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DeWitt, Peter M. – Corwin, 2020
Instructional Leadership is one of the most researched and discussed leadership practices, but most school leaders don't know where to begin or how to balance this role with all of their other responsibilities. Peter DeWitt's "Instructional Leadership" provides practical tools for delivering lasting improvement through small, manageable…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Theory Practice Relationship, Program Implementation, Educational Strategies
Jensen, Eric; McConchie, Liesl – Corwin, 2020
The more you know about the brains of your students, the better you can be at your profession. Brain-based teaching gives you the tools to boost cognitive functioning, decrease discipline issues, increase graduation rates, and foster the joy of learning. This innovative, new edition of the bestselling "Brain-Based Learning" by Eric…
Descriptors: Brain, Teaching Methods, Cognitive Ability, Cognitive Processes
Kobett, Beth McCord; Karp, Karen S. – Corwin, 2020
We often evaluate student thinking and their work from a deficit point of view, particularly in mathematics, where many teachers have been taught that their role is to diagnose and eradicate students' misconceptions. But what if instead of focusing on what students don't know or haven't mastered, we identify their mathematical strengths and build…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Student Characteristics, Mathematics Instruction, Teacher Characteristics
Fullan, Michael; Gallagher, Mary Jean – Corwin, 2020
Develop equity, excellence, "and" well-being across the whole system! The world is troubled! We need to combine a moral imperative and a system transformation to survive for the better. Education is crucial to our future but needs to play a more direct role in shaping our future. "The Devil is in the Details" shows how we can…
Descriptors: Well Being, Equal Education, Excellence in Education, Moral Values
Koutrakos, Pamela – Corwin, 2019
First Pamela Koutrakos delivered a systematic approach to inquiry-based, student-centered, and joyful word study in her book "Word Study That Sticks." Now, in "The Word Study That Sticks Companion," Koutrakos offers tools and resources to help teachers put those structures, lessons, and routines into action. Loaded with…
Descriptors: Vocabulary Development, Vocabulary Skills, Instructional Materials, Charts
Hannigan, Jessica Djabrayan; Hannigan, John E. – Corwin, 2019
Students deserve a safe, welcoming, and tolerant learning environment in which high expectations for academic and social/emotional learning will flourish. To achieve this, schools must implement consistent behavior initiatives that are rooted in equity and clear in outcome and purpose. Which plan is best for your students' needs? In "Building…
Descriptors: Educational Environment, Student Behavior, Evidence Based Practice, Positive Behavior Supports
McDowell, Michael – Corwin, 2019
We strive to empower our students to lead their own inquiry, discover knowledge, and construct approaches to solving real-life challenges. Often, though, we make the mistake of designing learning experiences that burden students with the unrealistic expectation of expertise that hasn't yet been developed. The solution: proper scaffolding for…
Descriptors: Self Esteem, Student Development, Scaffolding (Teaching Technique), Teaching Methods
Donohoo, Jenni; Katz, Steven – Corwin, 2019
Designed to overcome a common barrier to successful implementation of school improvement efforts--entrenched belief systems--this book digs deeper into the power of collective efficacy. Teams with a strong sense of collective efficacy devise ways to make "what's supposed to work" actually work, and find ways to exercise control over…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Best Practices, Educational Improvement, Program Implementation
Thomas-EL, Salome; Jones, Joseph; Vari, T. J. – Corwin, 2019
Have you fallen into a rut? Has your position become simply a "role" or a "job?" The authors of this book will remind you why education, the most important profession in our society, demands passionate leadership. "Passionate Leadership" is an aspiring call to action for teachers and principals around the world to…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Educational Strategies, Leadership Styles, Modeling (Psychology)
Lengel, Traci; Evans, Jenna – Corwin, 2019
There is no issue today that gets more attention and incites more debate than children's use of technology. Technology offers exciting new opportunities and challenges to you and your students. Meanwhile, movement is essential to learning--it increases mental energy and helps brain cells develop. But screen time often comes at the expense of…
Descriptors: Technology Uses in Education, Movement Education, Physical Activities, Kinetics
Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy; Almarode, John; Flories, Karen; Nagel, Dave – Corwin, 2019
What makes a powerful and results-driven Professional Learning Community (PLC)? The answer is collaborative work that expands the emphasis on student learning and leverages individual teacher efficacy into collective teacher efficacy. "PLC+: Better Decisions and Greater Impact by Design" calls for strong and effective PLCs…
Descriptors: Communities of Practice, Teacher Collaboration, Educational Improvement, Equal Education
Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy; Almarode, John; Flories, Karen; Nagel, Dave – Corwin, 2019
Help your PLC+ group to work "wiser," not harder. This practical guide to planning and implementing PLC+ groups in a collaborative setting is designed to equip professional learning community teams with the tools they need to work effectively toward improving student learning. Designed as an accompanying resource to "PLC+: Better…
Descriptors: Communities of Practice, Elementary Secondary Education, Teacher Collaboration, Educational Improvement
Quinn, Joanne; McEachen, Joanne; Fullan, Michael; Gardener, Mag; Drummy, Max – Corwin, 2019
The leading experts in system change and learning, with their school-based partners around the world, have created this essential companion to their runaway best-seller, "Deep Learning: Engage the World Change the World". This hands-on guide provides a roadmap for building capacity in teachers, schools, districts, and systems to design…
Descriptors: Transformative Learning, Values Education, Citizenship Education, Cooperative Learning
Nash, Ron – Corwin, 2019
Preparing students for a world that did not exist when they were students themselves can be challenging for many teachers. Engaging students, particularly disinterested ones, in the learning process is no easy task, especially when easy access to information is at an all-time high. How then do educators simultaneously ensure knowledge acquisition…
Descriptors: Interaction, Learning Processes, Communication Skills, Classroom Techniques
Honigsfeld, Andrea; Dove, Maria G. – Corwin, 2019
Looking for a silver bullet to accelerate EL achievement? There is none. But this, we promise: when EL specialists and general ed teachers pool their expertise, your ELs' language development and content mastery will improve exponentially. Just ask the tens of thousands of "Collaboration and Co-Teaching" users and now, a new generation…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, Second Language Instruction, Teacher Collaboration, Language Teachers
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