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Reddy, Vikash; Ramirez, Brianna; Siqueiros, Michele – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2022
Ensuring equity in higher education access and success for Black and Latino Californians requires building and maintaining robust pathways from Los Angeles' high schools to its colleges and universities. In this report, the authors note that California's high schools, community colleges, and public four-year universities have increased enrollment…
Descriptors: College Students, Hispanic American Students, African American Students, College Bound Students
Reddy, Vikash; Flores Morales, Josefina – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2022
Over the past year, the COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the critical role that health professionals play in our society. This report looks closely at ADT [Associate Degree for Transfer] awards in health fields and discusses practices and challenges relayed by administrators at campuses with high rates of ADT conferral and acceptance in…
Descriptors: Health Occupations, Health Personnel, Allied Health Occupations, Nurses
Reddy, Vikash; Dow, Audrey – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
The most significant investment California made in the 1960s was the creation of, arguably, the best public higher education system in the world. The 1965 Master Plan for Higher Education created a three-tiered system of higher education that provided a place in college for any Californian seeking the opportunity. From research universities to…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Attainment, Outcomes of Education, Economic Impact
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
Latinx Californians represent the largest ethnic group in the state, with a demographic that is disproportionately young. The state must significantly increase the educational opportunity and success of Latinx Californians, ensuring that more of them are prepared for college, attend college, and graduate with the skills necessary to thrive…
Descriptors: State Universities, Hispanic American Students, Access to Education, Academic Achievement
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
The future of California will be defined by ensuring better educational opportunity for Latinx Californians. While historic numbers of Latinx students are graduating from high school prepared for college and are enrolling in higher education, these numbers are still too low. Inequitable access to college opportunity and success in graduating with…
Descriptors: Hispanic American Students, College Attendance, State Universities, Race
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2020
Transfer from California's community colleges to its public universities has long been central to the state's higher education system. Though most of the 2.2 million community college students intend to transfer, fewer than half do so within six years of their initial enrollment. A low transfer rate is bad news for California. The state's economy…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, College Transfer Students, Associate Degrees, State Universities
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2018
The State of Higher Education in California is a series of reports by the Campaign for College Opportunity that provide comprehensive data on the current state of college access and completion for our state and what it means for our economy. This report analyzes the state of Latinx in California education. Specifically, this report reviews…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Hispanic American Students, Success, Enrollment Trends
Valliani, Nadia – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2015
In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 209--a ban on the consideration of race in the college admissions process at public universities. This policy brief examines the effects of Proposition 209 at the University of California system by analyzing twenty years' of application, admission, and enrollment data. The brief concludes that in…
Descriptors: Educational Opportunities, Educational Policy, State Universities, College Admission
Valliani, Nadia – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2015
California is home to more than 15 million Latinos, the largest racial/ethnic group in the state. When one in two children under the age of 18 in California is Latino, one conclusion is clear: the future of the economy and the state will rise or fall on the educational success of Latinos. To secure the economic future of California, the state…
Descriptors: Hispanic American Students, Higher Education, Educational Attainment, College Readiness