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Nottingham, James; Larsson, Bosse – Corwin, 2018
This book answers key questions about Carol Dweck's theory of Mindset--What is a 'growth mindset' and what difference can it make? Why are growth mindset interventions not working in schools (yet) and what can be done to change this? What is a 'failure mindset' and why is it more influential than an adult's fixed or growth mindset? Drawing on…
Descriptors: Cognitive Development, Epistemology, Intervention, Grades (Scholastic)
Gini-Newman, Garfield; Case, Roland – Corwin, 2018
Critical, creative and collaborative thinking should be at the centre of all 21st century teaching and learning. "Creating Thinking Classrooms" is loaded with examples, stories and strategies for reinvigorating schools with this quality thinking. Written for leaders who support teachers, this guide treats educational change as a process…
Descriptors: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Cooperative Learning, Educational Change
Cranston, Lisa – Corwin, 2018
Meaningful growth in teacher practice comes when we invest in teacher-led, inquiry-based collaborative models where teachers get to roll up their sleeves and study what's really going on in classrooms. "Lab Class" introduces an observation-based professional learning design that helps teachers collaboratively plan, investigate, and…
Descriptors: Teacher Collaboration, Classroom Observation Techniques, Cooperative Planning, Inquiry
Bailey, Alison L.; Heritage, Margaret – Corwin, 2018
New content standards integrate content and language in ways prior standards have never done. That's why it's so critically important that teachers attend to both content and language development when introducing new subject matter, especially for English learners. Here's your opportunity to get started tomorrow and every day thereafter: Alison…
Descriptors: Standards, Course Content, Interdisciplinary Approach, Teaching Methods
SanGiovanni, John J.; Milou, Eric – Corwin, 2018
Do your students need more opportunities do develop number sense and reasoning? Are you looking to get your students energized and talking about mathematics? Have you wondered how practical, replicable, and engaging activities would complement your mathematics instruction? This guide answers the question "What could I do differently?" by…
Descriptors: Mathematics Instruction, Secondary School Mathematics, Middle School Students, Grade 6
Romero, Victoria E.; Robertson, Ricky; Warner, Amber – Corwin, 2018
Nearly half of all children have been exposed to at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE), such as poverty, divorce, neglect, homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, or parent incarceration. These students often enter school with behaviors that don't blend well with the typical school environment. How can a school community come…
Descriptors: Student Behavior, Behavior Problems, Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Environment
Stuart, Dave, Jr. – Corwin, 2018
Dave R. Stuart Jr.'s work is centered on a simple belief: all students and teachers can flourish. Yet that seemingly simple goal can feel unattainable when teachers are expected to teach core content within the disciplines and improve literacy in their classrooms. How can teachers and students flourish under so much pressure? Stuart's advice: Take…
Descriptors: Best Practices, Teaching Methods, Faculty Development, Self Esteem
Calederon, Margarita Espino; Slakk, Shawn – Corwin, 2018
For any student, middle and high school can be challenging. But for an English learner or striving reader--and the myriad words, phrases, syntax, texts, and concepts they must negotiate on a daily basis--the stakes seem a whole lot higher. Fortunately for content-area teachers, Margarita Calderón and Shawn Slakk make available in a single resource…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, English (Second Language), Reading Instruction, Grade 6
Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy; Amador, Olivia; Assof, Joseph – Corwin, 2018
"On a clear day, you can learn forever"-- that's the adapted lyric you'll be happily humming once you've covered this playbook, because you will have mastered using learning intentions and success criteria, the twin engines of "Teacher Clarity." This template-filled guide shows you how to own it, do it, and live it--and your…
Descriptors: Teaching Guides, Teaching Methods, Expectation, Goal Orientation
Goldberg, Gravity – Corwin, 2018
Gravity Goldberg's "Teach Like Yourself" helps you be the biggest, boldest, and most powerful version of your teacher self. It reminds you why you became a teacher and coaches you to bring your unique gifts and talents into the classroom. The difference between a so-so lesson and one that leaves a lasting impact on students has…
Descriptors: Teacher Characteristics, Teacher Competencies, Self Efficacy, Beliefs
Epstein, Joyce L.; Sanders, Mavis G.; Sheldon, Steven B.; Simon, Beth S.; Salinas, Karen Clark; Jansorn, Natalie Rodriguez; Van Voorhis, Frances L.; Martin, Cecelia S.; Thomas, Brenda G.; Greenfeld, Marsha D.; Hutchins, Darcy J.; Williams, Kenyatta J. – Corwin, 2018
When schools, families, and communities collaborate and share responsibility for students' education, more students succeed in school. Based on 30 years of research and fieldwork, the fourth edition of the bestseller "School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action," presents tools and guidelines to help develop more…
Descriptors: Guides, Technical Assistance, Check Lists, Partnerships in Education
Lent, ReLeah Cossett; Voight, Marsha McCracken – Corwin, 2018
What happens when middle and high school teachers who know their content very well are told they should be teaching reading and writing too? Is there a bit of resistance? A decrease in self-efficacy? An overturning of curricula? In "Disciplinary Literacy in Action," ReLeah Cossett Lent and Marsha Voigt show us a better way. In this…
Descriptors: Literacy Education, Reading Instruction, Content Area Reading, Teaching Methods
Murawski, Wendy W., Ed.; Scott, Kathy Lynn, Ed. – Corwin, 2017
Today's teachers, especially the many who work with students with special needs, are pressed to know a little something about everything. Expertise is needed in different content and pedagogical areas, but knowledge of different types of disabilities is required as well. Wendy Murawski and Kathy Lynn Scott have assembled another reader-friendly…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Students, Mathematics Instruction, Reading Instruction
Sweeney, Diane; Harris, Leanna S. – Corwin, 2017
Student-centered coaching is a highly-effective, evidence-based coaching model that shifts the focus from "fixing" teachers to collaborating with them to design instruction that targets student outcomes. But what does this look like in practice? "Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves" shows you the day-to-day coaching moves that…
Descriptors: Coaching (Performance), Elementary Secondary Education, Teacher Competencies, Faculty Development
Fergus, Edward – Corwin, 2017
According to federal data, African American students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled. As a school leader, what do you do when your heart is in the right place, but your data show otherwise? In "Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity", Edward Fergus takes us on a journey into…
Descriptors: Disproportionate Representation, Equal Education, Data Analysis, Research Utilization
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