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Grillo, Lisa Maria; Jones, Sosanya; Andrews, Melody; Whitehead, Lyndsie – Educational Foundations, 2022
Black women currently enroll in graduate school programs and earn doctoral degrees at higher rates than all other demographic groups in the United States. Nonetheless, Black women remain noticeably underrepresented in educational leadership positions in public education. Research explorations of Black women who lead in public education primarily…
Descriptors: Blacks, Females, African American Leadership, Afrocentrism
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Revilla, Anita Tijerina – Educational Foundations, 2021
This essay examines Patricia William's concept of spirit murder (1991) as she details the ways that racism and other forms of discrimination have devastating spiritual and emotional long-term impacts on the individual and collective psyche of Black people and other marginalized people in the U.S. I connect William's concept of spirit murder to two…
Descriptors: Racial Bias, Racial Discrimination, Emotional Response, Psychological Patterns
Berry, Theodorea Regina; Candis, Matthew Reese – Educational Foundations, 2013
The authors begin this article looking at the start of the journey through this new 21st century and how educators at every level are endeavoring to meet the challenge to be responsive to the educational needs of their students, current and future. This is especially true in relationship to the education of students of diverse backgrounds…
Descriptors: Self Concept, Educational Needs, Student Needs, Cultural Differences
Oliva, Maricela; Rodriguez, Mariela A.; Alanis, Iliana; Quijada Cerecer, Patricia D. – Educational Foundations, 2013
In the Academy, faculty and institutional leaders traditionally have been white, male, and heterosexual. Of the 173,395 Full Professors identified in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) of the U.S. Department of Education in 2007, women represented almost 46,000, and Latinas held only 1,254 of those positions (U.S.…
Descriptors: Hispanic Americans, Females, Women Faculty, College Faculty
McCarther, Shirley Marie; Davis, Donna M.; Caruthers, Loyce – Educational Foundations, 2012
It was the second week in October, 2010. This year was like many in the past, where for decades, everyone convenes to continue traditions and preparations that have centered on a single, special event. This special event or celebration contextualizes the academic and social experiences of successful graduates of one HBCU located in Jefferson City,…
Descriptors: African Americans, Graduates, Educational Experience, Higher Education
Evans-Winters, Venus E.; Esposito, Jennifer – Educational Foundations, 2010
In her 1995 article, "Sapphire Bound!", legal scholar Regina Austin calls for minority female scholars in the legal field to straightforwardly, unapologetically, and strategically use their intellectual pursuits to advocate on behalf of poor and working class minority women. Even though Austin is arguing from the perspective of a woman of color,…
Descriptors: Minority Groups, Females, Feminism, Scholarship
Perez Huber, Lindsay – Educational Foundations, 2010
One of the most powerful elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Education is that it provides critical researchers with a lens not offered by many other theoretical frameworks--that is, the ability to examine how multiple forms of oppression can intersect within the lives of People of Color and how those intersections manifest in researchers'…
Descriptors: College Students, Student Attitudes, Educational Experience, Racial Bias
Roseboro, Donyell L.; Ross, Sabrina N. – Educational Foundations, 2009
This article builds upon earlier work exploring the implications of care theory for Black women educators by exploring the issue of colorblindness more broadly, as it relates to libratory education. Using the work of Freire (1970, 1998a, 1998b) and Noddings (1992a, 1995, 2001, 2005b), the authors revisit the relationship between libratory…
Descriptors: Females, Ethics, Hermeneutics, African American Teachers
Austin, Theresa – Educational Foundations, 2009
According to the national study conducted by Cochran-Smith & Fries (2005), the majority of teacher candidates in the U.S. are White middle-class women. While those from the U.S. who become TESOL teachers are also primarily White middle-class women, given the global demand for English, there is also a sizable number of TESOL teachers from…
Descriptors: Feminism, Race, Teacher Education Programs, Females
Esposito, Jennifer – Educational Foundations, 2009
Heteronormativity creates heterosexuality as the quintessential ideal of sexuality, as the most natural state of being. This normalization, in turn, marginalizes homosexuality so that it becomes viewed as unnatural and immoral. Berlant and Warner (1998) go on to argue that one way heteronormative forms of intimacy get reinscribed is through love…
Descriptors: Picture Books, Sexual Orientation, Homosexuality, Females
Bohan, Chara Haeussler; Null, J. Wesley – Educational Foundations, 2007
The history of normal school education remains an area of study that has attracted relatively little attention from educational historians in recent years, although a growing body of literature is emerging. Nonetheless, early normal schools in New England and the Midwest have received greater attention than those established in the Southwest.…
Descriptors: Preservice Teacher Education, Teacher Education Curriculum, Public Education, Educational History
Jean-Marie, Gaetane – Educational Foundations, 2006
The social movements during the last 50 years of the 20th century were among the most tumultuous years for people of color. African Americans, as well as other groups, confronted obstacles on what they could be and do. African Americans experienced harsh treatments in educational institutions and had to develop unconventional ways to advocate for…
Descriptors: Leadership, Justice, Black Colleges, Activism
Vasquez, Olga A.; Flores, Belinda Bustos; Clark, Ellen Riojas – Educational Foundations, 2001
"Los testimonios," or life stories, shared in this volume reveal that academia represents a labyrinth of challenges for aspiring and emerging Latina scholars--a story these authors know all too well. As Latina "veterana" scholars, who have traveled this arduous journey, the authors recognize that their collective efforts have…
Descriptors: Latin American Culture, Females, Personal Narratives, Mexican Americans
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Weis, Lois; Fine, Michelle; Morton-Christmas, Rukiyaa – Educational Foundations, 1999
Examines the stresses and strengths that define daily negotiated life experiences for women who are poor or working-class and African-American in urban America. Interviews with individuals in these communities show that these women see themselves as constantly negotiating borders of home/family/life and, at the same time, constantly carry…
Descriptors: Blacks, Elementary Secondary Education, Family Violence, Family Work Relationship
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Steet, Linda – Educational Foundations, 1999
Reveals how the author's interpretation of the development of reformatories for girls underwent a revisionist transformation during her work with an alternative school for delinquent girls, which challenged her interpretation of the impact of reformatory life. Explores questions of positionality, i.e., gender inequality and African-American and…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Blacks, Delinquency, Females
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