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Duchesneau, Nancy – Education Trust, 2020
The majority of public schools and districts in the U.S. report they are working to support the social and emotional learning of students. But in too many places, the approach is to focus narrowly on changing student behavior rather than implementing practices that build relationships and create learning environments that support positive social…
Descriptors: Student Behavior, Behavior Problems, Behavior Modification, Social Development
Patrick, Kayla; Onyeka-Crawford, Adaku; Duchesneau, Nancy – Education Trust, 2020
Embedded within school discipline policies, dress codes, or codes of conduct are gender and racial biases that manifest in exclusionary punishments that have more to do with who girls are rather than what they do. Girls of color face some of the greatest barriers to educational opportunities and social emotional growth inside schools with poor…
Descriptors: Females, Minority Group Students, Barriers, Equal Education
Nichols, Andrew Howard – Education Trust, 2020
This report examines the state of access for Black and Latino students at 101 of the nation's most selective public colleges and universities. More specifically, it examines how access for Black and Latino students at these institutions has changed since 2000 and whether these institutions are serving an undergraduate student body that represents…
Descriptors: African American Students, Hispanic American Students, Selective Admission, Access to Education
Patrick, Kayla; Socol, Allison; Morgan, Ivy – Education Trust, 2020
In this report, the authors examine the many ways Black and Latino students are locked out of the advanced coursework opportunities that can set them up for success in college and careers. Herein, they paint a picture at both national and state levels of how these students are denied access to meaningful advanced coursework opportunities, from…
Descriptors: Hispanic American Students, African American Students, Access to Education, Equal Education
Jones, Tiffany; Nichols, Andrew Howard – Education Trust, 2020
In the context of a long history of racial exclusion, policies designed to address racial inequalities continue to face strong opposition. This is especially true in the higher education sector, where there is strong resistance to efforts specifically designed to rectify racial discrimination (e.g., race-based affirmative action). This report…
Descriptors: Racial Bias, Educational Policy, Higher Education, Equal Education
Jones, Tiffany; Nichols, Andrew Howard – Education Trust, 2020
Despite the popular belief that affirmative action gives Black and Latino students an unfair advantage, these students are still underrepresented at the nation's selective colleges and at two- and four-year public colleges and universities in the vast majority of states. The truth is, it isn't enough to just believe that racial inequality is a…
Descriptors: Racial Bias, Educational Policy, Higher Education, Equal Education
Ramirez-Mendoza, Jaime; Jones, Tiffany – Education Trust, 2020
Public higher education has long been unaffordable for many students, especially for Black and Latino students who have substantially less wealth, on average, than their White peers. Unfortunately, the economic devastation caused by COVID-19 has only exacerbated these financial inequities for Black and Latino households, who have been hit hardest…
Descriptors: Decision Making, Student Financial Aid, College Attendance, Higher Education
Jones, Tiffany; Ramirez-Mendoza, Jaime; Jackson, Victoria – Education Trust, 2020
Free college programs have been around for some time, but they have proliferated in recent years, prompted by rising college costs, mounting student debt, and the United States' urgent need for a more educated workforce. But while these free college, or "promise" programs have the potential to make a higher education more affordable and…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Debt (Financial), Program Descriptions, State Policy
Schak, J. Oliver; Bentley, Charlie; Nichols, Andrew Howard; Pilar, Wil Del – Education Trust, 2019
The United States has almost 2,000 public postsecondary institutions, which provide more than 13 million undergraduates (nearly 2.8 million of them Latinos) with what is perhaps the key to economic security in the modern economy -- a college education. As the primary and most affordable access points to postsecondary education, these institutions…
Descriptors: Hispanic American Students, College Students, Access to Education, Postsecondary Education
Dixon, Davis; Griffin, Ashley; Teoh, Mark – Education Trust, 2019
Studies consistently show that teachers of color matter for all students, and especially for students of color. Yet, the proportion of teachers of color in the workforce continues to lag far behind the share of students of color in our schools. Recruiting teachers of color only gets them into the building. We must pay equal, if not more, attention…
Descriptors: Faculty Mobility, Minority Group Teachers, Barriers, Teacher Persistence
Elliott, Kayla C.; Jones, Tiffany – Education Trust, 2019
As Congress considers reauthorizing the Higher Education Act (HEA), there is an opportunity to implement a holistic accountability system that invests in equity, holds campuses responsible, and protects students and families. Recent efforts to increase access to higher education have narrowed gaps in enrollment for students from low-income…
Descriptors: Accountability, Access to Education, Higher Education, College Students
Gillispie, Carrie – Education Trust, 2019
For this report, The Education Trust conducted a first-of-its-kind analysis examining race and ethnicity in state-funded preschool programs across the country. Education Trust analyzed two aspects of these programs: the percentage of a state's Black and Latino 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled by quality of the program and the representation of Black…
Descriptors: Preschool Children, African American Students, Hispanic American Students, Access to Education
Nichols, Andrew Howard; Schak, J. Oliver – Education Trust, 2019
If America's public colleges and universities are supposed to be true democratic engines of opportunity and social mobility, their student body and graduates should at least mirror the racial and ethnic demographics of the state in which they reside. Public institutions should reduce -- rather than exacerbate -- race-based inequalities and advance…
Descriptors: African American Students, Public Colleges, Enrollment, College Graduates
Jones, Tiffany; Berger, Katie – Education Trust, 2019
Driven by the widespread acknowledgement that the United States must increase the number of individuals with college degrees to fill workforce needs and secure the nation's position on the global economic stage, national and state leaders have set ambitious goals to increase "degree attainment" rates, or the share of adults with a…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Educational Attainment, Racial Bias, Advocacy
Griffin, Ashley – Education Trust, 2018
If there ever was a time for educators to understand the experiences of Latino students, that time is now. Increases in anti-immigration expressions and sentiments and the very real rollback of federal protections have created an unsafe and unsettling environment in this nation and in its schools. One of the greatest resources to help educators…
Descriptors: Hispanic Americans, Minority Group Teachers, Hispanic American Students, Cultural Influences
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