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Data Quality Campaign, 2023
The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) has been reviewing state report cards for the past seven years. They continue to examine the landscape of state report cards because they believe states must increase transparency and build trust by sharing information. But after many years, it was time to look at state report cards with fresh eyes. In addition to…
Descriptors: Parent Attitudes, Data Collection, Information Dissemination, Parents
Data Quality Campaign, 2023
People need access to data. Individual students and job seekers, families, educators, communities, and policymakers must have the information they need to foster successful journeys through education and the workforce. Robust statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDSs) can be designed to prioritize meaningful access to data but must also protect…
Descriptors: Federal Government, Government Role, Data, Information Security
Data Quality Campaign, 2023
For decades, states have been investing in statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDSs) that connect individual-level data over time from early childhood, K-12, postsecondary, and workforce. Because of these investments, most states have a powerful tool that could provide people with the information they need to make decisions at key transition…
Descriptors: Access to Information, Data, Data Use, State Action
Data Quality Campaign, 2023
Quality science education can give students content knowledge and analytic skills that will open up many career pathways. Data about students' science education opportunities, outcomes, and instruction gives parents and families a more complete picture of the education their students are receiving. To ensure that parents have access to and can…
Descriptors: Science Education, State Policy, Data, Students
Data Quality Campaign, 2023
Schools, state and local education and workforce agencies, colleges, career education and training programs, and employers collect and use education and workforce data. But without a connected, cohesive system through which students, job seekers, and college and career counselors can get that information, it often remains just out of reach for…
Descriptors: Career Pathways, Data Use, Access to Information, Goal Orientation
Data Quality Campaign, 2023
Each year, state legislators introduce hundreds of bills that generate new data collections, analyses, and resources, playing a crucial role in how people access and use data. Notably, in 2023 legislators introduced and enacted bills governing cross-agency data systems--the most important step that states must take to make robust access to data…
Descriptors: Educational Legislation, Data Analysis, Data Collection, Access to Information
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
Disaggregated data and information on other equity-focused indicators provides families with the information they need to truly understand how their students are supported in the classroom and ensure that leaders are directing supports to the students who need them most. But DQC's "Show Me the Data" review of 2021 state report cards…
Descriptors: Data Collection, Academic Achievement, Equal Education, Teacher Characteristics
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
States must prioritize ensuring that families can use their state's report card to make decisions for their students. But DQC's "Show Me the Data" review of 2021 state report cards found that these resources were not up to the task of providing families with the information they need. From translations to visualizations, data is most…
Descriptors: Data Collection, Improvement, Translation, Parents
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
Five years ago, California's education data lagged far behind the systems in most other states. However, state leaders and education advocates undertook a purposeful engagement and design process to build a data system that represents the state's values and meets different stakeholders' needs. This case study on California's P-20W Cradle-to-Career…
Descriptors: Data, Data Collection, Design, Inclusion
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
State legislators have the opportunity to create and support legislation that positions data as a tool to help decisionmakers at all levels take action to support student success. This checklist can serve as a guide to crafting legislation that addresses education data. It applies specifically to education data legislation which includes bills…
Descriptors: State Legislation, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Educational Policy
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
For decades, schools nationwide have collected household income data to identify those eligible for free and reduced-price lunch programs. State leaders have long used this information as a proxy for student economic disadvantage--yet this data is insufficient to understand and address students' needs. Measures based on FRL data lack critical…
Descriptors: State Policy, Student Needs, Measurement Techniques, Disadvantaged Youth
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
Students have many options as they leave high school and enter postsecondary education or the workforce. But during the six years that the Data Quality Campaign has reviewed report cards from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, it has been found that states have struggled to provide a robust picture of all of these options on their report…
Descriptors: Postsecondary Education, High School Graduates, Employment, Military Service
Data Quality Campaign, 2022
Each year, state legislators craft new policies that drive data use across their states, and as part of a comprehensive review of state education data legislation, the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) keeps track. In 2022, state legislators introduced 131 bills in 35 states--42 of which became law in 17 states-- that would govern the use of data along…
Descriptors: Privacy, State Legislation, Student Records, Confidentiality
Data Quality Campaign, 2021
Data is a critical part of policy conversations in every state. This briefing book is meant to bring the reader up to speed on 12 of the most pressing topics about the schools and postsecondary and workforce options in each state: (1) Student data helps improve student achievement; (2) Postsecondary data provides insights about students, schools,…
Descriptors: Educational Policy, Labor Force, Data, Schools
Data Quality Campaign, 2021
Data reflects a series of decisions made by people--and those decisions affect the story that data tells, what it captures, and how it can and should be used to inform decision-making. Because of this, mistrust in data is often the result of incomplete information and a lack of context. This resource breaks down what it means to build trust in…
Descriptors: Data Use, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Bias
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