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Gertner, Alan – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2021
This book will provide school personnel with functional information and the necessary academic tools to manage the instructional needs of children with auditory disorders -- either peripheral hearing loss or auditory processing disorders. Treatment strategies to help mitigate the detrimental effects of hearing disorders in the classroom are…
Descriptors: Hearing Impairments, Perceptual Impairments, Neurological Impairments, Classroom Environment
McClellan, George S.; Hutchens, Neal H. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2021
This book contains vital information on the historical, philosophical, and legal foundations for shared governance, and it makes the link between fundamentals of law and policy as related to professional practice in student affairs. Practical insights and suggestions for student affairs are offered for practitioners at all levels to ensure…
Descriptors: Participative Decision Making, Governance, Higher Education, Educational History
Storey, Keith – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2020
This book responds to a critical need for highly qualified personnel who will become exemplary professionals in inclusive education for students with disabilities because of their advanced knowledge, skills, and experiences in working with students with varying disabilities. It will serve as a guide for teachers, teachers in training, and other…
Descriptors: Inclusion, Case Studies, Students with Disabilities, Regular and Special Education Relationship
Duran, Elva – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2020
This newly revised text, "Teaching English Learners in Inclusive Classrooms," updates and expands upon issues of great concern to those working with students who are English learners as well as having special learning challenges. Given the unacceptable school drop-out rates of these students, this book provides practical tools and…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, Student Needs, Teaching Methods, Bilingual Education
Rumrill, Phillip D., Jr.; Cook, Bryan G.; Stevenson, Nathan A. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2020
The primary purpose of this book is to offer a broad-based examination into the role of scientific inquiry in contemporary special education. As with the first two editions, which were published in 2001 and 2011, the goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the philosophical, ethical, methodological, and analytical fundamentals of social…
Descriptors: Special Education, Educational Research, Social Science Research, Research Design
Deris, Aaron R.; DiCarlo, Cynthia F. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2020
There is a critical need for highly qualified personnel who will become exemplary professionals in early childhood special education settings. This book presents the use of case method instruction and realistic cases that align with current recommended practices (RP) from the Division of Early Childhood (DEC). An overview of DEC recommended…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Case Method (Teaching Technique), Teacher Education
Carroccia, Gene – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2020
ADHD affects over six million children in the U.S. and despite its prevalence, many clinicians do not accurately diagnose ADHD and do not screen for and identify the numerous conditions that can coexist and even worsen true ADHD or cause ADHD-like presentations when it does not exist. To help clinicians, this book offers three components. Part 1…
Descriptors: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Children, Adolescents, Diagnostic Tests
Hodes, Jacqueline S.; Shupp, Matthew R.; Davenport, Zebulun R. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2019
Leadership skills and abilities are essential for student affairs administrators and educators. Through a narrative approach, this book addresses current issues in leadership and administration for student affairs from a variety of perspectives. Lessons, tips, and strategies for student affairs professionals at various levels are provided. Letters…
Descriptors: Leadership Training, Leadership Qualities, Student Personnel Workers, Administrators
Hornak, Anne M., Ed. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2019
The goal of this book is to help the reader gain knowledge on ethical and legal issues in the field of student affairs and develop competency to follow the profession's principles and standards of conduct. The significance of the book is due to its focus on the practical value of ethics and legal issues and its aim to address the knowledge,…
Descriptors: Ethics, Legal Problems, Student Personnel Services, Student Personnel Workers
Akens, Cathy; Wright-Mair, Raquel; Stevenson, Joseph Martin – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2019
The best value that readers will take from this book is the knowledge, skills, and wisdom offered by the editors and 26 chapter authors. The book covers a wide range of topics relevant to campus environments and serving increasingly diverse college student populations. The authors provide in-depth analysis of the needs of today's diverse…
Descriptors: College Students, College Environment, Student Personnel Services, Student Personnel Workers
Zhang, Naijian, Ed.; Howard-Hamilton, Mary F., Ed. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2019
The book was written to assist those who plan to work as student affairs educators soon and those who are new student affairs educators to become competent in social justice and inclusion. It will provide trainees and new student affairs educators not only content knowledge and skills but also strategies and ways to develop competency in social…
Descriptors: Student Personnel Workers, Social Justice, Inclusion, College Faculty
Wise, Vicki L.; Davenport, Zebulun R. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2019
This unique book is a valuable tool for all student affairs educators. The text opens with an exploration of the history of assessment in higher education, in general, and then student affairs more specifically. Having established a historical perspective, the reader then delves into chapters that align with the Assessment, Evaluation, and…
Descriptors: Student Personnel Services, Student Personnel Workers, Educational Assessment, Program Evaluation
Bollinger, Christopher, Ed.; Flintoft, Rebecca, Ed.; Nicoletti, John, Ed.; Spencer-Thomas, Sally, Ed.; Dvoskina, Mariya, Ed. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2018
This updated and expanded new edition continues the theme of the second edition that presents a framework by which the reader can gain a broader and deeper understanding of the issues involved with campus violence incidents. In order to understand the current state of campus violence, two sources of information must be considered--the factual and…
Descriptors: Guides, Campuses, Violence, Sexual Abuse
Storey, Keith – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2018
This book is intended to give support providers the understanding, knowledge, and skills for providing transition and employment services in school, employment, community, and residential settings and thereby improve the quality of life for the individuals that they support. It not only shows how to support an individual with a disability but also…
Descriptors: Transitional Programs, Employment Services, Disabilities, Students with Disabilities
Torres, Tera, Ed.; Barber, Catherine R., Ed. – Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, 2017
Special education law and practice have undergone profound transformation over the past 50 years. Students with disabilities are now more likely to receive a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment possible; however, the ideals of the law have not always been manifested in effective practice. Although special education…
Descriptors: Special Education, Disabilities, Case Studies, Disability Identification
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