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Lehrfeld, Jonathan; Zahner, Doris – Council for Aid to Education, 2017
Low motivation to perform well on a test is a potentially problematic source of construct-irrelevant variance (Messick, 1980), especially when there are low or no stakes attached to performance. That is, interpretations of test scores as indicators of students' knowledge and skills may be compromised if those students do not put forth the effort…
Descriptors: Performance Based Assessment, Critical Thinking, Writing Skills, College Students
Zahner, Doris; Kostoris, Fiorella – Council for Aid to Education, 2017
International assessments in higher education are especially challenging because differences across countries (e.g., educational systems, SES) increase the complexity of testing. This becomes even more challenging when using performance-based assessments, which are becoming more prominent in assessment programs. ANVUR collaborated with the Council…
Descriptors: Performance Based Assessment, International Assessment, Higher Education, Foreign Countries
Benjamin, Roger – Council for Aid to Education, 2016
There is much to discuss, and debate, about the sources and effects of inequality on economic growth and social mobility, and the relationship between education and economic growth. However, an undergraduate degree from a highly selective and elite college gives students a strong advantage in gaining employment in jobs that promise greater…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Postsecondary Education, Access to Education, Disproportionate Representation
Zahner, Doris; Steedle, Jeffrey T. – Council for Aid to Education, 2015
Some universities administer standardized tests to estimate school effects on student learning. To that end, many of those institutions choose to gather cross-sectional data (freshmen and seniors in the same academic year) rather than longitudinal data. The effects of this decision on institutional assessment results are generally unknown. The…
Descriptors: Longitudinal Studies, Case Studies, Postsecondary Education, Comparative Analysis
Kornhauser, Zachary G. C.; James, Jessalynn K. – Council for Aid to Education, 2015
Low-stakes assessments are commonly used in educational institutions as measures of student learning, but suffer from some threats to validity. Low-student motivation is one issue facing the validity of these assessments, as research has found student motivation to impact performance on low-stakes exams. The current study aimed to determine (a) if…
Descriptors: Correlation, High School Freshmen, College Freshmen, Tests
Zahner, Doris; James, Jessalynn K. – Council for Aid to Education, 2015
Do "generic" skills such as critical thinking and written communication matter in the workplace? A recent study indicates that, in addition to a student's major in college and the selectivity of an institution, better performance on an assessment of critical-thinking and written-communication skills is associated with higher rates of…
Descriptors: Predictive Validity, Test Validity, College Seniors, College Graduates
Zahner, Doris; Steedle, Jeffrey T. – Council for Aid to Education, 2014
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched the Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) in an effort to measure learning in international postsecondary education. This paper presents a study of scoring equivalence across nine countries for two translated and adapted performance tasks. Results reveal…
Descriptors: International Assessment, Performance Based Assessment, Postsecondary Education, Scoring
Wolf, Raffaela; Zahner, Doris; Kostoris, Fiorella; Benjamin, Roger – Council for Aid to Education, 2014
The measurement of higher-order competencies within a tertiary education system across countries presents methodological challenges due to differences in educational systems, socio-economic factors, and perceptions as to which constructs should be assessed (Blömeke, Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Kuhn, & Fege, 2013). According to Hart Research…
Descriptors: Case Studies, International Assessment, Performance Based Assessment, Critical Thinking
Kornhauser, Zachary G. C.; Minahan, Jillian; Siedlecki, Karen L.; Steedle, Jeffrey T. – Council for Aid to Education, 2014
Low-stakes assessments are increasingly being used by institutions of higher education as measures of student learning. One issue facing the validity of these assessments is that of student motivation, as research indicates that student motivation may play a large role in influencing test scores. To address this issue, the current study sought to…
Descriptors: Motivation Techniques, Student Motivation, Undergraduate Students, Student Evaluation
Steedle, Jeffrey T.; Zahner, Doris; Kugelmass, Heather – Council for Aid to Education, 2014
Poor motivation is commonly cited as a concern when interpreting results from low-stakes standardized tests administered to postsecondary students. This study investigates the associations between test administration procedures and students' self-reported effort and performance on the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), an open-ended test of…
Descriptors: Testing, College Outcomes Assessment, Standardized Tests, Hierarchical Linear Modeling