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EdSource, 2020
Parents, students and school communities have been forced to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in unprecedented ways. What are their reactions to the responses by school districts and state officials to this crisis? How has this affected their feelings about state government and how are families faring as they face challenges like distance learning?…
Descriptors: Educational Attitudes, Public Opinion, Parent Attitudes, COVID-19
EdSource, 2017
As schools across the state implement the Next Generation Science Standards, this EdSource primer provides an easy-to-read guide for parents and other community members to understand the rationale for the standards and their potential to affect science instruction in California schools. California adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, or…
Descriptors: Science Instruction, Academic Standards, Teaching Methods, Instructional Innovation
Freedberg, Louis; Frey, Susan – EdSource, 2017
Compelling research shows that attending high-quality, full-day preschool and kindergarten is associated with improved outcomes for students. These outcomes include greater school readiness in a number of areas including language development, higher academic performance in math and reading, and less likelihood of being retained in later elementary…
Descriptors: Preschool Education, Kindergarten, Early Childhood Education, School Readiness
Freedberg, Louis; Frey, Susan – EdSource, 2016
Early childhood education programs in California have a crucial role to play in preparing dual language learners to enter kindergarten with the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. The reason is simple: there are more dual language learners under the age of 5 in early childhood education programs in California than anywhere else in…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, School Readiness, English Language Learners, Native Language
Freedberg, Louis; Rice, Stephanie – EdSource, 2014
Despite the fundamentally important role of teachers in our public school system, how they are prepared is receiving far less attention than other current reforms, such as the Common Core State Standards, the Local Control Funding Formula, and new ways to assess and hold schools accountable for student performance. It has been more than 15 years…
Descriptors: Teacher Competencies, Educational Change, Teacher Education, Teacher Certification
Freedberg, Louis; Colvin, Richard – EdSource, 2014
California is in the midst of a fundamental remaking of its assessment and accountability system that has been in place for 15 years. The state has the opportunity to play a leadership role in developing a multi-faceted assessment and accountability system that goes beyond a narrow focus on test scores and that could be a model for the nation. The…
Descriptors: Testing, Educational Change, Accountability, Student Evaluation
Chavez, Lisa; Freedberg, Louis – EdSource, 2013
California law severely limits local school districts' revenue-raising authority compared to most other states, which allow districts to raise local property taxes to support schools. School districts are primarily funded by revenues allocated by the state through complex formulas established decades ago. In California, school districts have…
Descriptors: School Districts, Educational Finance, Resource Allocation, Taxes
Freedberg, Louis; Frey, Susan; Chavez, Lisa – EdSource, 2013
"Stress factor" is defined as any internal or external influence that makes it more difficult for a school or district to carry out its basic mission of providing a high quality education to all its students, as well as to ensure that its students succeed on state and federal accountability measures. This report identifies 11 such stress…
Descriptors: Stress Variables, School Districts, Economic Impact, Job Layoff
Freedberg, Louis – EdSource, 2012
In recent years, compelling research has found that mastery of early math concepts at a preschool level is a better predictor of later academic outcomes than literacy. Partly driven by these findings, increasing attention is being focused on improving math pedagogy at the preschool level. The issue has assumed added urgency as a result of…
Descriptors: State Standards, Kindergarten, Preschool Education, Preschool Teachers
Frey, Susan – EdSource, 2012
Adult schools are facing the biggest threat to their existence since the first school was founded in California a century and a half ago. An EdSource survey in October-November 2011 found that 23 of the state's 30 largest school districts had made major cuts to their adult education programs, including Anaheim Union High School District, which…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Educational Finance, School Districts, Educational Change
Rosin, Matthew – EdSource, 2012
In 2012, the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges adopted recommendations from the legislatively mandated Student Success Task Force. They included a recommendation that California's community colleges develop "diagnostic" assessments for use across the system. These would provide detailed information about each…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Diagnostic Tests, Two Year College Students, Educational Change
Freedberg, Louis; Chavez, Lisa – EdSource, 2012
During the past several years, there have been growing concerns regarding the effectiveness of school discipline policies, as well as their disproportionate impact on African American and Latino students. For at least a decade, questions have been raised about district-level "zero tolerance" policies that have contributed to larger…
Descriptors: Discipline, Discipline Policy, School Policy, Zero Tolerance Policy
Rosin, Matthew – EdSource, 2012
Large numbers of students in California's 112 community colleges are struggling to pass college-level math classes, including courses they need to complete a degree or transfer to a four-year institution. Community college students' success in rigorous math is crucial to their futures and to any effort to improve college completion rates in…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Two Year College Students, Mathematics Achievement, College Mathematics
Freedberg, Louis; Frey, Susan – EdSource, 2012
The number and intensity of internal and external stress factors on California schools and school districts are on the rise as a result of state budget deficits and the nation's struggling economy. Schools and the children they serve are experiencing these stresses at the same time that they are coming under increasing pressure to meet ever higher…
Descriptors: School District Size, Elementary Secondary Education, Public Schools, Influences
EdSource, 2011
This EdSource Q&A provides clear, accurate answers to some of the most common questions about the current state of education funding in California and what the state's fiscal crisis means for schools. School districts and other education stakeholders can share this brief with their communities and cite it in addressing questions about the…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Financial Problems, Program Guides, Retrenchment
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