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Digital Promise Global, 2021
Personalized learning--learning that is connected to each individual's development, background, interests, and experiences--provides an approach that broadly and equitably supports educators' efforts to empower learners as individuals. Personalized learning offers a path to effectively support the growing diversity of the population of students by…
Descriptors: Individualized Instruction, Student Diversity, Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Research
Digital Promise Global, 2021
Effective classroom teachers have always personalized learning. But they have done so with limited structural supports, such as curriculum, pedagogy, tools, and resources specifically designed to support personalization. For the education community to bring personalized learning more systematically to many more learners, research about how…
Descriptors: Individualized Instruction, Educational Research, Technology Uses in Education, Student Diversity
Sheppard, Shannon M. – Digital Promise Global, 2021
To meet the growth in learner diversity in today's classroom, a new paradigm for improving the precision and accuracy of "personalization" is critical to address the needs of students who are held back by traditional pathways designed for the mythical "average" learner. In response to this challenge, Digital Promise Global has…
Descriptors: Individualized Instruction, Student Diversity, Primary Education, Reading Research
Pape, Barbara; Vander Ark, Tom – Digital Promise Global, 2021
The convergence of growing classroom diversity, learning sciences research, sophistication of technology, and 21st-century job requirements in a global market could put America's education system on track for personalizing the learning experience. The goal is for each student to master content and skills to help guarantee their success in college…
Descriptors: Individualized Instruction, Educational Policy, Educational Practices, Student Diversity
Means, Barbara; Neisler, Julie – Digital Promise Global, 2020
This report describes the experiences of over 600 undergraduates who were taking STEM courses with in-person class meetings that had to shift to remote instruction in spring 2020 because of COVID-19. Internet connectivity issues were serious enough to interfere with students' ability to attend or participate in their STEM course at least…
Descriptors: STEM Education, Educational Experience, Undergraduate Students, COVID-19
Means, Barbara; Peters, Vanessa; Neisler, Julie; Griffiths, Rebecca – Digital Promise Global, 2020
Higher education experienced an unprecedented and unplanned shift to remote instruction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. For the first time, the great majority of postsecondary faculty and students were engaged in remote instruction. Faculty members who had never taught (or learned through) online courses were challenged to…
Descriptors: COVID-19, Pandemics, Online Courses, Distance Education
Tare, Medha; Ruppel Shell, Alison – Digital Promise Global, 2019
While research shows that learners differ in many ways, this work must be translated into actionable strategies to benefit students. We describe the results of our partnership with ReadWorks, a widely-used literacy edtech platform, to help them implement research-based pedagogical features that support learners with diverse needs. In a national…
Descriptors: Instructional Design, Educational Technology, Program Descriptions, National Surveys
Noakes, Sierra – Digital Promise Global, 2019
Today, more is known than ever about how people learn through advances in learning sciences research. It is also known, through research, that people learn differently. By incorporating learning sciences research findings in the design and development of edtech products, developers can create powerful learning experiences for the full spectrum of…
Descriptors: Educational Research, Educational Technology, Educational Innovation, Research Utilization
Tare, Medha; Nobles, Susanne; Xiao, Wendy – Digital Promise Global, 2018
Over the past several decades, the student population in the United States has grown more diverse by factors including race, socioeconomic status, primary language spoken at home, and learning differences. At the same time, learning sciences research has advanced our understanding of learner variability and the importance of grounding educational…
Descriptors: Student Diversity, Evidence Based Practice, Student Needs, Cooperative Planning
Pape, Barbara – Digital Promise Global, 2018
School systems that use a one-size-fits-all model continue to under-serve nearly all of their students. These schools prepare young people for an industrial world that no longer exists. Rigid class structures are the norm. Little, if any, attention is given to the social and emotional skills that even the business community has listed as top…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Teaching Methods, Social Emotional Learning, Educational Policy
Digital Promise Global, 2017
Recent years have seen the emergence of design-thinking and maker learning initiatives across formal and informal learning environments. A variety of offerings, from museum and afterschool programs, to STEM challenges and entrepreneurship courses, create opportunities for young people to develop skills relevant to today's workplace. Design-based…
Descriptors: Design, STEM Education, Experiential Learning, Problem Solving
Digital Promise Global, 2017
Digital Promise Global commissioned research in order to learn more about how students and teachers made use of the technology, document areas of growth experienced by the participants, and understand the effects of implementation context on technology use and learning. The study also sought insights related to challenges and best practices that…
Descriptors: Design, Student Centered Learning, Experiential Learning, Program Evaluation