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Hesse, Douglas – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2019
Although writing is well established as a high-impact educational practice, scaling that practice is challenging. Writing is a mode of engaged learning, and teaching it requires providing careful attention informed by expertise. These conditions are labor-intensive and expensive, even as public universities are hardly awash in funds. Writing…
Descriptors: Writing Instruction, Public Colleges, Writing Strategies, Writing Across the Curriculum
Douglass, John Aubrey – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2019
The following essay details a debate between UC Berkeley and a Regent who made charges of discrimination against Asian American students that are similar to the current legal challenges facing Harvard University. The crux of such charges: on average, that one racial or ethnic group is more "qualified" than other groups, often…
Descriptors: College Admission, College Entrance Examinations, Standardized Tests, Politics of Education
Jackson, Michael L. – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2019
The University of Southern California (USC) transformed its undergraduate education program by making it a top priority in its strategic plans for the last two decades. The undergraduate experience was thoroughly studied and findings were used to determine what needed to be changed to improve the educational experience for students in and outside…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Research Universities, Educational Change, Educational Planning
King, C. Judson – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2019
Movement to fully open-access electronic scholarly publication has been hampered by the conflicting interests of universities, private publishers, researchers themselves, and those who fund research. The situation interacts strongly with traditions regarding peer review and the ways in which researchers establish stature within their fields.…
Descriptors: Scholarship, Communication (Thought Transfer), Peer Evaluation, Access to Information
Fallon, Daniel – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2019
Driven by a shift in the political economy towards knowledge and information, and by the emergence of mass higher education, the historic central value of the liberal arts to the contemporary university is endangered. This essay presents an analysis of the current status of the university and asserts the value of the liberal arts to the covenant…
Descriptors: Liberal Arts, Higher Education, Universities, Educational Change
Bleemer, Zachary – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2019
There is considerable interest in the impact of policy alternatives to race-based affirmative action (AA) on under-represented minority (URM) university enrollment. Widely-implemented alternatives include percent plans, which guarantee admission to top high school students, and holistic review, in which applications are evaluated on a…
Descriptors: Student Diversity, College Admission, Affirmative Action, Holistic Approach
Choudaha, Rahul – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
International students are critical to the competitiveness of American higher education in terms of financial, intercultural, and educational contributions. However, recent data indicates that the U.S institutions enrolled 31,520 fewer international students in Fall 2017 as compared to Fall 2016. At average tuition and fees of US$ 25,000, higher…
Descriptors: Student Mobility, Higher Education, Foreign Students, Enrollment
Matkin, Gary W. – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
Alternative Digital Credentials (ADCs) will significantly transform the relationship between higher education institutions and society. By providing fully digital, workplace-relevant, and information-rich records of an individual's skills and competencies, ADCs will render traditional university transcripts increasingly irrelevant and obsolete.…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Credentials, Electronic Publishing, Information Storage
Douglass, John Aubrey – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
Despite massive cuts in state funding over the past thirty years, the University of California has managed to keep enrollment on pace with growth in population. With California's population projected to grow 22.5 percent (from 40 to 49 million by 2040), that will no longer be the case, unless UC is able to find a new funding model. Informed by the…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Funding Formulas, Financial Support, Tuition
Spronken-Smith, Rachel – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
The traditional apprenticeship model for PhD education involves supervisors mentoring students through a substantive research project and ultimately into academia. Although about half of PhD graduates enter careers beyond academia, this apprenticeship model, with a narrow focus on thesis research has continued to dominate in many countries. While…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Doctoral Programs, Graduate Study, Graduate Students
Dziewanowska, Katarzyna – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
Effective education at the tertiary level is one of the key conditions for the development of modern economies; it also has a substantial impact on social development. Nowadays, higher education institutions all over the world are facing numerous challenges, some of them global (e.g. funding), others local (e.g. demographic trends). Universities…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Colleges, Marketing, Student Attitudes
Bleemer, Zachary – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
What are the benefits and costs of attending a selective public research university instead of a less-selective university or college? This study examines the 2001-2011 Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) program, which guaranteed University of California admission to students in the top four percent of California high school classes. Employing…
Descriptors: College Admission, Public Colleges, Research Universities, Selective Admission
Douglass, John Aubrey – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2018
This essay discusses the contentious events leading to the decision by the University of California's Board of Regents to end affirmative action in admissions, hiring and contracting at the university in July 1995. This controversial decision provided momentum for California's passage of Proposition 209 the following year ending "racial…
Descriptors: Affirmative Action, Politics of Education, Access to Education, Equal Education
MacLachlan, Anne J. – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2017
Making doctoral education accessible and successful for students from low income, first generation families as well as members of immigrant or specific ethnic groups is a world- wide problem. In the US the traditional explanation for the low numbers of Ph.D. recipients from these groups are lack of preparation, lack of interest and a "leaky…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Doctoral Programs, College Faculty, Socialization
Cummins, John – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2017
This paper is a description and analysis of the history of the renovation of Memorial Stadium and the building of the Barclay Simpson Student Athlete High Performance Center (SAHPC) on the Berkeley campus, showing how incremental changes over time result in a much riskier and financially less viable project than originally anticipated. It…
Descriptors: College Athletics, State Universities, Facilities, Intercollegiate Cooperation
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