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Technological Advancement
Lawrence, Jody; Hokanson, Brad – Educational Technology, 2016
Most educational efforts focus on declarative knowledge and information, which are described primarily as "content." This concentration is common for online courses. Few go beyond this limited level of learning to seek changes in skills and character traits such as curiosity or creativity. Using a project-based curriculum, a course on…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Large Group Instruction, Technology Uses in Education, Educational Technology
Fei, Victor Lim; Hung, David – Educational Technology, 2016
This article discusses the controversies and value in the use of technology for learning. It proposes that as a teaching tool, technology also opens up new possibilities for teachers to design meaningful learning experiences for their students. The appropriate use of technology promises to deepen the learning of traditional literacy, numeracy, and…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Learning Experience
Aji, Sandeep – Educational Technology, 2016
One of the most explosive areas of growth in the field of higher education is currently in emerging international markets. In developing nations, lack of access to high-quality teachers and educational materials is often the key obstacle preventing students from gaining the skills and knowledge they need to pursue new opportunities and advance in…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Video Technology, Teaching Methods, Technology Uses in Education
Norris, Cathleen; Soloway, Elliot – Educational Technology, 2016
A school can change. In this case study, the authors describe the 12 factors they have identified as being key in the transformation of the core pedagogical practices at Nan Chiau Primary School, Singapore, from direct instruction to inquiry, from a 20th to a 21st century school. While the adoption of 1:1 mobile devices played a catalytic role in…
Descriptors: Elementary Schools, Case Studies, Foreign Countries, Handheld Devices
Bush, Michael D. – Educational Technology, 2016
Ayamel is a system developed by Brigham Young University (BYU) and the American Councils for International Education. "Ayamel" is a stylized name developed to stand for International Media Library, a new designation for the federally funded project that started out as the "Flagship Media Library." The project was funded by The…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Blended Learning, Video Technology
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