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Carneiro, Ana Maria; Fior, Camila – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
Research universities enable students to have a unique learning environment and other experiences. This article aims to analyze student engagement in one research university in Brazil, the effects of student socioeconomic and academic characteristics and their associations with university structures (curriculum), and student trajectories. The data…
Descriptors: Research Universities, Learner Engagement, Socioeconomic Status, Academic Achievement
Civera, Alice; Lehmann, Erik E.; Meoli, Michele; Paleari, Stefano – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
The academic professoriate is a determinant of successful higher education systems. Yet, recently, worsening conditions of employment, deteriorating salaries, and threats to job security have made the academic profession less attractive, especially to young scholars, in several countries. This paper investigates the salaries as well as the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Career Choice, College Faculty
Penprase, Bryan Edward; Schneider, Thomas – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
While international alliances among research universities are relatively well established, the challenges for the small liberal arts college to execute a meaningful global collaboration can be much more difficult, due both to the much smaller size of the institution, its more limited resources, and its smaller and more intimate culture centered on…
Descriptors: Liberal Arts, Intercollegiate Cooperation, International Cooperation, Small Colleges
John Aubrey Douglass – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
Since establishing its first campus in 1868, the University of California (UC), California's land-grant university, developed into the nation's first multi-campus system in the United States, and is today widely recognized as the world's premier network of public research universities. This short essay provides an historical brief on the role that…
Descriptors: Public Colleges, Educational Development, Participative Decision Making, Governance
Steven Brint; Komi Frey – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
In this essay, we explore the consequences of the University of California's policies to address racial disparities and its support for social justice activism as influences on its commitment to academic freedom and other intellectual values. This is a story of the interaction between two essential public university missions -- one civic, the…
Descriptors: Universities, Educational Change, Educational Trends, Educational Policy
Karin Fischer – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
China's higher-education system has been shaped in recent years by a trio of factors: the COVID-19 pandemic, the ambitions of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to make his country into an innovation superpower that is loyal to the Communist Party, and western alarm about those ambitions. But a fourth development, the slowing of China's formerly…
Descriptors: Economic Factors, Politics of Education, Educational Change, Foreign Countries
Igor Chirikov – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
Starting this year, tens of thousands of Russian freshmen found themselves attending a new mandatory course -- "Foundations of Russian Statehood." Swiftly designed under the auspices of Putin's administration, this ideologically charged course aims to position Russia as a unique civilization-state, bolstering Putin's political narrative…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Foreign Countries, Required Courses, Nationalism
Wilhelm Krull; Thomas Brunotte – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
This brief discusses cases of neo-nationalist violations of academic freedom in Hungary and Poland. The most prominent case of neo-nationalist violation of academic freedom in Hungary is the fate of the Central European University (CEU). The circumstances of CEU's forced move out of Hungary came before the European Court of Justice regarding it a…
Descriptors: Democracy, Futures (of Society), Academic Freedom, Nationalism
John Aubrey Douglass – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2023
The United States retains many aspects of a healthy open society, but there are indicators of trouble and deep divisions around the meaning and importance of democratic values. This debate has significant repercussions for universities and their academic communities. In the most-simple terms, there is a red and blue state divide over the role and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Nationalism, Political Attitudes, Politics
Hamilton, Laura T.; Daniels, Heather; Smith, Christian Michael; Eaton, Charlie – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2022
The rapid rise of online enrollments in public universities has been fueled by a reliance on for-profit, third-party providers--especially online program managers. However, scholars know very little about the potential problems with this arrangement. We conduct a mixed methods analysis of 229 contracts between third-party providers and 117…
Descriptors: Public Colleges, Online Courses, Outsourcing, Contracts
Geiser, Saul – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2022
Eligibility is a policy construct unique to California. UC and CSU are the only US universities that distinguish between eligibility for admission and admission itself and set separate requirements for each. The eligibility construct derives originally from California's 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education, which famously mandated that UC admit…
Descriptors: State Colleges, College Admission, Eligibility, High School Graduates
Douglass, John Aubrey – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2022
In assessing the current and future role of universities in the nation-states in which they are chartered and funded, it is useful to ask, When are universities societal leaders as societal and constructive change agents, and when are they followers, reinforcing the existing political order? As discussed in the book, "Neo-Nationalism and…
Descriptors: Universities, Change Agents, College Role, Social Change
Desai Trilokekar, Roopa – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2022
This paper examines how international education (IE) as a tool of government foreign policy is challenged in an era of new geopolitics, where China's growing ambitions have increased rivalry with the West. It compares U.S. and Canada as cases first, by examining rationales and approaches to IE in both countries, second, IE relations with China…
Descriptors: International Education, Foreign Countries, International Relations, Comparative Education
Lacy, William; Merilus, Jean-Yves; Liu, Xiaoguang; Lacy, Laura R. – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2022
International partnerships have become increasingly important for the mission and goals of universities and colleges globally. Understanding the nature of these partnerships and the perspectives of their senior leaders is critical. Senior international officers (SIOs) at 59 US public and private universities and colleges and 4 non-US universities…
Descriptors: Partnerships in Education, International Cooperation, Higher Education, Objectives
Knobel, Marcelo; Reisberg, Liz – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2022
The critical role of communication is usually overlooked by higher education institutions. Here we argue that higher education institutions must consider an effective communication as one of their top priorities. This communication must go well beyond promoting the university's opportunities to potential new students, the pursuit of potential…
Descriptors: Universities, Institutional Mission, College Role, Role of Education
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