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Snyder, Sydney; Fenner, Diane Staehr – Corwin, 2021
Our nation's moment of reckoning with the deficit view of multilingual learners has arrived. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed and exacerbated long-standing inequities that stand in the way of MLs' access to effective instruction. Recent events have also caused us to reflect on our place as educators within the intersection of race and…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Culturally Relevant Education, Multilingualism, COVID-19
Sweeney, Diane; Harris, Leanna S. – Corwin, 2021
As we return to 'normal' the guidance in this book will ensure we continue to focus on deeply knowing our students, having a coherent and focused curriculum, and coaching from a place of formative assessment and evidence. Authors Diane Sweeney and Leanna Harris, whose best-selling books have influenced thousands of K-12 coaches, have written…
Descriptors: Coaching (Performance), Student Centered Learning, Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Technology
Paynter, Jeanne L. – Corwin, 2021
Are you cultivating the real-world creative problem-solving skills today's diverse learners need for future success? Or have we leaned so far into test preparation that we have left no room for developing our students' unique talents, leaving them disengaged and unmotivated? With the new brain-based Talent-Targeted Teaching and Learning model…
Descriptors: Educational Innovation, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Metacognition
Sanchez, Horacio – Corwin, 2021
Economic hardship is changing our students' brain structures at a genetic level, producing psychological, behavioral, and cognitive issues that dramatically impact learning, behavior, physical health, and emotional stability. But there is hope. This groundbreaking book by one of the nation's top experts in brain science and resilience offers…
Descriptors: Poverty, Low Income Students, At Risk Students, Racial Differences
Mohan, Nicky; Jukes, Ian; Schaaf, Ryan L. – Corwin, 2021
While reading, writing, and arithmetic remain important, they are no longer enough. For learners to thrive, they must move beyond traditional literacies to modern fluencies--the unconscious mental processes that are learned, adapted, and applied in the context of real-world problems and challenges. In this book, the authors unpack the fluencies…
Descriptors: Competence, Lesson Plans, Scoring Rubrics, Discussion (Teaching Technique)
Anderman, Eric M. – Corwin, 2020
Facing a classroom of attentive, focused, and ready-to-learn students is a teacher's dream. Nevertheless, this is not always the reality, and pulling students along when they don't seem interested is frustrating. Too often, a teacher's daily experience does not align with the dream. This book is here to show how you, as a classroom teacher,…
Descriptors: Student Motivation, Teacher Role, Grouping (Instructional Purposes), Rewards
Sweeney, Diane; Harris, Leanna S. – Corwin, 2020
Diane Sweeney and Leanna Harris, whose best-selling books have influenced the practice of thousands of K-12 coaches, frame how Student-Centered Coaching serves as an evidence-based model of professional learning that focuses on student outcomes. Shifting the focus from "fixing" teachers to partnering with them to reach goals for student…
Descriptors: Student Centered Learning, Coaching (Performance), Elementary Secondary Education, Principals
Frazier, Rebecca – Corwin, 2020
Successful coaching has long been seen as a mental exercise--in order to do right by the teachers you serve, you put theory into practice, establish orderly processes, analyze data effectively, and implement externally mandated reforms. The truth, though, is that truly "great" coaches derive their success not just from what they do, but…
Descriptors: Coaching (Performance), Instructional Effectiveness, Holistic Approach, Teacher Effectiveness
Hess, Karin; Colby, Rose; Joseph, Daniel – Corwin, 2020
The one-size-fits-all instructional and assessment practices of the past no longer equitably meet the needs of all students. Competency-based education (CBE) has emerged not only as an innovation in education, but as a true transformation of the approaches to how we traditionally "do" school. In "Deeper Competency-Based…
Descriptors: Competency Based Education, Student Centered Learning, Best Practices, Program Implementation
Hannigan, Jessica Djabrayan; Hannigan, John E. – Corwin, 2020
MTSS is complex. Without correct implementation and evaluation, schools struggle to do it well and students can be negatively impacted in the process. With the guidance provided in this book, however, you can start on the path to equitable access and opportunities for all students to achieve. In this hands-on guide, authors Jessica and John…
Descriptors: Positive Behavior Supports, Program Implementation, Equal Education, Access to Education
Nielson, Gaylan; Burks, Betty – Corwin, 2020
Educators at all levels have increasing demands keeping them working harder than ever, but they are often working hard on things that don't really help them reach the loftiest of goals--student success. This "Fake Work" can mire the most dedicated educator in exhaustion, burnout, and a lack of confidence that improvement is possible.…
Descriptors: Faculty Workload, Performance Factors, Teamwork, School Culture
Renton, Martin – Corwin, 2020
"Questioning" is a process that sparks discussion and encourages deeper thinking. Effective questioning builds on students' natural curiosity, moving them out of their comfort zone and into the learning zone in a purposeful, accessible way. It also models the process of good thinking and fosters a culture of high expectations. Like any…
Descriptors: Questioning Techniques, Instructional Effectiveness, Learning Processes, Group Discussion
Hattie, John, Ed.; Smith, Raymond, Ed. – Corwin, 2020
Mindframes--your internal set of beliefs about your role as school leader--determine the high-impact leadership practices you choose to implement. In other words, how you think about the impact of the actions you take has more effect on student achievement than your leadership practices themselves. Building on over twenty-five years of Visible…
Descriptors: Leaders, Educational Administration, Success, Metacognition
DeWitt, Peter M. – Corwin, 2020
Instructional Leadership is one of the most researched and discussed leadership practices, but most school leaders don't know where to begin or how to balance this role with all of their other responsibilities. Peter DeWitt's "Instructional Leadership" provides practical tools for delivering lasting improvement through small, manageable…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Theory Practice Relationship, Program Implementation, Educational Strategies
Jensen, Eric; McConchie, Liesl – Corwin, 2020
The more you know about the brains of your students, the better you can be at your profession. Brain-based teaching gives you the tools to boost cognitive functioning, decrease discipline issues, increase graduation rates, and foster the joy of learning. This innovative, new edition of the bestselling "Brain-Based Learning" by Eric…
Descriptors: Brain, Teaching Methods, Cognitive Ability, Cognitive Processes
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