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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Courtel, Claudine, Ed. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1987
A series of games and classroom activities incorporating art and writing and designed to link second language reading to the development of writing skills is described. (MSE)
Descriptors: Art Activities, Behavioral Objectives, Class Activities, Classroom Techniques
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tardif, Claudette – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1984
Seven essential components of an immersion teacher preparation program are proposed, based on an analysis of the immersion approach to second language teaching and analysis of a survey of 120 teachers using French as the language of instruction for the majority of the school day. (MSE)
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, French, Immersion Programs, Language Teachers
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rochet, Bernard – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1984
To be effective, second language pronunciation training requires immediate, individualized, and informative feedback to students on the nature of the errors made. Such features can be incorporated into a computer program such as one implemented on PLATO. (MSE)
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Software, Feedback, Individualized Instruction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Dolphin, Emil – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1987
Uses of slides in the French language classroom for vocabulary development, enhancement of listening comprehension, stimulation of speech, and grammar review are discussed. (MSE)
Descriptors: Audiolingual Skills, Audiovisual Aids, Classroom Techniques, French
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rivard, Leonard Paul – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1987
Strategies for facilitating the reading of scientific textual materials are described, including establishing the reading level of the text, decoding figures and illustrations, recognizing the text's organization, inferring and remembering word meanings, sampling the text and inferring meaning, reading attentively to verify predictions, and…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Cloze Procedure, Context Clues, Data Interpretation
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tweedie, Karen, Ed. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1987
Games for use in the second-language classroom are suggested, including variations on tic-tac-toe and snakes and ladders, races, board games based on American television programs, math activities, and a classroom mystery. (MSE)
Descriptors: Class Activities, Classroom Techniques, French, Games
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cere, Ronald – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1988
A program model designed to provide intercultural training and foster a global approach to professional education is described. The steps and components necessary to construct a foreign language intercultural course according to this model are outlined. (MSE)
Descriptors: College Second Language Programs, Course Organization, Cross Cultural Training, Educational Objectives
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Heffernan, Peter J.; And Others – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1988
Suggested classroom activities for French language instruction include: exercises focusing on problems of language transfer, interference, and overgeneralization; a lesson in problems of literal translation; an activity to develop guessing skills; situation-specific communication exercises; practice in asking questions; activities to develop…
Descriptors: Class Activities, Classroom Techniques, Communicative Competence (Languages), Cross Cultural Training
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Sotiriadis, Caterina, Ed. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1987
Briefly describes learning activities for teaching French to elementary and secondary school students. The activities teach number concepts, simple structures, vocabulary development, word games, and language accents. (CB)
Descriptors: Class Activities, Elementary Secondary Education, French, Games
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Melnyk, Joyce, Ed. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1987
A variety of classroom activities and homework assignments for French-language learning are presented, including games, word puzzles, television program summary writing, and student-conducted cultural opinion polls. (MSE)
Descriptors: Class Activities, French, Games, Interviews
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Walz, Joel C. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1986
Suggests ways to increase the amount and quality of student participation in classroom communication. These techniques include changing the classroom environment, developing specific questioning and drill techniques, minimizing explanation and information-giving, using peer correction but not overcorrection, using gestures and props, being…
Descriptors: Body Language, Class Activities, Classroom Communication, Classroom Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lessard, Gregory – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1986
Outlines an approach to vocabulary selection for computer-assisted language instruction that presents target language lexical items not as individual entities but as elements in a variety of semantic, morphological, morphosemantic, pragmatic, and interlinguistic relationships. (Author/MSE)
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Context Clues, Courseware, Morphology (Languages)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Heffernan, Peter – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1986
Contrasts classroom questioning with questioning functions used in normal discourse and suggests ways in which teachers can promote more normal questioning exchanges in the second language classroom. (Author/MSE)
Descriptors: Classroom Communication, Classroom Techniques, Communicative Competence (Languages), Discourse Analysis
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wenden, Anita L. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1985
Considers the implications of research on intentional learning processes for the role of the second language teacher. It is recommended that teachers take on the task of helping their students refine their competence as learners. Techniques for classroom practice are suggested. (MSE)
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Cognitive Style, French, Intentional Learning
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Allen, Edward D. – Canadian Modern Language Review, 1985
A rationale is presented for describing the communicative competence of language students in terms of proficiency guidelines. Techniques are discussed for helping students develop communicative proficiency in the four skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and for evaluating students' proficiency levels in relation to…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Communicative Competence (Languages), Educational Objectives, Evaluation Criteria
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