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Eckert, Jonathan – Corwin, 2023
Teaching is life-giving work, essential for the development of thriving humans. It is devastating to hear teachers refer to themselves as "just teachers" as if they are powerless and without status. What if we turned the phrase's meaning upside-down and claimed its redemptive power? "Just teachers" care for each student.…
Descriptors: Teaching (Occupation), Teacher Role, Teaching Methods, Evidence Based Practice
Soto, Ivannia; Sagun, Theodore Ruiz; Beiersdorf, Michael – Corwin, 2023
As the number of multilingual learners (MLLs) in US schools continues to grow, educators need to learn the moves necessary to support the success of these students in mathematics and science. "Equity Moves to Support Multilingual Learners in Mathematics and Science, Grades K-8" focuses on the literacy opportunities that MLLs can achieve…
Descriptors: Multilingualism, Student Diversity, Mathematics Instruction, Science Instruction
Zacarian, Debbie – Corwin, 2023
Much has changed in the ten years since this book was first published. A celebrated triumph, it provided state, district, school, and teacher leaders with a comprehensive guide to support multilingual learners to reach their full potential. From selecting the appropriate program model to partnering with families and infusing federal and state laws…
Descriptors: Multilingualism, Bilingual Students, Bilingual Education, Educational Policy
Lachance, Joan; Honigsfield, Andrea – Corwin, 2023
When implemented with commitment to collaboration, dual language programs work--and two teachers are better than one. Leveraging the power of teacher collaboration is the key to leading all your students to multilingual identity development and language, literacy, and academic success. This practical book adapts a widely used, evidence-based…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Teacher Collaboration, Team Teaching, Social Justice
Robb, Evan – Corwin, 2022
Skillful leadership is critical as schools return to a new normalcy. Improving students' learning and addressing the challenges many learners experienced due to recent learning interruptions are top priorities for all school leaders. "Aiming High" offers leaders a framework for creating an environment where both effective instruction and…
Descriptors: Leadership Styles, Leadership Responsibility, School Culture, Cooperation
Renwick, Matt – Corwin, 2022
All schools have the capacity for schoolwide instructional excellence. Schools with leaders who adopt a coaching stance as part of their practice are more likely to realize this success. Leaders achieve success with their teachers, their students, and their families, not alone. "Leading like a C.O.A.C.H." reframes the approach to…
Descriptors: Leadership, Capacity Building, Coaching (Performance), Teacher Administrator Relationship
Kuczala, Mike – Corwin, 2022
Cultivating focus, re-energizing oneself, and improving daily habits are essential for educators' well-being and the good that they pass along to students. Mike Kuczala asserts that educators' greatest tool is a mirror--in it, teachers will find their greatest advocate for personal growth, power, wellness, and vision: themselves. However, finding…
Descriptors: Teacher Characteristics, Teacher Competencies, Educational Practices, Productivity
Rubin, Heather; Estrada, Lisa; Honigsfeld, Andrea – Corwin, 2022
Since the first edition of this bestselling resource many schools are still striving to close the digital divide and bridge the opportunity gap for historically marginalized students, including English learners. And the need for technology-infused lessons specifically aligned for English learners is even more critically needed. Building from…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Equal Education
DeWitt, Peter M. – Corwin, 2022
Today's educators are buried under old practices, new ideas, and recommended initiatives. The problem? With such an abundance of strategies, it's hard to recognize what, if anything, is working. Before you're tempted to add just one more idea to the pile, take a step back--and an objective look--so that you, central office leaders, building…
Descriptors: Educational Practices, Educational Innovation, Evidence Based Practice, Program Effectiveness
Mabry, Tommie – Corwin, 2022
The factors that influence students' beliefs and attitudes about the value of formal education are complex and expansive, especially with respect to marginalized student populations. Motivational speaker and master storyteller Dr. Tommie Mabry builds from personal experiences as a child labeled "at risk" to promote empathy and…
Descriptors: Empathy, Teacher Student Relationship, Student Attitudes, Disadvantaged
Rogers, Jennifer E. – Corwin, 2022
While social-emotional learning (SEL) is regularly identified as a top priority for student well-being and achievement, effective implementation will not happen on its own. That's what makes the SEL coach critical to success. Effective systems change happens with an SEL coach who has the skills to lead, communicate, analyze, train, collaborate,…
Descriptors: Social Emotional Learning, Coaching (Performance), Curriculum Implementation, Curriculum Development
Sweeney, Diane; Harris, Leanna S.; Steele, Julie – Corwin, 2022
Engaging teachers in coaching is an ongoing process that requires planning and intentionality. Whether you are new to a school or have been there a while, the beginning of the year brings forth the opportunity to envision what your work will look like and how you will deepen the impact it makes on teacher and student learning. Designed to ensure a…
Descriptors: Teacher Participation, Coaching (Performance), Student Centered Learning, Facilitators (Individuals)
Mills, Afrika Afeni – Corwin, 2022
Equip your students--and yourself--to grapple with racial identity and crucial questions about race. As antiracist educators, we strive to create learning environments where White-identifying students learn to shift from centering their own racial identity to recognizing the histories, perspectives, and experiences of others. How do we make that…
Descriptors: Racial Identification, Racism, Educational Environment, Whites
Brueggeman, Amanda – Corwin, 2022
Mentor relationships should focus on student growth and provide novice teachers with instructional support to truly make an impact on student learning. Amanda Brueggeman brings this focus to life in "Student-Centered Mentoring" by presenting mentorship strategies that can be applied effectively in any induction context, all through the…
Descriptors: Student Centered Learning, Mentors, Teacher Student Relationship, Beginning Teachers
Gamwell, Peter; Daly, Jane – Corwin, 2022
From far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 to environmental and economic concerns, we're living in the Age of Complexity that will likely be with us for generations to come. How then can schools and organizations change their learning environments to foster innovative thinking in students when the Age of Complexity is always at the forefront? Peter…
Descriptors: Educational Innovation, Educational Change, Educational Environment, Change Strategies
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