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Kahlenberg, Richard D. – Century Foundation, 2023
Many policymakers agree that housing and land use reform is a top priority, particularly in New York State, in order to moderate housing prices. But an often-overlooked point is that such reform is also important in order to promote equal educational opportunity. This report proceeds in five parts. The first part takes a deep dive into how two…
Descriptors: Housing, Equal Education, Political Attitudes, Land Use
Kahlenberg, Richard D. – Century Foundation, 2023
At a time when voters are keenly focused on the cost of living, housing affordability has become a hot political issue in many parts of the country, including New York State. Policymakers, grappling with what they can do to make housing more affordable, are actively seeking to reform longstanding local exclusionary zoning laws, policies that…
Descriptors: Housing, Barriers, Equal Education, Costs
Williams, Conor P.; Meek, Shantel; Marcus, Maggie; Zabala, Jonathan – Century Foundation, 2023
Children who are English learners (ELs) comprise a large, diverse, and growing student group in U.S. schools. ELs face systemic educational challenges rooted in language, race, class, and nativity. The Century Foundation and Children's Equity Project constructed a first-of-its-kind database covering more than 1,600 dual-language immersion (DLI)…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Bilingual Education Programs, Access to Education, Native Language Instruction
Kahlenberg, Richard D. – Century Foundation, 2023
The report examines two communities in New York City's suburban Westchester County--Scarsdale and Port Chester--and the ways in which restrictive zoning impedes educational opportunities. The first part of this report examines how Scarsdale and Port Chester differ in their demographic makeups, home prices, and in the educational opportunities that…
Descriptors: Zoning, Educational Opportunities, Housing, Ownership
Smith, Denise A. – Century Foundation, 2023
In 2023, the 118th Congress will reauthorize the federal Farm Bill, the primary legislation through which Congress supports the nation's system of land-grant colleges and universities for teaching, research, and cooperative extension, which supports local agriculture and the agricultural sciences. This report examines the contributions of and…
Descriptors: Black Colleges, Educational Finance, Land Grant Universities, Federal Legislation
Potter, Halley – Century Foundation, 2023
The Washington, D.C. metro area schools are the fifty-third most segregated in terms of students' economic status and twenty-third most segregated in terms of Black-White separation. This segregation in the District of Columbia's schools undergirds systemic racism, creates social strife, and leaves children unprepared for an increasingly…
Descriptors: Student Placement, Enrollment, School Desegregation, Educational Planning
Lallinger, Stefan – Century Foundation, 2023
More than a half century after Brown v. Board and 150 years since the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment: Is the fight for school integration still worthwhile for Black people? The answer to this question is complex, rooted in the social and political forces that have shaped American life in the past century and that shed light on Black…
Descriptors: African Americans, School Desegregation, Blacks, Attitudes
Kashen, Julie; Cai, Julie; Brown, Hayley; Fremstad, Shawn – Century Foundation, 2022
Comprehensive child care and early learning policy benefits everybody. From the benefits to the American economy and businesses, to the ways it improves healthy child development and educational outcomes, to the prospects for greater gender, racial, and economic equity, everyone in the United States has something to gain from a significant…
Descriptors: Child Care, Early Childhood Education, Preschool Education, Federal Legislation
Murphy, Mary; Destin, Mesmin – Century Foundation, 2022
Low-income, first-generation, and racial/ethnic minority students encounter unique challenges in higher education because they contend with fewer economic and social resources, and fewer familial role models who have successfully navigated college. Just as importantly, these students contend with negative cultural stereotypes and expectations…
Descriptors: Inclusion, Minority Group Students, Ethnic Groups, Racial Differences
Burris, Michelle; Kumar, Tanu; Stettner, Andrew – Century Foundation, 2022
The Century Foundation (TCF) and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA) announced the convening of the second cohort of their Industry and Inclusion project to develop solutions to advance racial equity in manufacturing. The second Industry and Inclusion Cohort includes representatives from twelve community colleges who will participate in a…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Institutional Cooperation, Racism, Manufacturing Industry
Brown, Catherine; Mishory, Jen; Granville, Peter – Century Foundation, 2021
The state of Michigan has set a goal to increase the percentage of residents with a postsecondary degree or credential to 60 percent by 2030. Achieving that goal will require a concerted, strategic, and multipronged effort. Today, less than 50 percent of residents have attained a postsecondary degree or credential. While making college more…
Descriptors: Low Income Students, Student Financial Aid, Grants, Access to Education
Smith, Denise A. – Century Foundation, 2021
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are engines of upward mobility and job creation for their graduates, and these recent investments are imperative if the nation is to see progress in racial, social, and economic equity. Yet, many outside the Black community do not know much about these illustrious institutions, how their…
Descriptors: Black Colleges, Educational Equity (Finance), Educational History, Financial Support
Williams, Conor – Century Foundation, 2021
English learners (ELs) constitute a large--and growing--share of the student body in the United States. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that nearly one-quarter of U.S. children speak a language other than English at home. Furthermore, one-third of children under age 8 have at least one parent who speaks a non-English language--these…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, Bilingualism, Equal Education, Census Figures
Steel, Manon; Brown, Catherine; Smith, Denise; Granville, Peter – Century Foundation, 2021
Communities with more college degrees have higher incomes, less reliance on social services, and greater economic growth. To ensure that Michigan's workforce has the skills needed for the modern economy, the state's leaders must build a financial aid system that helps families cover college costs. However, disjointed program designs, maintenance…
Descriptors: Student Financial Aid, State Programs, College Students, State Aid
Kahlenberg, Richard D. – Century Foundation, 2021
Economically discriminatory zoning policies--which say that people are not welcome in a community unless they can afford a single-family home, sometimes on a large plot of land--run counter to American ideals and yet are pervasive in America. In most U.S. cities, zoning laws prohibit the construction of duplexes, triplexes, quads, and larger…
Descriptors: Zoning, Family Income, Housing, Laws
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