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Romero, Liz – Educational Technology, 2016
The purpose of this article is to describe the implementation of a story approach to create online courses in a college environment. The article describes the components of the approach and the implementation process to create a nursing and a language course. The implementation starts with the identification of the need and follows by creating a…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Problem Solving
Aji, Sandeep – Educational Technology, 2016
One of the most explosive areas of growth in the field of higher education is currently in emerging international markets. In developing nations, lack of access to high-quality teachers and educational materials is often the key obstacle preventing students from gaining the skills and knowledge they need to pursue new opportunities and advance in…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Video Technology, Teaching Methods, Technology Uses in Education
Ravicchio, Fabrizio; Trentin, Guglielmo – Educational Technology, 2015
The aim of the article is to describe the assessment model adopted by the SCINTILLA Project, a project in Italy aimed at the online vocational training of young, seriously-disabled subjects and their subsequent work inclusion in smart-work mode. It will thus describe the model worked out for evaluation of the training program conceived for the…
Descriptors: Vocational Education, Models, Program Effectiveness, Program Evaluation
Hokanson, Brad; McCluske, Marit – Educational Technology, 2014
The most defining characteristic of MOOCs and other massive courses may be their scale. In their popular description, in the pedagogical and technological approach, in course operation, and in impact, the scale of the course is always foremost in mind. Beyond changes in scale, there are challenges and opportunities to adapt the new techniques in a…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Large Group Instruction, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education
Anderson, Terry – Educational Technology, 2013
The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) was established as public, online university and thus has grown quickly with the global interest in online courses. However, like other dedicated distance-education institutions, UOC has had challenges adapting to MOOCs, and the emergent world of Web 2.0 learning technologies. To meet these challenges, UOC…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Open Universities, Distance Education, Open Education
Gulbahar, Yasemin; Kalelioglu, Filiz – Educational Technology, 2010
This article explores the use of proper instructional techniques in online discussions that lead to meaningful learning. The research study looks at the effective use of two instructional techniques within online environments, based on qualitative measures. "Brainstorming" and "Six Thinking Hats" were selected and implemented…
Descriptors: Electronic Learning, Online Courses, Active Learning, Distance Education
Hall, Andrea – Educational Technology, 2010
If cultural values affect the way that people learn, these should be accounted for in learning design. This article discusses innovative, pedagogically-sound design principles that were developed from theory and refined in an Arabic learning environment, in Oman. These principles are recommended for designing online learning that is culturally…
Descriptors: Electronic Learning, Online Courses, Foreign Countries, Values
Primo, L. Heidi – Educational Technology, 2010
This article examines women in Islamic countries with regard to sustainable futures, equity, and social justice. Some barriers to ICT use for women in the Middle East include access to computers, gender discrimination by employers, marginalized political participation, high rates of illiteracy, and lack of independence. Distance education offers a…
Descriptors: Electronic Learning, Social Justice, Females, Distance Education
Sales, Gregory C.; Al-Rahbi, Fathiya – Educational Technology, 2008
The Sultanate of Oman recently investigated the viability of online teacher training through a joint project funded by the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative and the Oman Ministry of Education. One aspect of the project was to build sufficient capacity within the Ministry to enable Oman to produce online training in the future. This article…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Foreign Countries, Teacher Education, Partnerships in Education
West, Paul G. – Educational Technology, 2007
This article describes a network among the Commonwealth's 28 smallest countries created to enhance the professional capacity of educators, developing new course materials, and enabling the transfer of courses and qualifications across borders. The focus is on topics such as entrepreneurship, tourism, professional development of educators, life…
Descriptors: Virtual Universities, College Faculty, Virtual Classrooms, Computer Uses in Education
Maslowski, Ralf; Visscher, Adrie J.; Collis, Betty; Bloemen, Paul P. M. – Educational Technology, 2000
Discussion of Web-based course management systems (W-CMSs) in higher education focuses on formative evaluation and its contribution in the design and development of high-quality W-CMSs. Reviews methods and techniques that can be applied in formative evaluation and examines TeLeTOP, a W-CMS produced at the University of Twente (Netherlands). (LRW)
Descriptors: Computer Managed Instruction, Computer System Design, Evaluation Methods, Foreign Countries