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Moore, Colleen; Bracco, Kathy Reeves – Education Insights Center, 2018
California's education data, at least as they currently are collected, managed, and made available, are not sufficient for understanding and addressing the needs of California's students. That's the conclusion of the first three reports in the series "California Education Policy, Student Data, and the Quest to Improve Student Progress,"…
Descriptors: Information Needs, Longitudinal Studies, Educational Policy, Educational Improvement
Moore, Colleen; Bracco, Kathy Reeves – Education Insights Center, 2018
In the first of this four-part series of policy briefs on student data in California, we noted a disconnect in the views of state policy staff and local educators on the need for a statewide longitudinal student data system (see "About This Series"). The local educators we interviewed expressed a readiness to participate in a state data…
Descriptors: Partnerships in Education, Educational Policy, Instructional Improvement, Student Records
Moore, Colleen; Tan, Connie – Education Insights Center, 2018
The primary goal of the California State University's (CSU) Graduation Initiative 2025 (GI 2025) is to reduce time to degree. The results of a survey and focus groups involving students at three CSU campuses, undertaken by the Education Insights Center (EdInsights) on behalf of the CSU Student Success Network, indicate that this goal is consistent…
Descriptors: Student Attitudes, College Students, Time to Degree, Focus Groups
Lewis, Jodi; Nodine, Thad; Venezia, Andrea – Education Insights Center, 2017
This brief focuses on the potential role of County Offices of Education (COEs) in bridging the state's vision for college and career readiness with the implementation needs of local districts and schools. After summarizing the work of 10 COEs that are known for supporting districts in increasing college and career readiness, the brief raises…
Descriptors: Counties, County School Districts, Public Agencies, College Readiness
Moore, Colleen; Bracco, Kathy Reeves; Nodine, Thad – Education Insights Center, 2017
California collects expansive sets of data about students in its public K-12 and higher education systems--data that, collectively, have great potential to meet the information needs of state policymakers, local educators, and other stakeholders. But the data are collected and maintained in systems that are not connected, were designed for…
Descriptors: Student Records, Data Collection, Progress Monitoring, College Students
Koppich, Julia; Humphrey, Daniel; Venezia, Andrea; Nodine, Thad; Jaeger, Laura – Education Insights Center, 2017
Over the next three years, the California State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) will refine the college and career readiness (CCR) measures in the state's school accountability system. Determining which measures to use, given that they need to be robust, useful, equitable, and cost effective--and…
Descriptors: Measurement, Educational Indicators, College Readiness, Career Readiness
Moore, Colleen; Schrager, Cynthia; Bracco, Kathy Reeves – Education Insights Center, 2017
This report provides campus and system leaders with a scan of the current state of reform within the California State University (CSU), together with contextual insight into the obstacles and possibilities for broader scale adoption of coordinated, systemic change. Researchers: (1) Reviewed information on evidence-based student success strategies…
Descriptors: State Universities, Student Improvement, Educational Change, Graduation Rate
Lewis, Jodi; Bracco, Kathy Reeves; Moore, Colleen; Nodine, Thad; Venezia, Andrea – Education Insights Center, 2016
Student transfer processes from the California Community Colleges (CCC) to the California State University (CSU) have been simplified somewhat over the past few years, but they remain complex and confusing for most transfer students, according to students, administrators, and staff at several community colleges and CSU campuses. Transfer…
Descriptors: College Transfer Students, Community Colleges, Two Year College Students, State Universities
Jez, Su Jin; Adan, Sara – Education Insights Center, 2016
California's dynamic economy depends on having a large and skilled workforce; consequently, the state must continually support and refine efforts to provide workers with employer-valued competencies. Given the wide range of regional and state needs across this vast state, ensuring that the workforce has the training to keep up with labor market…
Descriptors: State Programs, Economic Development, Labor Force Development, Alignment (Education)
Moore, Colleen; Grubb, Brock; Esch, Camille – Education Insights Center, 2016
Conventional wisdom suggests that local educators tend to be wary of efforts by the state to gather more information from their institutions, due to the burdens that such requests often entail. But California's current education landscape, with its shift from state to local control of funding and accountability in the K-12 system, its massive…
Descriptors: Progress Monitoring, Data Collection, School District Autonomy, Higher Education
Jez, Su Jin; Nodine, Thad – Education Insights Center, 2016
The Economic and Workforce Development Program (EWD) aims to support California's economy by aligning community college educational programs with workforce development needs. The program connects employers and community college educators through a network of workforce training resources and partnerships called "Doing What Matters for Jobs and…
Descriptors: State Programs, Economic Development, Labor Force Development, Alignment (Education)
Lewis, Jodi; Nodine, Thad; Venezia, Andrea – Education Insights Center, 2016
This brief shares the perspectives and concerns of high school teachers in two districts regarding implementing the Common Core State Standards, specifically as the Common Core pertains to preparing more students for college and well-paying careers. The brief also makes state policy recommendations for ways to support teachers in their efforts to…
Descriptors: Common Core State Standards, State Policy, Elementary Secondary Education, Postsecondary Education
Venezia, Andrea; Lewis, Jodi – Education Insights Center, 2015
The early years of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in California were complicated by the Great Recession as well as by a significant devolution of finance and programmatic control to the local level through the Local Control Funding Formula. The state charted a steady course and took a systematic approach to CCSS…
Descriptors: Common Core State Standards, College Readiness, Career Readiness, State Policy
Moore, Coleen; Venezia, Andrea; Lewis, Jodi; Lefkovitz, Bina – Education Insights Center, 2015
As education reforms increasingly focus on the needs of students as they cross education systems and enter the workforce, regional partnerships, or consortia, are developing across the country to meet a wide range of students' needs. While regional partnerships have existed in different forms for decades to serve community needs, current…
Descriptors: Partnerships in Education, Geographic Regions, Consortia, Sustainability
Education Insights Center, 2015
This brief is aimed at state policymakers as a companion to the report, "Organizing for Success: California's Regional Education Partnerships." The brief recommends actions that could be taken by state policymakers and philanthropic foundations to better support the work of regional partnerships--such as improving alignment across…
Descriptors: Partnerships in Education, State Policy, Alignment (Education), Sustainability