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Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2017
Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) welcomes the report of the Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science "the Panel". It is a thoughtful and comprehensive study that correctly diagnoses problems that have plagued basic science for over a decade. The Panel's recommendations, if implemented, will chart a…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, College Faculty, Educational Finance, Financial Support
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2017
The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) is the national voice for academic staff. CAUT represents more than 70,000 teachers, librarians, researchers, general staff and other academic professionals in 122 post-secondary institutions across the country. It is strongly believed that the quality of life of Canadians is inextricably…
Descriptors: Budgets, Resource Allocation, Postsecondary Education, College Planning
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2017
The burning of fossil fuels is triggering changes to the global climate that will have catastrophic environmental, economic and social consequences. The magnitude of the problem, and the deep challenges associated with confronting it, can seem overwhelming. There are, however, practical actions that academic staff and their associations can engage…
Descriptors: Climate, Ecology, Conservation (Environment), Sustainability
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2016
Compassionate care leave and benefits were introduced in 2003/04 to help employees cope with this difficult work-life balance challenge. Employment Standards legislation and the Employment Insurance program (EI) were amended to provide leave without pay, with payment of EI benefits for compassionate care leave. Collective agreements have been…
Descriptors: Family Work Relationship, Fringe Benefits, Employee Assistance Programs, Quality of Working Life
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2015
At the beginning of December 2014, Canada's Prime Minister and Minister of State (Science and Technology) released their science, technology and innovation strategy and launched the Canada First Excellence Research Fund (CFERF). This brief looks at the implications of the proposed policy on academic research and on research and development…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Policy, Federal Programs, STEM Education
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2015
For decades, Canada has relied on migrant workers to help develop the economy. Many come to Canada through the Federal government's Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The original intent of this program was to fill very specific jobs on a short term basis--jobs that required specific workers and skills not available in Canada. In the last…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Migrants, Public Policy, Labor Market
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2015
Bill C-51, the Canadian federal government's "Anti-Terrorism Act," has sparked serious concerns about the potential impact on the basic civil liberties of all Canadians. The proposed legislation would establish criminal offences that infringe upon the right to free expression. Security agencies would be granted unprecedented and…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Campuses, College Environment
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2015
The "Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Almanac of Post-Secondary Education in Canada" is a source for the most current statistical information available on post-secondary education in Canada. The Almanac provides statistics on the following: (1) university and college finances; (2) academic staff salaries and gender; (3)…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Postsecondary Education, Teacher Associations, Statistical Data
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2015
Since the turn of the 21st century, universities in Canada have undergone significant changes. Student enrollment has exploded. This issue of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Education Review provides an analysis of the current state of university finances in Canada, as well as longer-term trends in university revenues and…
Descriptors: Educational Trends, Educational Finance, Universities, Income
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2015
Increasingly, university and college administrators are contracting out their institutions' operational information technology (IT) needs. Specifically, this means moving from an IT system with a server based at the institution with an in house IT support staff to a cloud based system outside the institution where most of the staff resources are…
Descriptors: Outsourcing, Information Technology, Universities, Privacy
Peters, Wayne D.; Turk, James L. – Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2014
According to these authors, Canada is in need of a new science policy and strategy. The current direction of the federal government is threatening to impede scientific progress and compromise the integrity and independence of public science. This is reflected in the government's waning commitment to funding basic research; its attempts to steer…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Science Education, Technology Education, Innovation
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2013
In previous editions of the CAUT Almanac, data for provincial postsecondary education expenditures, total expenditures and university and college revenues and expenditures was reported from Statistics Canada's Financial Management System (FMS), which Statistics Canada last published for the 2008-2009 fiscal year. Statistics Canada will be adopting…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Foreign Countries, Money Management, Statistics
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2013
Copyright protects the users, creators and owners of expressive works such as paintings, literature, video and music. It does this by setting the rules governing the reproduction of such works. One of these rules is that in certain circumstances it is lawful to reproduce works (or parts of works) without permission or payment. The purpose of this…
Descriptors: Guidelines, Copyrights, Reprography, Foreign Countries
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2013
The 2013 federal Budget was delivered ironically the same day as the Parliamentary Budget Officer was in court seeking more information about the impact of the government's $5.2 billion in spending cuts announced last year. The lack of budgetary transparency and accountability has become a hallmark of the Conservative government. Anyone expecting…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Budgets, Operating Expenses, Resource Allocation
Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2013
The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) represents over 65,000 university and college teachers, academic librarians, researchers and professional and general staff at more than 120 universities and colleges from every province. The association's members both create and use copyright material; they require copyright law that protects…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Copyrights, College Faculty, Teacher Associations
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